Customer Service Representative Skill Toolkit

Table of Contents

One might be wondering what a customer service representative has to do to get the job done. These representatives are tasked to give information to customers about products and services, and deal with them in any situation, may it be handling a complaint, taking an order, or processing a return.

In terms of technical requirements, customer service representatives should have a high school diploma (or equivalent) or a college degree. However, it goes to show that a diploma is not necessarily equivalent to the skills that are needed for the job. So what are the skills needed to successfully get a customer service job?

People skills

Since customer service representatives mainly deal with people, it is important that they know how to deal with them in any kind of situation. Keeping a positive demeanor is crucial, while also having a lot of patience. Tolerating different kinds of people on a daily basis can wear you out, so it is best that you know how to handle these variations without succumbing to stress. Since you are the first person that customers will go to for assistance,  your main goal should be to make their experience with your company pleasant and gratifying. 

Conflict management

In case of conflict, these skills are crucial so that you can still serve a customer while critically thinking of the best possible solution. Giving your customer options to solve their issue will be a great way of showing that your company only wants the best for their clients, and absolutely nothing less. You want to solve their issue, not agitate them further. This will be a testament to the service of the company and how they deal with negative situations, so be sure to handle these with empathy and care. 

Technological proficiency

Most customers you will be dealing with will either contact you through email or over the phone, which means you must be skilled with both kinds of modes of communication (or even more, depending on what the company asks of you). Mastery with these technologies is key because besides being able to correspond with customers, you must have the capability to multitask with other preliminary duties.

Some examples of these duties are processing requests, keeping track of caller details, and finding their data. Every company has its own system, and you should be able to seamlessly transfer information from the customer into the database.

Conversely, you should also be able to extract information from the database that the customer might need. Keeping organized while navigating through all this data will be crucial in being able to deal with a customer in need.

Familiarity with the services of the company

As a customer service representative deals with a customer, they have to be confident in the products or services being offered by the company. Having knowledge of such, as well as the kind of market they are dealing with, will allow you to confidently and calmly explain to the customer the reasoning behind the services at hand. Knowing this will also allow you to give the customer options in case something does not work for them.

It is ideal to let the customer know the various ways you could still serve them, and it is important you sell this with confidence. Customers will want to be convinced that you know what you’re doing and what the company has to offer them. 

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