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6 Innovative Ways in Attracting Top Candidates

In today’s digital age, companies have more variety and reach in job applicants and candidates through technology. As a result, the landscape of HR and Recruitment has become vast and thus, become more competitive & challenging in getting top candidates.

In the past, HR managers and teams availed services from recruitment agencies to hire employees. But traditional techniques may not work anymore in the modern world. Companies and recruitment teams might have a challenging time in recruiting top candidates, mainly because they are preferring job boards that are beyond the normal. 

With the workplace now transforming from traditional to digital, the flexibility of recruitment has made companies be more adaptive and competent in using technology in recruiting.  Job seekers now are more tech-savvy and have better resources when it comes to job applications. Thus, HR teams are forced to use the latest practices and resources they have in order to adapt and match the interests of the candidates. 

Here are 5 hiring tips for you to attract the best candidates to your company.

1. Establish a strong company culture

When it comes to hiring, the use of technology can separate your business from other competitors. Taking advantage of technology in building your company culture will attract a lot of talents to onboard your team. 

Building up your brand and culture will not only affect your candidates but most importantly, it will greatly affect your employee’s satisfaction and engagement. Here are examples of ways to set-up your company culture:

  • Transparent Leadership
  • Consistent Communication
  • Employee-First Mindset
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Reward System
  • And foster a dynamic environment

Establishing these practices not only provides the energy and motivation of your employees but also positively reflects on the entirety of your company. These practices can be a good magnet to candidates because they know your company treats employees like family—ensuring they can get the work-life balance they deserve. 

2. Redefine interview processes and questions

The interview process is one of the most important processes a candidate will take. A single interview process can determine several things on what the company is like; the energy of people, the culture of the company, and the people themselves. A candidate can tell if the company is a fit or not.

With that, refining your interview processes is vital. Gone are the days of traditional and structured interviews for candidates. Interviews should be unconventional and enjoyable for the interviewer and candidates. This practice helps create an aura for the candidate to be relaxed and composed compared to the stress and nervousness they feel in a structured and formal interview. 

During interviews, asking open-ended questions will let the applicant reveal their personality to you. Finding out the things that interest and motivate them, such as goals and responsibilities, can help you challenge them once they’ve already settled in with the atmosphere. 

3. Create internal programs for candidates

One other strategy that you can establish is creating internal programs for your candidates. A lot of companies are already adapting to these strategies in the form of management trainee programs or immersive internships. 

This initiative helps students advance in their respective careers in the future by building their soft and technical skills. Not only does this initiative help students be job-ready after graduation, but you also set up your brand and culture, simultaneously, giving your company an edge over other competitors when it comes to candidate attraction. 

4. Create a social media presence. 

In this digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for people of all ages. Thus, social media is also considered one of the most reliable mediums to recruit quality candidates. Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn offer tremendous opportunities for recruiters and candidates.

According to a conducted LinkedIn Survey, 75% of candidates search for the company’s credentials and reputation before applying and thus, puts social media presence as a priority. It’s important to keep your social media sites top-notch and always active. 

By consistently engaging with candidates through articles, news, updates, and light-hearted content, not only are building your reach and credibility but also your brand and reputation as a company. 

5. Using AI to your advantage

The recent disruption of technology has caused AI to be more prominent and advanced, and as a result, has opened a floodgate of opportunities for recruiters and managers. 

Using AI can make your search for top candidates fast, efficient, and effective. It can level the playing field of recruitment by integrating it into every stage of the recruitment process and to the system itself. 

According to a recent survey, using Machine Learning and AI on processes such as Talent Sourcing and Candidate Assessment, companies are achieving an 18% increase in revenue. 63% of HR professionals said that AI has already changed the recruitment process. 

6. Recreating Job Ads

When you want to attract high-quality job candidates, it should start with creating an equally high-quality job ad. In crafting a job ad, describing it in an exciting yet as accurate as possible way will do the trick. In this method, not only are you branding the company through your creativity but it also sparks excitement and curiosity for the candidate, increasing your chances in receiving job applications. Just don’t get too far in exaggerating the job descriptions as it may sound unrealistic and out of place sometimes. 

Your job ad should contain or inform a candidate what to expect in the job, both long- & short-term goals. It should inform them about what they will be doing daily, the skills needed from the term, and what they need to accomplish, and what they will learn and intake once they start with your company. 

It might be a risky move in showing the salary for the job, but placing it in your job ad will make your recruitment easier by filtering applicants based on their expected salary. Additionally, placing your company benefits such as bonuses, insurances, leaves, and working conditions will also help you in your search as you pique the interests of your candidate, increasing your chances of getting them.

Pacing your recruitment process and initiatives with technology will definitely increase the performance of your company in terms of employee and candidate management. A lot of companies have already started using AI and Machine Learning to their advantage and results are showing because of the change in methods. 

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