Find Your Next Great Hire Through These Best Free Job Posting Sites

“It’s a tough market out there, and finding the right talent is getting tougher by the day. You’ve been looking for months but to no avail. Now what? I’ll tell you what: it’s time to widen your reach.”

The internet has made job hunting easier than ever before, with a multitude of platforms that allow you to find top notch candidates without breaking the bank. Here are 32 of my favorite free job posting sites where you can find someone new today!

Most job listing websites rely on advertising. Be cautious of free plans, such as subscriptions or one-time postings that may lead to the cost of a paid plan if you continue.

The internet has revolutionized the job market. Gone are the days of paper resumes and sending a written application to an employer, now all you need is your computer!  From posting jobs on large sites like CareerBuilder or Indeed to smaller niche websites such as ZipRecruiter, there’s plenty out there for any business looking for new talent. Here we’ll explore some of our favorite spots that might be worth checking out when hiring new employees at your company next year…

“There’s something special about landing a good marketing gig,” says John Smith in his article entitled “Best Marketing Jobs”. In this post he lists many different companies who hire marketers – from small start-ups with 60+ positions open up through major corporations with over

The following sites offer job-seekers the opportunity to post their resumes for free so that employers can find them:


Indeed is the world’s largest job search engine, with over 250 million active users and top-rated by our readers. You can post jobs for free on Indeed, as well as use its applicant tracking system to keep track of candidates during your hiring process! Job seekers can apply via mobile app – many do so every day.

Although Indeed is free, you can improve visibility when you sponsor job postings at $5 per day. You may also choose to design your hiring campaign and let Indeed set an effective budget. First-time users get a whopping $50 in Job Sponsorships (aka advertising) credit!

Simply Hired

SimplyHired is a site that aggregates job postings and resumes for free. Get your resume on Simply Hired, which uses Indeed to manage its jobs listings- it’s shared over 100 sites! You’ll receive an email notification any time someone applies – so you can hire the perfect candidate fast.

The free service applies only to certain types of positions, not all staffing agencies or job sites are eligible for their STARTER program with a monthly subscription costing at $199 per month. If you’re in need of more detailed information on what can be found through SimplyHired, consult the terms & conditions which apply universally across levels from starter (free) up to professional ($1,599/mo).


Wisestep is the only social recruiting site that lets you post as many jobs and search through as many resumes for free. It’s best when you’re looking to find passive job seekers from a specific school, industry, or college. Wisestep also allows hiring managers to sync their efforts with current social networks in order to get the word out about open positions – it supports more than 40K clients!

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is an job board alternative for both free job postings and freelancers. It’s new software tracks employee time, so it offers full-time employees a chance to post their jobs at no charge. For freelancers looking for work or contract workers who are in need of another gig, Hubstaff has plenty to choose from as well! Pricing information starts out with Free (for companies that have less than 10 employees) before reaching the $20/month level for those businesses with over 100 people on staff per month–and there’s something available between these two extremes too!


Jobvertise, like many of the free job boards available on the internet today, is designed to help you promote and advertise your jobs with paid plan options (which include Starter at $29 a month; Standard at $59 per month; and Pro for only $89). However it offers free postings as well. The Free option has one restriction: You will have five days to view online applications before they disappear forever! Jobvertise supports recruiting half a million employers with over 1 million candidates looking for work.


RemoteOK is a remote job board that connects employers with flexible employees. It’s the perfect platform for companies looking to hire talent without needing them in-office or on-site, and their audience reach is more than 1 million – granting those who do not live near an employer access to jobs no matter where they are located around the world!

RemoteOK connects you with remote employees from some of the world’s biggest brands. Remote OK has been featured on Amazon, Starbucks, and Microsoft for linking them up to top-tier talent while also having mixed reviews on Product Hunt.

It has a flexible pricing model, with customizable packages and a host of useful add-ons including featured ads, company branding, and job post highlights. is a remote job board that uses artificial intelligence to match employees and freelancers with employers around the world, catering to their preferences daily by providing them with matches based on what they are looking for in an employee or freelancer. Employers can track applicants through every step of application process- from finding, hiring & onboarding talent – all within one platform!

Google for Jobs

Posting jobs on Google for Jobs is possible if you structure the underlying HTML of your job postings so they can be indexed by Google for Jobs. Alternatively, you can post your jobs on a 3rd party site that already has access to what google searches, and will index them automatically!

Google for Jobs is a free service that uses AI and machine learning to increase job post visibility by showing jobs in Google search results. Some experience with HTML is needed if you don’t want to use 3rd party sites.

