Engaging with Social Media Recruitment

Two employers and HR generalists recruiting through social media.

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Social Media has become a big part of our lives. From looking up news, content, and videos, to communicating with our friends and relatives, there’s no denying that social media has become a powerful content consumption and communication tool. 


Businesses also grew with social media and now use it as part of their processes. With social media, businesses are now able to spread their branding to very large groups of people by posting their content, videos, promotions, job fairs, and many more. Businesses use social media, as a means for their recruitment strategies also. Businesses can effectively spread their company culture and branding to different types of candidates and groups through engaging with their own employees in participating in social media recruitment, 


So if you haven’t used social media yet for recruitment purposes, here’s how you can follow other companies in taking advantage of it: 

  • Engage your employees first
  • Social media is a tool that can be used for a multitude of purposes but it takes time and may even pose a challenge because of how vast its system is. Engaging your employees to help you in this initiative will not only hasten the process of social media recruitment but will also speed up the branding factor of it. 

How do you engage employees then? By letting them feel they are worth it and recognized for their efforts. Researchers have stated that when it comes to a reward system, prioritizing non-financial rewards have a more impactful effect on employees compared to monetary rewards. Recognition for their hard work and praise from top management are examples of non-financial rewards.

With the priority in hand, this opens a multitude of ideas to continue the momentum when it comes to engaging your employees. You can also set up referral programs, training & workshops, career advancement opportunities, and an employee recognition day. 

  • Creating uniquely tailored content
  • You now have engaged employees ready to collaborate with you in social media recruitment. Now, you may have created content in the past but is it content that is tailored and specific to your audiences?. By creating unique, shareworthy content, you can easily attract people from social media. Here are some tips of creating a good magnet for candidates:
  • Know your audience. The goal is to not only focus on your present audience that knows your company but also on potential candidates that want to look in your company. This way, you get to cover ground way faster. 
  • Grab Attention. By using strong and compelling language in your content, you can easily grab your audiences’ attention. It’s okay to be a bit on edge as content that is wild and unexpected is always more noticeable compared to your usual content. 
  • Concise and Readable. Your content should always be short and readable. It should be about the message and impact and not the length of your content. 
  • Create Focused Content.  Your content should always aim to educate, inform, or entertain your audience. Always create with the intent that your content should have a purpose. 
  • Use Images. Using images in your content can increase its visibility and effectiveness when it comes to attracting candidates. Hubspot has reported recently that by using images in their content, it generates more traffic and awareness compared to text-only content.

These practices are more than effective in attracting candidates in social media recruitment. 


  1. Creating a Brand Ambassador Program
  • If you want to utilize every employee in your company to engage in social media recruitment, setting up a brand ambassador program will surely help in your efforts. A brand ambassador program prioritizes the social network of your employeefriends, family, colleagues, and relatives, rather than focusing on corporate promotions. 

Should you run a brand ambassador program, it is important to note to focus on employees that are already willing to share your content on social media. By providing them with guidelines, such as stated earlier in the article, you can steer their presence and branding capabilities in the right direction for your company. 




There’s no denying that social media is, indeed, a powerful tool due to the variety of ways it can be used. Moreover, the benefits of using it can dramatically affect your company and recruitment efforts. Although, corporate accounts have their own value, most often than not, they are not utilized to their fullest when it comes to providing an authentic experience for employees. 


That being said, motivating your employees in engaging with social media recruitment is essential in building your brand and company culture for future hires. By crafting and generating quality and unique content for your employees and candidates and investing resources in programs such as brand ambassador programs can help you vault over hurdles in recruitment on social media

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