Graphic Designer Job Description Template and Guide

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Graphic designers are important assets for any company or organization. They incorporate images and text into everything from company logos to promotional materials and more. Graphic designers are the creators of original visual art that you see in commercials, logos, and more. They use images or text to create various pieces for different industries such as designing company logos, brochures, and posters. Entry-level graphic designers typically need a strong portfolio that is developed from coursework and internships before they can get their foot in the door with any industry.

This graphic designer job description sample is designed for you to plug in the specific requirements for the position so you can get your advertisement up and running in no time. Use the structure and format to help you create the ad that will attract the right candidates for your opening.

Example Graphic Designer Job Summary


“Do you have a strong sense of style? Do your friends always ask for advice on what to wear, or how to decorate their homes and offices? If so, then this is the perfect position for you. This Graphic Design job will allow you to take charge of shaping our company’s identity through graphics! You’ll be designing logos, layouts, and photos with both visual finesses as well as understanding that aesthetics need not sacrifice function.

“Your graphics should capture the attention of those who see them and communicate the right message. For this, you need to have a creative flair and a strong ability to translate requirements into design. If you can communicate well as part of the team that works methodically, we’d like to meet with you!”

Example Graphic Designer Job Descriptions


Graphic Designers are the people who design advertisements, book covers, magazine pages, and logos that keep an organization or business looking professional to its customers.

Graphic designers will be expected to stay on top of trends in their industry by using computer software programs such as Adobe’s Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. These professionals also create materials like web pages for companies’ websites so they can convey messages effectively through visuals while still representing a company with style.

Graphic Designers are in charge of creating the visuals for any client’s desired communication. Sometimes, this means meeting with a client to find out what they want their proposed communications to look like and create or incorporate illustrations, pictures, and designs that reflect the desired theme. Graphic designers also select type size and style accordingly so the text is readable while enhancing images; produce drafts for review by clients; make revisions based on feedback received from them before finalizing it into a production error-free piece.

They’re responsible for making sure that everything is on-brand and visually appealing, overseeing final graphics from start to finish, working with copywriters and creative directors during every step in the process. Graphic designers touch all types of media – they test their work across screens large and small; always keeping a sharp eye out for any potential issues before it’s too late!

Graphic Designer Skills


Graphic designers need exceptional creativity, an eye for detail, IT skills especially in design software like Photoshop or Illustrator – as well as excellent time management and organizational skills so they can deliver on tight deadlines with accuracy. And since good creative work doesn’t always come easily (or cheap), it’s crucial for them to have strong business acumen too!

Every graphic designer needs a well-rounded skillset. This includes strong design and layout abilities, creativity, good analytical thinking skills, flexibility to handle tight deadlines with ease (and grace!), attention to detail for the finer points of your work that others might miss or ignore in their rush forward into tomorrow’s sunrise – it matters! A full suite of desktop publishing software knowledge is essential as you are often creating content from scratch on your own system at home without any help from IT people. Acute vision will be necessary not only when designing but also when editing photos.

Graphic Designer Qualifications


The qualifications required to be a graphic designer are many and varied. They include proven design experience, an excellent eye for aesthetics and details, proficiency in relevant software like InDesign or Illustrator as well as Photoshop – all of which should come with the degree that is offered by most schools these days where one would likely study this field. Excellent communication skills are also necessary since designers need to communicate both internally with their team members (designers) and externally through visual work they create such as logos or brochures.

Graphic Designer Employers


Graphic designers are typically employed by advertising agencies, large print houses, brand agencies, and signage companies. They can work for book publishers to produce illustrations for books or magazines; they may be commissioned as freelancers by newspapers who need a professional graphic designer to create their front cover image in order to sell more copies of the paper on newsstands across the country. Graphic design professionals might also find employment at multimedia companies.

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