There aren’t many reviews of Google for Jobs online from the employer’s perspective, but one article on the jobs search engine warns that employers will have to invest time and money to get set up correctly.


You may not be able to post a job for free here, but there’s nothing stopping you from searching your own network and getting in touch with potential candidates. After all, this website is one of the best places if you want to find employees that cost absolutely nothing–even though it technically isn’t marketed as such!

LinkedIn is the world’s most popular social network for professionals. It can be used to find great candidates or employers can buy advertising on LinkedIn so they promote their open positions in a creative way that really stands out and reaches people who are looking, not just browsing.


Startupers is a site designed to connect startup employees with tech companies. Posting on the website costs nothing, and every post has been reviewed by an actual human being so you can be sure it’s not spam!


Startupers is a job board that’s used by those looking to enter the tech field. Job seekers can find entry-level and/or junior jobs in startup hubs like San Francisco and Silicon Valley, as well as various positions including accounting associates, analysts, app developers – employers have free reign to upload these ads for quick access.

The algorithm is so advanced that you can find the perfect candidate for your job before they even know it’s available.


Jora is the world’s largest free job posting site. It operates out of Australia and forms part of a global network as it has country-specific sites in all over the globe, including one for America! Employers from across America can use Jora to reach local or international candidates without breaking their budget.

For employers, Jora provides 10 free job postings per month where they can post jobs directly on the site or feature them in search results via XML integration.

With a user-friendly website or mobile app, Jora can give you up to date listings from our database of jobs in your area! You’ll be able to find all sorts of interesting positions by searching through categories such as “Part Time Jobs” or even just using keywords like “finance.”


Freeeup is a website that connects employers to freelance workers from all over the world. Employers can hire freelancers with expertise in high-demand job roles such as ecommerce, marketing for websites, and selling on Amazon. Freeeup charges $5-$75 per hour and gives international job seekers an opportunity to make money while traveling or when they are looking for employment elsewhere!


Fiverr is a great way to get things done for cheap. For example, if you need someone to do data entry or answer your phones at lunchtime, how about getting it done right now for as low as $5? You don’t have to pay Fiverr anything just yet—you will only be charged when the freelancer sends you an invoice.


Upwork was created in 2014 by the founders of oDesk and Elance, two online freelance platforms that merged to create a more comprehensive service. One benefit is their no-fee hiring process for employers who pay only when they have filled an order (this includes UpWork fees). Employers can also put parameters on jobs like location or experience level so applicants match what you need without having to scroll through hundreds of profiles finding someone qualified. With three tiers: FREE ($0 monthly fee), PLUS ($49 per month) and Business ($848 per month) there’s something sure to fit your needs!

Upwork makes it easy for companies both large and small to find quality employees with its free pricing plan but has higher cost options if needed.

Guru is the technical and design hub for online freelancers. Like other freelance websites, it’s free to post and you’ll find qualified applicants quickly. Guru has tools to help you find the “diamond in the rough” that will bid on your job, as well as overseas candidates if need be! Pricing information includes three tiers: “Free,” “$14 per user, per month” and “Expert Plan” $244 per user, per month.


TopTal Freelancer Network is a great option if you are looking for top technical, engineering or design talent. As an employer with TopTal, you can work with up to five freelancers on a trial basis and only pay them after the trial period has ended when they have earned your satisfaction. If it doesn’t work out in the end then we will refund your deposit of $500 – but not before!


Giggrabbers is an innovative way to find freelance talent. The site does not charge the employer, but instead charges a freelancer for their service (this ensures that you are getting motivated workers). In addition to being able to search by skills or location, Giggrabbers allows users to submit projects as crowdfunding opportunities so they can get some support from interested fans and investors.

Create an account and post projects for free. Giggrabbers will also make a fee of 9.5% on the total cost of awarded projects, so create your own gig to get in on that action! a job site to post internships for eager students who are on the hunt for part-time and short term roles that grow into full-time employment once they graduate! Plus, you’ll get access to helpful guidance from Internship’s experts on how best to hire an internship student too! Posting your internship jobs is totally free with support available if needed – so what are you waiting for? Take up this offer now before it’s gone forever

My Remote Developers

Remote work has become more prevalent over the last few years and now there are even opportunities for remote designers. My Remote Developers offers access to 60 million candidates from all around the world, as well as guidance on how best to find what you need without paying relocation fees or finding someone local who is qualified.

If you choose to buy into a more engaging service package, then there are options on how you pay. You can work with direct hires or contractors and even go the route of fixed-price if it suits your needs best. There is also a two week risk free trial and $1 million insurance coverage offered for free!

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