A Guide to the Top Online Part-time Jobs in the Philippines

If you ask a random stranger on the street whether they have a side hustle or not, chances are, the answer will most likely be yes.

In today’s day and age of consumer capitalism and globalization, having a 9-5 job is just not cutting it to make ends meet anymore.

By and by, more people are turning to creative means to increase their income flow, and true to this generation’s technological roots, they’re staking their claims online. Whether you’re a full-time employee, a self-supporting student, or a stay-at-home parent, taking on a side hustle has its own appeals.

You could be one of those looking for an extra revenue stream; or you may just have plenty of free time on your hands and are itching for something to sink your teeth into. (Wow, sana all.) Whatever it is that’s got you searching for a part-time job, the market is waiting for you—and a very large market it is.

To help you try to navigate it, we’ve come up with a guide to the top online part-time jobs here in the Philippines.

Hashing it out: the good vs. the bad

Before you get too attached to the idea of taking on a part-time job, you must first understand the advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

Doing so will help you better assess and determine whether adding another set of responsibilities to your stack is suitable, let alone best, for your current set-up in life.

The good

Let’s start with how a part-time job can add an extra ray of sunshine to your days.

An additional source of income

If it isn’t clear already by now, having an added source of income will always be on the top of any list of advantages.

For a full-time employee trying to make it work, a part-time job can help you save for emergency funds and meet your financial goals. This is important, especially if you have a family that depends on you as the breadwinner. It can also help you pay off any debts you might have incurred over the years, which will be a great relief to unburden, for sure.

For a student, this can be a first step towards independence as you try to ease your parents’ financial burdens. If you’re self-sustaining, this can be a way for you to pay off student-loans. Either way, getting into the game early on can also help you see the value in saving.

And for stay-at-home parents, this can be a means for you to supplement your partner’s income, no matter how small. After all, every peso counts.

Increase and hone your skills

When you take on a part-time job, you do so with the anticipation that you will either develop a new skill to add to your repertoire, or you will sharpen your existing ones. It could also be both.

Whichever is the case for you, consider it as self-investment of sorts: what you learn now, you can use later on.

It is worth noting that juggling multiple roles and responsibilities increases your capacity for multi-tasking. This will also greatly test and improve your time management skills, along with instilling the discipline necessary to see yourself through.

All these are highly valuable skills and traits to have, ones that will be useful for a career to either begin or fully blossom in the future.

Pursue a passion or interest

In selecting a part-time job, you can always choose one that you’re passionate about, whether in theory or in practice.

Perhaps there’s a dream job you’ve always wanted to pursue but for whatever reason, could not. This would be the perfect opportunity for you to do so, and you won’t even have to leave the stability of your day job to do so.


This is where the passion in theory comes to play.

If you’re considering transitioning from working in the office to working from home but have reservations, taking an online part-time job is the best way to see what could work for you, and at minimal cost.

In the event that you decide that working from home isn’t for you, you’ll still have your day job since you didn’t resign. And if things go to plan, you can slowly ease into making your part-time job your full-time one.

On the other hand, if you’re a first-time working student, this will allow you to dabble in various fields and industries that aren’t necessarily related to your degree. It gives you a taste of a different life, so to speak, and adds a wealth of experience to your resume.

It also allows you to explore different ventures you can continue to keep, even as you start your own full-time career once you graduate.

The bad

Now it’s time to discuss the potential pain points of having a part-time job.

Less time

Adding to your plate means being liable to how you manage your time, as well as understanding that there are some things that you will have to sacrifice in order to make room for a part-time job.

This could mean giving up time for your hobbies, time for meeting up with family and friends, and even time for longer bouts of rest.

This will especially ring true if your time management skills are poor and don’t improve in the face of your added responsibilities.

Effects in performance

Taking on a part-time job will not be a walk in the park.

You have to be ready for extremely long days and challenge after challenge—all while learning to balance your priorities. If you don’t, your performance at work or at school could take a serious hit.

You must remember that your job or your schooling takes precedence over your side hustle. It should not suffer in your efforts to make it all work.


Evidently, wearing many hats can be exhausting physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Not everyone is cut out to bear multiple burdens. If you’re not careful, it could all come to a head and consume you instead of uplift you.

This could negatively impact your relationships and your health. In such a scenario, the added income would be insufficient to cover your losses.

