Art Director Job Description Template and Guide

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Art directors are responsible for the visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and movie and television productions. They create the overall design and direct others who develop artwork or layouts. If you’re looking to hire an Art Director, this is a free Art Director job description template that outlines all of their qualifications, duties, and responsibilities to help with your hiring decisions. The art director job description sample is a perfect tool for creating postings to get the best talent. You can customize this according to your needs and preferences.

Example Art Director Job Summary


“What kind of creative skills do you have? Do you ever look at an advertisement and say, “Wow, that’s really good design?” What about a magazine cover or branding for the company where your favorite shoes are made? If so then maybe it is time to realize that designing things creatively could be what drives you. As an Art Director in advertising agencies, magazines or corporate enterprises like Nike one can work with talented designers who will inspire creativity from everyone around him/her.

“As head designer and leader of this team, they’ll push their artists to create innovative ideas as well as manage day-to-day assets which bring these visions into being—and if all goes according to plan—the world might just end up seeing something beautiful.

“As an Art Director, you will need to think creatively and critically in order to determine the best way for a concept or idea to be represented visually. You also must have excellent communication skills so that your work can be presented more effectively during client presentations.”

Example Art Director Job Descriptions

As an art director, you will be responsible for developing concepts and providing work direction to employees. You’ll train, schedule, assign tasks among your staff as well as provide feedback on their performance in the field by meeting deadlines and adhering to company standards like the quality of product or customer service levels. Your goals are also aligned with lowering production costs which means monitoring expenses carefully so that they stay within budget parameters while implementing cost-saving measures when possible (like training new hires).

Art Directors are in charge of supervising the workers who execute layout designs for artwork, copy to be presented by visual communications media. They also keep customers informed about illustrative material that is being reviewed ahead of a presentation. The Art Director takes on multiple roles with regards to project production factors such as studying budgets, background information, objectives, approaches styles, and techniques when reviewing an illustrative materials’ design potentials; they select which one will eventually secure its place after formulating basic concepts from the designer’s work or conducting research themselves if necessary.

Art Directors are in charge of producing layouts for printing by marking up, pasting up, and finishing the layout. They obtain client approval by presenting final layouts to them that can then be presented with storyboards or illustrations. In order to improve quality results, an Art Director must first study their processes so they can evaluate what would work best based on feedback from clients as well as other professionals’ opinions before making any changes themselves. Finally, it is important for a professional like this one to keep updated job knowledge through educational opportunities such as participating in seminars and workshops while reading publications about design trends related specifically to his industry/business sector because these type of jobs will always evolve over time which calls upon employees who need constant evolution within their education process. They are in charge of enhancing the reputation of both your department and company by taking ownership for accomplishing new or difficult requests.

Art Director Skills


The art director is a visionary with the skills necessary to take an idea from concept and see it through to completion. They have excellent communication, organization, coordination, and graphic design skills–from illustration tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator all the way up to desktop publishing software like InDesign. The art director also possesses strong multimedia content development capabilities for both web-based projects including video games or animated movies but can go so far as developing marketing campaigns in social media spaces that are only tangentially related.

Art Director Qualifications


The successful candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in fine art, graphic design, or visual communication and proven working experience as an Art Director. This person should also be hands-on with logo design, typography, color selection for print or web layout designs, and image placement within the site. They must understand how to use InDesign; Photoshop; Illustrator or other wire-framing tools that help create visually compelling graphics while using their own unique style of creativity when necessary. The ideal applicant can take/give direction well is able to work collaboratively both independently but seamlessly within teams where they demonstrate strong communications skills as well as presentation abilities which are all key components needed for success at our company.

Art Director Employers


With the publishing industry declining, Art Directors are needed more than ever to lead digital and social ad campaigns.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that employment growth for art directors is projected to grow at .9% over the next 10 years. Although this rate falls below average in comparison with other professions listed by BLS (.7%), it’s still higher than some careers like carpentry or truck driving which only project a 0% increase in jobs through 2028.

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