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How HR Outsourcing Can Work for Your Business: Best 10 HR Outsourcing Services

HR outsourcing is a growing trend among businesses of all sizes. Why? Because it’s easier, more cost-effective, and can take some of the pressure off HR managers. Outsourcing tasks and responsibilities to an outside agency relieves HR departments from trying to be all things at once. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can use HR outsourcing services for your business.

Administering responsibilities can be taxing for any company, but especially so for smaller businesses that have limited time and resources. When you run a small business with your hands full of the core product that keeps it afloat, there’s no time to spare on administrative tasks such as managing human resources. Outsourcing these functions is an easy way out of exhausting yourself while still focusing on what matters most- running your own operation without interference.

If you haven’t given serious thought to outsourcing, the range of tasks that can be offloaded might surprise you. An HR outsourcing company can manage a whole range of human resources functions that many companies would otherwise outsource to multiple providers – these functions include every task from payroll processing and benefit plan management and administration to recruiting, training, and more. With one provider taking responsibility for all your HR needs, not only will it make life easier but also less time-consuming too.

Outsourced services can provide a wealth of convenience, but they’re most effective when employees are invested in them. Adam Cavalier, president of California-based insurance broker Cavalier Associates notes that “There’s a buzz about outsourcing these days, and while the real value is only realized when your employees are bought into it and able to use it as intended.”

Understanding the importance of human resources, it’s essential to find a company that can provide you with tailor-fitted services in order for your business to succeed. With Human Resource Solutions being at the forefront of HR service providers and experts, we’ve reviewed some statistics on what makes them so successful. We’ll give an overview as well as pros/cons about one or two other prominent companies within this industry noting their similarities and differences from our own expertise before providing you with the bottom line on each individual company.

The company’s success is dependent on how well they deal with its human resources and, to achieve this, it’s important that the service provider be flexible enough to offer packages or even specific services. As a result of research conducted by our team at Company X, we have found some great providers for those in need of these types of services. We’ll tell you what each one has going for them as far as pros go but also where there are cons so that when making your decision about who you would like to use (or if not using anyone) then all information will help make an informed choice.

Trends in HR Outsourcing

The great thing about outsourcing is that you can tap into the services of a company that has access to resources, personnel, and technology. With these particular technologies available it becomes beneficial for companies with employees in different locations or even countries due to their convenience and ability to be accessed from anywhere by anyone connected via the internet (i.e., laptops). This means there are no boundaries when it comes down to doing work while being able to clear expectations more quickly whether they’re outsourced or not because inputting data as well managing projects remotely will have fewer restrictions on what’s possible all over the world.

Some businesses, in an effort to find new talent for their company that isn’t necessarily local, are turning toward social media. Social media allows these companies the ability to reach out even farther into new markets and potential employees who may not have seen or heard about them before.

There are now some companies who have realized that outsourcing in part of their HR needs is a good idea. This creates a balance between the benefits and challenges, such as time zone differences or communicating with people from different cultures easily.

HR Outsourcing Pricing

HR outsourcing services are highly customized based on the needs of the client. For most small business owners, price is going to play an important role in deciding which HR company to choose. Prices range from $45 per month for single employees and up to $1,500 monthly with a flat fee as well available if needed. The amount you will be paying can vary according to how many people your staff consists of or what particular services they require but it’s all worth considering when making that choice so don’t worry about being too picky either.

Lisa Fleming, PR Manager at Paychex says that the cost for fully outsourced HR services varies greatly and is customized based on the individual needs of a client. Generally speaking, when combining comprehensive service solutions to provide on-site support with technology for payroll and retirement benefits as well it can range from $680 per bi-weekly pay period up to $2120 which far less than hiring a full-time employee in your small business.

Best HR Outsourcing Services

1. ADP

ADP offers both HR software and services. They provide solutions for small businesses as well as mid-sized organizations and enterprises with a flexible outsourcing model that will suit your needs, whether you are looking to outsource all or just part of your team’s workload. ADPs range of offerings includes payroll management, time & attendance tracking systems, retirement plans such as 401(k)s; insurance covering not only health but also life coverage options (including long term care); benefits packages including vacation days and sick leave–all designed to be tailored specifically towards the workforce requirements in which they serve.

ADP’s HR professionals are always available! They can provide templates for all your company’s needs, set up an Employee Handbook, or customize one to be in compliance with local and federal laws. You’ll get personalized support from the experts at ADP who will help you build a successful business together.

2. Oasis Outsourcing

Oasis Outsourcing offers every service we could ask for and does so without requiring a long-term contract. For the very small companies, they are well equipped to handle the entire HR process. The company will work with customers to develop strategy and strengthen areas where there is weakness in order to provide more comprehensive services that can help build up their operations on a daily basis; making it easier for them when scaling or shifting through multiple employees at different times of day/year as needed while also providing convenient online account management and mobile options which make staying updated easily whether you’re checking your information from home after hours or out running errands during lunch breaks. An online resource for the best of all worlds. They offer great educational resources, a health care reform center to keep you up-to-date on changes that might affect your life, and a live chat feature where they are always there when you need them most.

3. Insperity

Insperity offers a full-service HR solution. They work with you to customize an HR package based on your organization’s needs and budgets, helping employees take advantage of Fortune 500 benefits like medical coverage that includes dental care as well as vision insurance. They can also process payroll for employers who want to outsource the job or just need help setting up unemployment reports so they’re in compliance with local laws and government regulations while keeping track of workers’ compensation claims by following all state reporting requirements such as filing W2’s correctly or verifying employment eligibility status through E-Verify system hen necessary.