Making the moves: how to choose an online part-time job

Once you’ve thoroughly weighed the pros and cons of taking on a part-time job and have decided that you can manage it after all, it’s time to determine how to whittle down the choices.

To help you effectively do this, we’ve determined five key areas a part-time job has to match in order for it to be the best possible fit for you.

Match your interest

There’s no point in taking on an extra job if you’re not even the least bit interested in it.

You can take on all the extra jobs you can find, but if not a single one of them sparks an interest by way of career and/or non-career related curiosity and opportunities in you, then you will burn out faster than a match lit on a windy day.

You will need an underlying motivation to accompany the need to improve your cash flow, and that’s where interest takes high ground.

Match your skills

While you are free to explore the wide variety of options at your disposal, it’s imperative to always refocus on your purpose for getting a part-time job in the first place: you are in need of cash and the surest way to achieve that is by capitalizing on an existing skillset.

This gives you an immediate edge, as most companies can’t be bothered to offer training to part-time workers. It is expected that you already have what they need.

Consequently, your application will stand out more if you can emphasize the quality of the work you will produce due to your qualifications. Hiring managers are also more likely to look upon you favorably if they can cut down on resources and manpower that training would otherwise cost them.

Match your schedule

Balance is imperative in just about everything, and taking on a side gig is no different.

Determine how much time you actually have to spare outside of your day job or schooling. Factor in personal and social times as well, then work with what’s left. Your part-time job must adjust to  the rest of your life, not the other way around.

As such, consider the difficulty level of the job and whether your skills at current are at least a match for them. It can be tempting, but do not toe the line between healthily manageable and exhaustingly overburdened.

Match your limits

Only take on what you have time and energy for. Do not spread yourself too thin or you will just find yourself in a big, sloppy mess.

As we pointed out earlier, your performance at work or school will take a deep dive if you’re not careful, and this is on top of you not even being able to provide your part-time job clients with quality service.

Biting off more than you can chew will make you lose, and you will lose big. Don’t do that to yourself!

Match your pace

A huge chunk of taking on a side gig has to do with patience, before and after you land the job.

You will probably start out slow and small, and that can get easily frustrating, especially since your goal is to gain more by way of money and experience. But remember that you have to build up a name for yourself, too, and that takes time.

You’ll also be working around the clock, juggling multiple balls as it is. You’ll have less room for errors, so you’ll definitely need to make more room for grace. Be patient with yourself. You’ll figure it out.

Filtering the choices: top online part-time jobs in the Philippines

Since the pre-requisites and tips for taking on an online part-time job are pretty similar to those of a work-from-home job, you can check out our ultimate guide to working from home.

We’ll jump straight into the top online part-time jobs in the country below, but before that, you should know that most of the jobs listed here require a proficiency in MS Word and MS Excel, as well as a strong command of the English language.

Those are the minimum requirements of a majority of online part-time jobs, so if you’ve got those in spades, then you are more than ready to go.


Data entry specialist

This is a simple, straightforward job that doesn’t require a specialized skillset.

You simply have to encode text from JPEG or PDF files into documents or spreadsheets. As such, quick but accurate typing skills are a must.

This is a highly flexible role, but it does get repetitive, so you may get easily bored with it.

Although the pay isn’t very high, you can offset this by accepting high-volume work or taking on a second side gig.

Where to find jobs: Freelancer.ph, Onlinejobs.ph, Outsourcely, Upwork

Virtual assistant

The virtual assistant (VA) is essentially a corporate secretary for local or international companies.

You will provide administrative and personal support to either an officer of the company or the company as a whole, with your responsibilities including but not limited to: data entry, managing schedules and appointments, organizing and maintaining databases, preparing files and presentations, proofreading written content, research, and responding to emails.

For the most part, it’s a role that requires a general skillset and an emphasis on soft skills, such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, organization skills, and Microsoft Suite proficiency.

Certain VA roles require specializations, usually in the form of bookkeeping or translation. In such cases, the pay is understandably higher.

This is the most common and in-demand online job for both part-time and full-time employees. Given the nature of the work, however, it can have long and unpredictable hours subject to the company’s needs.

Where to find jobs: 5 STAR VAs, Upwork, Virtual Coworker, Virtual Staff Finder, VirtualStaff.ph

Customer service

Customer service representative

Anyone who loves talking on the phone with others can easily take on this job.

