14 of the Best & Innovative Recruitment Strategies to Attract Top Talent

In today’s digital age, companies have more variety and reach in candidates through technology. As a result, the landscape of HR and Recruitment has become vast and thus, became more competitive & challenging in getting top candidates.

In the past, Recruiters and HR teams availed services from recruitment agencies to hire employees. But traditional techniques may not work anymore in the modern world. Companies and recruitment teams are now experiencing a challenging time in recruiting top candidates, mainly because candidates are also adapting to current employment trends.

With the workplace now transforming from traditional to digital, the flexibility and quality of recruitment have made companies be more adaptive and competent in using technology in recruiting.  People now are more tech-savvy and have better resources when it comes to job postings and social media. Thus, HR teams are forced to use the right recruitment strategies, best practices, and resources that are available in order to adapt and maximize the candidate experience. 

Here are 14 recruitment strategies for you to attract the best candidates to your business.


Recruitment Strategy # 1

Establish a strong company culture

When it comes to hiring, the use of technology can separate your business from other competitors. Taking advantage of technology in building your company culture will attract a lot of talents to onboard your team. 

Building up your brand and culture will not only affect your recruitment strategies and candidates but most importantly, it will greatly affect your current employee’s satisfaction and engagement. Here are examples of ways to set-up your company culture:

  • Transparent Leadership
  • Consistent Communication
  • Employee-First Mindset
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee Referral Program
  • And foster a dynamic environment

Establishing this strategy not only provides the energy and motivation of your employees but also positively reflects on the entirety of your company. This can be a good magnet to the best candidates in the marketplace because they know your company treats employees like family—ensuring they can get the work-life balance they deserve. 

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Recruitment Strategy #2:

Redefine interview processes and questions

The interview process is one of the most important processes a candidate will take. A single interview process can determine several things on what the company is like; the energy of people, the culture, and the people themselves – things that a candidate can assess whether the business is a fit or not

With that, refining your interview processes is vital. Gone are the days of traditional and structured interviews for candidates. Interviews should be unconventional and enjoyable for the interviewer and candidates. This strategy helps create an aura for the candidate to be relaxed and composed compared to the stress and nervousness they feel in a structured and formal interview. 

During interviews, truly get to know your candidate. Asking open-ended questions is a great way to let the applicant reveal their personality to you. Finding out the things that interest and motivate them, such as goals and responsibilities, can help you challenge them once they’ve already settled in with the atmosphere. 

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Recruitment Strategy # 3

Create internal programs for potential candidates

One of the best practices an organization can establish is creating internal programs for your current & potential employees. A number of businesses are already adopting such strategies in the form of management trainee programs or immersive internships. 

It gives potential candidates the feel of acting in their profession – how it works, skills needed, mindset, and characteristics. Not only does this help students be work-ready after graduation, but you also set up your brand and culture, simultaneously, giving your business an edge over other competitors when it comes to candidate experience & attraction. 

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Recruitment Strategy # 4

Create a social media strategy. 

In this digital structure we currently work with, social media has become a powerful tool for people of all ages. Thus, social media is also considered one of the most reliable mediums to recruit quality candidates. Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn offer tremendous opportunities for recruiters and candidates.

According to a conducted LinkedIn Survey, 75% of candidates search for the company’s credentials and reputation before applying and thus, puts social media presence as a priority. It’s important to keep your social media sites top-notch and always active. 

Moreover, upskilling one of your current employees into a content marketer will make things easier when it comes to social media recruiting strategies. By consistently engaging with candidates through content marketing & employer branding methods such as daily email marketing emails, articles, blog post, updates, and quality content, not only are building your reach and credibility but also your brand and reputation as a company. 

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Recruitment Strategy # 5

Using AI to your advantage

The recent disruption of technology has caused AI to be more prominent and advanced, and as a result, has opened more opportunities for an effective recruitment process

Using AI can make your search for top candidates fast, efficient, and effective. It can level the playing field of recruitment by integrating it into every stage of the hiring process and to the system itself. 

According to a recent survey, using Machine Learning and AI on processes such as Talent Sourcing and Candidate Assessment, companies are achieving an 18% increase in revenue. 63% of HR professionals said that AI has already changed the landscape of recruiting strategies

Recruitment Strategy # 6

Recreating Job Ads

A great way to start attracting top talent for your company is to make sure your job post and job description is concise and of high-quality. In crafting job ads, describing it in an exciting yet as accurate as possible way will have a more effective result in pooling top talent. In this method, not only are you branding the entire business through your creativity but it also sparks excitement and curiosity for the candidate, increasing your chances of receiving job applications. Just don’t get too far in exaggerating the job descriptions as it may sound unrealistic and out of place sometimes. 

Your job ad should contain or inform job seekers what to expect in the job, both long- & short-term goals. It should inform candidates about what they will be doing daily, the skills needed from the term, and what they need to accomplish, and what they will learn and intake once they fill in the open positions in your company. 

It might be a risky move in showing the salary for the job, but placing it in your job advertisements will make your recruitment easier by filtering applicants based on their expected salary. Additionally, placing your company benefits such as bonuses, insurances, leaves, and working conditions will also help you in filtering your search as you pique the interests of your candidate, increasing your chances of getting them.

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Recruitment Strategy # 7

Participate in campus job fairs and events

Colleges are breeding grounds for bright and dynamic people to recruit for your company. A great strategy is partnering or tieing up with colleges will increase your brand presence and eventually, give you quality talent in the future.

