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August 28, 2023

The Cotabato Cable Television Network Corporation was organized on December 27, 1990. The National Telecommunications granted the cable TV a Provisional authority No. Case 91-080 on October 9, 1991. Its office and Head End was located at the Mezzanine, PCI Bank building located along Makakua Street, Cotabato City. As a start it has nine (9) personnel. It has one nine (9) feet disk installed on the roof of the building. Its area of operation is Cotabato City. It cable cast seven (7) TV programs namely, CNN (live), tape programs, Star Plus, Star Sports, RPN 9, PTV 4, FEN, ABS-CBN. It has a total of nine (9) personnel. It hired tricycles to load the bamboo ladder and reels of cable wires that were installed on electric post along the streets. Their transmission line was RG-11, Distribution line RG-6, Drop line RG-59. The Head End consists of a Satellite Receiver and Monitors. In the beginning the cable TV had more than one hundred subscribers and charge an Installation fee of P 1,500.00, 2 months deposit of P 400.00 and a monthly subscribers fee of P 200.00. The community accepted the introduction of a cable TV system. The response was favorable.
Subscription kept on growing. Management invested all its earnings in the improvement of the head end and network. Bank loans were secured that hasten the growth of the cable TV business. Later the transmission cable line was replaced to RG-500 Distribution line to RG-11 and Drop line to RG-6.
In March 1994 the cable TV transferred its office and Head End located at Gov. Gutierrez Avenue, Cotabato City. It was on January 4, 1995 when the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) issued them a Certificate of Authority No. 91-080. The cable TV acquired several delivery service field equipment, gadgets, head end accessories, office furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Soon after on October 15, 1999 the Network was accelerated to a Fiber Optic system. This improved tremendously the quality of production. The cable TV signal is crispy, clear on all areas of coverage. TV signals are received from the following satellites – PAS 8, ASIASAT 2, ASIASAT 3, AGUILA, AGUILA 2, APSTAR 1A, APSTAR 2R, MEASAT, JSAT, STI. The system cablecast all the national TV programs, International Prime Time programs, some PAY TV, and Free to air programs. It carries a total 59 TV programs and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cable TV business in Cotabato City is now on a downtrend. Several subscribers’ disconnection is made due to non-payment of monthly dues. Several factors attribute to the decline among them are the drop of the economic situation nationwide. Less employment and the increase in the cost of living due to increase of prices of the basic commodities. The transfer of the seat of Region XII from Cotabato City to Koronadal causing the transfer of more than three hundred (300) families most of whom are cable TV subscribers. Another factor is the presence of relay station of ABS-CBN, GMA, and Studio 23. Most families tune in to those relay stations for news, drama, entertainment and movies. Many consider now the cable TV as a luxury. Affected most are the class C & D families. The cable TV is doing its best to render better service, improve TV programs, building up better customers’ relationship, prompt actions to complain and others. Presently the payment of a P 400.00 monthly fee can avail of a cable TV connection.

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