You will need strong people skills and problem-solving skills, as you’ll be speaking with customers who either have complaints or inquiries.

Some companies provide free online training for inexperienced newbies, but taking tutorials from your tita works just fine, too. Kidding!

Do be prepared for all types of customers, especially the more unpleasant ones, as well as odd hours.

Where to find jobs: Onlinejobs.ph, Upwork


It’s all in the name: this job will require you to sell a product or service over the phone, usually through cold calls. It also deals with collecting customer feedback.

It’s a task any Juan can take on, so long as they’re warm and personable, and have great sales and marketing skills.

It pays off well, too. Aside from your base salary, you’re also entitle to bonuses when a deal with a customer goes through.

On the flipside, be prepared for all types of customers, especially the more unpleasant ones, as well as odd hours.

Where to find jobs: Freelancer.ph, Onlinejobs.ph, Outsourcely, Upwork


Online researcher

This is the perfect job for anyone who loves digging deep into things. (Maybe sleuth around and get that tea?)

You will spend your time collecting and organizing data on a specific topic, so it’s crucial that you have excellent research and communication skills.

For example, if you wound up being a product researcher, prepare yourself to conduct competitor analyses, market research, and trend research.

This makes for a tedious but interesting job, as there is never a dull moment. Nonetheless, you still need to know where to look and how to look, and that takes skill. Unfortunately, the pay is quite low despite this.

Where to find jobs: Freelancer.ph, Onlinejobs.ph

Online survey participant

Companies and academic institutions in the midst of conducting research are all too happy to pay for participants.

If you’re extremely busy and usually only have a few moments to spare, this is a great avenue to explore. You just have to create an account on a survey site and wait for an invitation to participate in a study to be sent via email.

Keep in mind that in order for you to be chosen, your profile must match the survey criteria. As such, don’t expect to hit it neither big nor consistently with this side job.

Where to find jobs: ClixSense, Prolific, MOBROG Philippines, SurveySavvy, Triaba


English tutor

If you love meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and have the patience of a saint, this is the job for you.

As an English tutor, most of your clients will be from Asian countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea.

This is a highly flexible job where each session ranges anywhere between thirty minutes and four hours, depending on your student’s needs.

You will have to come up with a lesson plan and materials on your own, but you can always base these off of online resources and other people’s curriculum.

Although no teaching degree and experience is required, most companies request for an IELTS certification or other equivalent as proof of your level of skill. You’ll also need at least some working knowledge of your client’s mother tongue so you can communicate with them.

Where to find jobs: 51Talk, Acadsoc, Bizmates, Learntalk, RareJob, Sankei Online English, Tutoring, VIPKid


If you’re a polyglot or even just someone dabbling in a foreign language in their free time or taking it up in school, translating on the side is a good way for you to earn money.

Not only is it a way to expose yourself to the language more often, it also allows you to apply and hone your language skills. You’ll pick up a thing or two that studying the language in the four walls of a classroom won’t afford you.

Of course, you’ll need at least a working proficiency level of the foreign language you’ll be translating.

Be careful not to take on more than you can translate at a time.

Where to find jobs: Gengo, Outsourcely, Upwork


Marketing assistant

Think of this job as similar to the VA, but specifically for marketing.

It is a good opportunity for you to grow your marketing skills, as you will be tasked to manage a client’s email and social media channels, as well as to work on SEO and search management.

Work experience and a marketing degree is highly preferred for this job.

Where to find jobs: Onlinejobs.ph, Upwork

Social media manager

Millennials and Gen Zs rejoice, you can actually be paid to be on social media!

As a social media manager, you are in charge of the company’s social media channels and activity. You will conduct market and trend research, produce and post original content, reply to comments and messages, and monitor analytics and create weekly reports.

It is important that you know how to operate Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and even LinkedIn to your advantage, and even better if you know how to engage the respective communities on these platforms.

Basic design and good writing skills will take you a long way with this job, which isn’t exactly as chill as it sounds. You’ll often be multitasking and racing to churn out new content while they’re relevant.

Additionally, you will face the brunt of complaints and negative feedback from the company’s stakeholders.

Despite this, it’s a unique marketing experience.

Where to find jobs: Onlinejobs.ph, Virtual Coworker

Personal brand


Anyone can start a blog, but not everyone can sustain the demands of being a blogger.