But how do you attract college students to work with your company? Here’s how:

  • Get featured in campus newspapers by establishing your brand and presence on social media
  • Conduct workshops and seminars to showcase your company and the career opportunities you have in store for them
  • Sponsor college festivals and other cultural events to have more
  • Invite students for a company tour to learn about the company culture, structure, environment, and functioning and make them interact with a few of the eminent stakeholders of your company
  • Offer internship programs where interested students can intern with your company
  • Set-up an entire different recruitment process and team for students to have someone understand their interest and budding mind.

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Recruitment strategy # 8

Organize competitions

As per reports, social media has become a powerful tool in terms of recruiting people. With this in mind, organizing online headhunting programs for your current employees to further lessen the time-to-hire of your top talents.

For students and incoming employees, creating competitions and tournaments in your company will enable them to work and act as a manager throughout the event. This type of strategy will let them unleash their potential and skills even before finalizing their profession. Organizing and completing this strategy will also help your company in establishing the brand and reputation for potential candidates to considering joining you in the future.

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Recruitment strategy # 9

Keep passive candidates in check.

A passive candidate is a professional that is not actively searching for job opportunities and currently is satisfied with his work and perks in the business. However, they are also open to better opportunities if one presents itself.

There are two valuable ways a business can recruit passive candidates:

  • Keep a close eye on passive employees. The best employees aren’t usually out of work for a long time. Prepare a watchlist of passive candidates for the times when you might need to approach them. Having passive candidates in the pipeline allows you to fill any positions needed, especially when you need to hire quickly.
  • Employ an efficient persuasion strategy. With the current talent crunch, it’s essential to know, understand, and devise a persuasion strategy. This is not a short-term goal; it is a well-thought, long-term and adaptive strategy to differentiate your current offers from others – not just in monetary compensation terms, but in broad planning and investment in the role, challenges, policies, perks, brand building, the culture of meritocracy, growth prospects and work profile.
  • Keep passive candidates in one place. Job seekers pass by our job postings and boards one at a time; not to mention the number of them in a day. It can be very tiring to manually search for passive candidates and connections when a position opens. In this situation, you may want to use an applicant tracking system. It will automatically create a database from your existing talent pool making it a great way to save time and labor for other projects.

Passive candidates keep their options open. While they may not be actively seeking employment, they will engage at a much higher rate when a recruiter presents a brand or business that reflects their values.

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Recruitment Strategy # 10

Use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

When it comes to the best recruitment strategies for companies, adopting automation software is one. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a recruitment software tool that helps analyze your current pipeline and searches for any flaws in the hiring process. It filters your candidate pool according to hiring needs, making the recruiting process much easier for recruiters and hiring managers. They may not produce accurate decisions but investing in an ATS will not only let you save time and money but also it will improve your hiring of top talent through using data in features such as talent pooling, employer branding, recruitment processes, and email marketing.

Evidently, recruiting and searching for candidates have been made efficient, faster, and accurate with software, but nothing is ever guaranteed with it. Still, candidate experience is the most critical factor throughout the recruiting process – if a candidate likes you, they will apply and likely accept the job. Engaging and keeping candidates warm for long periods will be the key to a greater candidate experience and a higher turn-over rate to job offers.

A strong recruiting strategy requires a lot of time and attention to detail. Top talents want to work for companies with the best reputations. The brand and mission you put out to the world will drive what types of talent and personalities you reel into work for you.

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Recruitment Strategy # 11

Use data in your recruitment process

Data has been one of the most prominent parameters of results and success, even in recruitment. Recruiters’ performance is often based on how fast they hire a candidate for a specific position. One of the many features of using data is it can speed up the hiring much faster by giving you the best outcomes from the pipeline to make sure you hire the top candidate.

As of now, data should always be included in your recruitment processes. By having a data-driven recruiting strategy, you are giving you and your hiring managers more control and accuracy over your current talent pool, making it a faster and easier recruitment process

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Recruitment Strategy # 12

Diversify your workplace

Diversity and inclusivity have been some of the most important qualities people consider when joining an organization. Integrating these qualities in your organization can be a great hiring strategy to help your team to mirror what the real world looks like outside – various ages, shapes, sizes, genders, religions, backgrounds, and experiences. The first step is to portray how your organization embraces inclusivity by ensuring diversity is more than a goal – it’s a reality.

Starting with your job boards, you should renew the message in each job description of your job posting to align with the different cultures and backgrounds of interested applicants to your organization. Let them know that your organization is open to all backgrounds and cultures.

It is important to avoid unintentional bias, especially in the recruitment process. Everyone should be given an equal chance to be screened regardless of age, culture, color, gender, and disability. To solve this, blind screening or using software tools can be done to eliminate it by using skills and qualifications as a metric to screen applicants and not by their backgrounds

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Recruitment Strategy # 13

Explore niche job boards

As people are now becoming more pro-active in looking for jobs, one recruiting strategy that can be followed is broadening your reach and your presence. This includes multiple marketplaces that are available.

Depending on the current positions that are open, it may be difficult to find high quality candidates on one of the many large job sites. If your company falls into a smaller, more defined category, try looking into specific job boards. These are smaller job sites that are devoted to only one type of job and often have a community of job seekers and recruiters. You can find these types of job boards covering everything from the retail industry to construction.

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Recruitment Strategy # 14

Answer candidate FAQs

Probably, one of the most overlooked aspects of recruitment is answering the numerous questions of candidates. More often than not, candidates have questions for you before they even consider applying to the company.

With that, a good recruiting strategy is to collate all of the FAQs of candidates willing to apply to your company and place them into one section of your social media pages or your company website. This might not seem a lot of impact on your overall strategy in hiring but it will definitely bring a lot of help to the candidates while also, saving you some time in the long run.

Pacing your recruitment process and initiatives with these recruitment methods will increase the overall hiring process, performance, of your business; while also guaranteeing your current employees a great environment for them to stay in the long run and a great organization for your talent pool to join in the future.

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