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A Brand Manager’s primary job is to maintain a brand strategy for the company. They are tasked with adapting strategies based on their target market, managing all of the marketing initiatives and communications across these products, and maintaining integrity in both design elements as well as messaging from start to finish.

This brand manager sample job description will help you post with the best of them. Customize this template to include your company’s exact duties and responsibilities, turn candidates into applicants in no time!

Brand managers work to ensure that a brand remains recognizable, up to date, and exciting. Brand managers plan ways for brands with which they are associated in the public eye: through promotion or changing its perception. Organizations hire these individuals so as not just to keep their own branding consistent but also to promote it amongst others; however, most often they will be working on one brand of theirs by themselves while at an organization’s “in-house”. Sometimes though there is an opportunity for them — should the business need arise – outside this company environment where different clients might require marketing assistance from them whereby multiple campaigns can take place simultaneously without conflicts between each campaign.

Example Brand Manager Job Summary


The following is a sample of the introductory paragraph that we would like you to include in your job posting for Brand Manager. This will be an opportunity for us to really set ourselves apart from competing brand manager postings, and show our prospective employees what it means when they say “we’re not just another cookie-cutter company”.

“The Brand Manager is the key to a company’s success. As one, you will not only be responsible for developing marketing initiatives that resonate with your target market and increase sales but also work closely with different teams to create budgets, forecasting sales figures and assessing KPIs or ROI whenever necessary. Your main goal as a Brand Manager should always be increasing brand value awareness and market share by any means possible.

“As a Brand Manager, you will need to know what consumers want and how they behave. You’ll have to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in your industry as well as competitor activity. Your job is going to involve research and data analysis for developing go-to-market strategies that are surefire winners! Reporting back with results of successful campaigns will be something you’re also expected of doing too – when used wisely this information can help shape future marketing efforts so it’s not just about sales but brand equity building too”


Example Brand Manager Job Descriptions


Brand managers work to create and cultivate a customer’s emotional attachment with the organization. They do this by ensuring that all communications surrounding their company are consistent, cohesive, and aligned across every channel they use: online marketing including both SEO/SEM as well as social media content; offline advertising in print or TV ads; email campaigns for communicating information such as new products launch or sales promotions, etc.; even package design! The brand manager is also responsible for developing promotional items like swag (t-shirts) which will be used at different events throughout the year. This ensures customers maintain an ongoing connection to our brands while strengthening any positive feelings towards them on behalf of potential consumers who may have never been reached before.

The brand manager is in charge of analyzing competitor and customer insights to ensure that the company’s sales forecasts are accurate. They also analyze relevant financials, such as product profit margins or monthly totals from different parts of the country. Reporting on their findings helps keep management up-to-date with what customers want so they can provide them a more personalized experience while retaining an emphasis on quality products for maximum revenue generation.

A brand manager represents the company and provides support as needed at various trade shows, conventions, events, and promotions. They also plan out marketing activities to be executed within fan communities like social media posts or contests that involve prizes of products in the catalog. Additionally, they provide reports based on analysis from ongoing trade programs (such as sales) which are imperative for strategic decisions made by upper management including new product development. The responsibilities continue with monitoring compliance testing reports and other duties required to achieve goals set forth by a division head or CEO.


Brand Manager Skills


A successful brand manager is a creative visionary with strong communication and management skills. As the most senior marketing professional in an organization, they are responsible for building consumer loyalty by designing compelling products that will meet their needs better than any other product on the market; communicating these solutions to consumers through advertising, public relations campaigns, social media initiatives or events such as tradeshows; managing all aspects of branding from strategy development through execution including process improvement and collaboration across departments such as engineering design teams. The best managers have both strategic thinking abilities and business acumen required to build winning brands while also having written presentation-giving capabilities which may include personal introductions at company meetings along with presentations made during group discussions where you present your ideas verbally before others.


Brand Manager Qualifications


The candidate will be responsible for managing a budget and overseeing the day-to-day operations of their department. They should have strong research skills, as well as great communication abilities in both written and verbal forms to succeed in this position. Candidates must also possess excellent organizational skills, so they can keep everything running smoothly while under pressure from deadlines or unexpected events that could arise at any time during the workweek.


Brand Manager Employers


Brand managers typically work in marketing agencies, public and private sector organizations, charities, retailers, manufacturers etcetera. Marketing can be done in-house at an organization or from a company’s office space.

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