You can literally write about anything and someone somewhere in the world is bound to pick up your content and take interest in it. Get started on Blogger, Medium, Weebly, Wix, or WordPress.

As a blogger, earn passive income through affiliate marketing, ad placements, and sponsored posts. You can also sell digital products such as e-books and video courses once you’ve established your blog as a brand of its own.

Moreover, you can increase foot traffic to your blog by utilizing SEO keywords and posting valuable and engaging content.

This is a good way to practice writing, as well as to share your thoughts and passions to the world, literally. Make no mistake, blogging (and its vlogging counterpart, if that’s more your style) takes a lot of effort. You need to come up with topics, do your research, and write meaningful content about it.

It also requires a great deal of patience, as you most likely won’t earn money immediately. But as long as you continue to build an audience around your ideas, you might earn just enough traction to establish yourself a household name someday.

And if it doesn’t work out, you can always just take your writing skills to the world of freelancing.

Livestream video gamer

This dream job for the kids-at-heart and competitive gamers is a relatively new way to hustle.

Simply video-stream yourself playing online games, and wait for other gamers to watch you on whatever platform you choose. The most common ones are Facebook Gaming, YouTube, and Twitch.

This is a job that heavily relies on a strong following to get the dough you’re after. Case in point, Facebook Gaming has slowly become the preferred platform for most gamers. If have at least 2,000 followers, you will be given 55% of the ad revenues if 300 of your followers watch your stream simultaneously.

On a whole, your income will mostly come from advertisements, affiliate sales, donations from fans, sponsorships or brand deals, and subscriptions.

You can even sell your own merch if your following is large enough for you to be confident to produce your own stuff.

Social media influencer

The age of the overnight celebrity is perhaps best captured by this job.

Just about anyone with enough charm and social media presence can turn themselves into an influencer. All you need is a strong following on social media buoyed by the gift of gab, a likeable or unique personality, and interesting content.

Companies will slowly approach you for sponsored partnerships or even a deal once they see you earning traction.

As such, this is a great way to get your name out there and to earn a passive income. The freebies and sponsored trips? Cherries on top. Caveat though: be careful of which companies you tie your name to. Their reputation is as good as yours.

However, a challenge you may face is the very factor upon which your success hinges upon: building an organic and engaged following. This will not happen as quickly as 1, 2, 3. You have to be patient and work for it. Market yourself and angle your content well.


SEO specialist

People who love learning and keeping up with trends can easily take up this job.

It may sound like an intimidating and technical role, but it’s really just boosting foot traffic on a website by maximizing the right tools. Essentially, you review and analyze the website of a client and then suggest improvements for higher search engine rankings.

This can be a tedious role, as it involves a lot of market and general research. It also requires you to identify keywords and understand the consumer’s mentality. Nonetheless, if you’re tech-savvy enough to use the right SEO tools, your job will be a whole lot easier.

For those who are curious but unsure where to begin, SEO can be picked up quite easily, which is why the competition is tight. The demand for SEO specialists is just as high, but it’s not as easy to meet—most companies only hire people with work experience.

Where: Freelancer.ph, Onlinejobs.ph, Upwork

SEO evaluator

This is a supplementary role to the SEO specialist.

You’ll need to be just as tech-savvy and in the know, especially about culture and media. This is because you’ll be analyzing search engine results and determining their accuracy and relevance to the client’s content and/or product.

The work is flexible, and unlike specialists, evaluators don’t need any experience. On the downside though, the work is flexible mostly because of the irregularity of available work.

Where: Appen, Lionbridge



Accountants and bookkeepers can take on extra work and thus make extra cash by helping other businesses, usually startups, with their finances.

You’ll be auditing financial procedures and documents, creating spreadsheet reports as needed, and managing transactions.

This may seem redundant to your day job, but it does pay better than most other part-time jobs due to the specialization required.

Where: Freelancer.ph, Onlinejobs.ph, Outsourcely , Upwork, Virtual Coworker

Graphic designer

Design is not for everyone. But those who can (or those who spent their after-class hours playing around with Photoshop or Illustrator rather than working on school work) can take advantage of their skills.

Vamp up your portfolio and easily earn an impressive sum, especially if you also know how advanced coding works.

Milking your skill as a side hustle is a great way to grow your portfolio and to experiment with different styles since you’ll be collaborating with a variety of clients, all of whom have different pegs and requirements in mind.

