Account Executive Job Description Template and Guide

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Are you looking for an Account Executive? Account Executives help grow their companies by finding leads, closing sales, supporting existing clients, and communicating product value to clients. They are also known as Account Handlers. The perfect job description template and guide can help you create a professional-looking ad that will attract the best applicants. This Account Executive Job Description sample can be customized with your specific requirements.

Example Account Executive Job Summary


“We’re seeking a high-energy Account Executive who can recognize opportunities and turn leads into long-lasting partnerships. They must have extensive product knowledge, and understanding of industry trends, and communication skills they’ll communicate directly with clients or prospects to understand individual needs. They are adaptable multi-taskers who are knowledgeable in computer usage as well as equipped with strong communication skills which are essential for the role.

“As a successful Account Executive, you’ll be skilled communicators and presenters who can find the best fit between client and product. You will also need to be organized, passionate about your work with clients, focused on enhancing their experience of working with our company.”

Example Account Executive Job Descriptions


An Account Executive is in charge of ensuring an advertising campaign meets their client’s needs and budget. They do this by meeting with the clients, working with account planners to devise a suitable plan that can be presented to the client as well as briefing creative team members who will produce advertisements. The main tasks for an Account Executive are maintaining contact throughout all stages of project management such as checking on its progress, negotiating any problems/deadlines, and invoicing at each stage before pitching new business opportunities.

The Account Executive is responsible for understanding the communication needs of small and mid-sized business customers, designing solutions to meet those unique business needs. They are also in charge of managing lead generation by developing strategies that will generate high-quality leads through telephone cold calls as well as networking events at industry conferences or exhibits.

The Account Executive is the go-to person for all things sales-related. This includes qualifying new leads and site surveys to determine the serviceability of prospects, as well as maintaining databases necessary to report on activity and customer information. The Account Executive works in conjunction with other business services support groups including marketing personnel at times, but their role primarily deals with interacting directly with potential customers who are considering buying our products or services. They attend all required meetings which may entail training sessions too.

A top account executive’s job is to stay current on company offerings and industry trends, maintain an updated database of contact information, build long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships with external contacts and internal departments in order to create a better customer experience. They also handle complaints & negotiations.

Account Executive Skills


A successful candidate as an account executive needs to have certain skills and qualifications: working knowledge of a particular industry is one thing, as well as negotiation and communication expertise. This position will require multitasking on your part so efficiency needs to come into play too-and not just when completing assigned tasks! Working effectively with others should never go unnoticed either; team building takes patience for any newbies out there who want an early leg up in their careers or would like extra assistance while navigating unfamiliar territory they find themselves stepping foot onto for the first time ever at work each day.

Account Executive Qualifications


As an Account Executive, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing. Additional education and experience might be preferred by some employers as well, but it is not required for this role. Some fields may require additional certifications or licenses; however, we’re looking for someone who has comprehensive knowledge of company offerings including industry trends too! You must also have excellent communication skills — both verbal and written — because successful negotiation relies on trust between the client and your team member like yourself. Strong time management skills are needed here so that deadlines can be met while managing multiple accounts at once – all with our customers’ needs in mind! Computer skill ability is essential as well so you can stay connected at all times for collaboration purposes using CRM software along with basic proficiency with MS Office software such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint.

Account Executive Employers


You’ll find the bulk of opportunities in larger advertising agencies. These may be part of a bigger group or autonomous companies on their own; typically they have between fifty and eighty employees – but some are much bigger than that! Some smaller companies will only employ five-fifteen people at most, so there’s something for everyone to choose from here. Many offer multidisciplinary services such as marketing alongside advertising (as many clients want ‘communications’ packages).

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