Where to find jobs: 99Designs, DesignCrowd, Freelancer.ph, Onlinejobs.ph, Upwork


If you have a keen eye for catching typos and have a mean grammar Nazi streak (in a good way), then this is a job where you can shine.

Take out your figurative red pen and get ready to mark up some blog content, manuscripts, theses, website content, and the like.

You don’t actually have to provide feedback on the content itself, but going the extra mile can provide you an edge in the sizable market and justify a higher rate.

Where to find jobs: Freelancer.ph, Onlinejobs.ph, Upwork


Instead of just listening to podcasts on Spotify, why not turn your time into cash by transcribing?

If your hearing is sharp and your typing fast, then this job will be a relative breeze for you. Just listen to the audio or video recordings and type them out accordingly. Careful though: some recordings are heavily accented. You might need to rewind the track a couple times.

No experience or degree is required, although specialized transcriptions will require at least a background in the specific field of the client, such as engineering, law, or medicine.

Where to find jobs: Civimom, GoTranscript, Quicktate, TranscribeMe

Video editor

One of the trickiest but most fulfilling jobs around is video editing.

Not only do you need to have a background in photography and videography, you’d need a crazy creative streak as well. You should be able to work your way around Lightroom, Adobe Premier Rush, and other software needed to produce quality content.

If you tick off these boxes, you’ll be getting your hands on product ads, vlogs, weddings, and other events in no time. You can make a name for yourself and even open a studio someday, who knows?

Where to find jobs: Onlinejobs.ph, Outsourcely, Upwork

Virtual recruiter

This is exactly what you think it is: an online-hiring manager.

You will need a bachelor’s degree or some HR experience to bag the job, which entails posting ads on job portals, screening and evaluating candidates, conducting initial interviews, and arranging final interviews with the company’s HR.

Be aware that this role not only has odd hours, but a quota of hires you’ll need to meet as well.

Where to find jobs: Onlinejobs.ph, Upwork, Virtual Coworker

Web developer

Unfortunately, this is one of those side jobs that will require not just advanced skills, but a degree and working experience, too.

As such, this job is mostly for those who are already web developers by trade.

You can take on small projects on the side to further grow your skills and portfolio, all while growing your finances, too.

Where to find jobs: Freelancer.ph, Onlinejobs.ph, Outsourcely, Upwork, WordPress Jobs



If you have the gift of writing but would rather stay away from the limelight of blogging, consider copywriting instead.

There is never a shortage in the demand for copywriters anywhere, so it’s easy to get your feet into the job. You can take your pick of industry (or all of ‘em), and load up on writing experience.

You’ll mostly get your hands on brand blogs, marketing collaterals, social media content, and website content.

As long as you are a diligent researcher and quick learner, you can make a pretty decent earning for yourself. Take note, though, that beginners are often paid lower than those with more experience.

Where: Onlinejobs.ph, PayPerContent, ProBlogger Jobs Board, Upwork

Forum writer

This is a quick writing gig for writers uninterested in or can’t commit to longer written content.

You’ll mostly be writing for threads on boards such as Reddit and Quora, or directly to your client’s forum site or blog.

Essentially, you’ll be boosting product engagement for your client by writing product reviews or replying to threads where the client’s brand is discussed.

It doesn’t pay handsomely, but it takes less effort than other writing jobs. At worst, you can always use this as a starting point and slowly work your way to other writing jobs.

Where: Onlinejobs.ph, Paid Forum Posting, Upwork

Resume writer

You’d be surprised that there’s actually a market for this. But if you’re good at research and technical writing, with a keen eye for what hiring managers are on the lookout for, then this is obviously your niche market.

This job is more than just doing the necessary company research in order to write (or rewrite) your client’s resume. It’s also about providing constructive feedback on your client’s CV and LinkedIn profile, if they have one.

Of course, this isn’t an overtly large market to begin with, so it’s not a reliably consistent source of income, either.

Where: Academic Writers Philippines, Upwork

Micro jobs

If you need the extra cash but your plate is already too full, you can still earn small with micro jobs. They’re basically single, simple tasks that can be finished in an hour or so.

We’re talking creating a PowerPoint presentation, coming up with an elevator pitch, editing a photo.

The work is highly dependent on your available hours, and it’s straightforward, honest work.

Where: 199Jobs, Appen, ClixSense, Fiverr

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