The Insperity team doe
s so much for their clients, it’s difficult to list everything they do. But a few standout services are:  Recruiting solutions that help you grow your best employees and nurture them from day one through retirement; HR Consulting with the expertise of experienced managers who will work alongside you every step of the way; Retirement Solutions ensuring that all employees know what benefits they offer and how to prepare ahead for something like early retirement or defined-benefit plan; Insurance Services assisting in meeting company goals by offering health insurance coverage tailored specifically towards each individual employee needs. They also provide Accounting & Bookkeeping Services which can be done remotely if needed.

Insperity is a leading provider of HR outsourcing, with decades in business and offices across the country. And when you need to efficiently grow your company while investing as little time into it as possible? They’re just what you’ve been looking for!

4. TriNet

A company’s success hinges on its ability to maintain a competitive edge. In this day and age, with the advent of advances in technology that have blurred boundaries between both personal and professional lives, organizations are faced with new challenges when it comes to organizing their HR functions. TriNet is one such organization that stands out by providing services for industries like healthcare or banking etc., ensuring they get what they need at an industry-specific level – be it robust reporting capabilities or connecting QuickBooks (and other employer dashboards) as per needs.

TriNet offers a comprehensive range of benefits administration solutions tailored around specific industries – from retail to manufacturing; financial services companies can rely on them too because not only do they provide strong reports but also offer connections across various platforms.

The live chat feature is highly regarded by many users, although some reviews report trouble with customer service and transparency.

5. Paychex

Paychex is one of the best online payroll services on the market today. In addition, they also offer fantastic HR outsourcing and benefits administration services to small businesses that have up to 50 employees or fewer. Some of their great features include retirement savings plans, insurance policies with companies like Allstate (one of our favorites), health care for your employees that comes at no extra cost thanks to a partnership between Paychex Health Plans and Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield in Iowa; managing annual enrollment periods through open season management as well as compliance assistance by way U4/U5 filings which CMS mandates from all payers participating in Medicaid EHR programs.

Think of Paychex as a digital extension to your HR department. Their mobile app can track hiring, labor costs, and employee turnover among other things; the company has more than 670,000 clients that trust them with their most critical business needs – so you know they take care of theirs too. For those who already have an existing HR team in place but are looking for some help tackling top-level talent or specific issues like onboarding new hires (or retaining current ones), then go ahead and give this guy a talk about what’s on your mind because it’s likely he’ll be able to provide you insight into how best approach these challenges.

If you need an HR manager, but don’t want to spend the time and money on hiring one in-house or if your company is growing quickly so that it’s hard for all of its managers to keep up with their workload, then this new option from Paychex might be just what you’re looking for.

6. CPEhr

CPEhr is a leading provider of Human Resources services. CPEhr allows customers to choose the service packages that best suit their needs, rather than subscribing to bundled plans offered by other companies. Customers can also search for any information they need via online educational resources or one-to-one consultations with HR specialists. Although there have been some negative reviews in regards to weak tech support and mobile functionality – which are often issues when working remotely; this company provides an individualized experience from start-through finish tailored specifically around your employees’ needs.

7. Zenefits

Zenefits is software for human resources that still manages to be cheaper than an outsourcing service. The company’s HR system includes everything you need in order to streamline your tasks and administration, so if you’re running a small business with less than 50 employees, Zenefits may just be the perfect option for all of your needs.

Zenefits is a top HR management system that offers mobile accessibility for administration and employees, as well as dozens of integrations. With self-onboarding tools in place to onboard new hires quickly, Zenefits also features compensation packages with options for payroll support, employee benefits policies like PTO time off requests, or any other type of work schedule you may need.

HR outsourcing services can be pricey and require a custom quote from the provider. However, Zenefits’ pricing is straightforward with rates available on their website. The most basic plan starts at $8 per month for one employee or $14 for two employees; while growth plans start at an affordable rate of just over 50% more monthly than the Essentials service ($21).

Zenefits is the perfect solution for small business owners who want to improve their HR solutions without spending too much money.

All of these rates are based on an annual plan, so if your needs change as you grow and expand then Zenefits will be able to help accommodate all of those changes seamlessly. You can also choose from a variety of add-on features such as paying payroll taxes or benefits administration with your own broker, both of which come at a monthly fee that starts out low but grows depending on how many employees you have through each feature respectively.

8. Accenture HR

Accenture HR has been struggling with customer service for some time now, and their most recent drop in rankings is a testament to this. In the past couple of years, they have dropped out of the top 10 outsourcers on due to customers increasingly voicing negative opinions about them via reviews posted online by other dissatisfied clients like yourself.

9. Engage PEO

Engage PEO is a full-service professional employer organization. They provide an innovative HR experience that puts the client’s needs first, with their team of highly experienced attorneys guiding your company through all legal matters related to labor and employment law in industries where compliance requirements are strict.

Engage PEO is not your average HR provider. We offer a suite of outsourced services, including employee policies; e-learning and training modules for new hires or refreshers on hot topics such as harassment prevention; background checks to ensure the safety of employees in high-risk work environments like elder care facilities where complaints can arise from clients with dementia who may be difficult to control without assistance––all at an affordable price that fits any size company budget!

  Engage PEO also offers payroll and tax administration, workers’ compensation insurance coverage (including disability), liability protection through employment practices liability insurance covers everything from wage theft claims due to unpaid overtime hours incurred by exempt salaried staff up until their date of termination.

10. Tandem HR

Tandem HR offers a wide range of human resources solutions for small businesses. This provider has the tools and expertise to help your business as it scales. Tandem HR provides customized plans that are tailored based on each company’s individual needs, including payroll services, benefits management, risk managemen
t strategies and technical assistance all at an affordable cost without any contracts or hidden fees! Contact us today if you need more information about how we can expand with you so both our companies will thrive in this competitive market.

Tandem HR offers a customized solution for your growing business. As you expand, they’ll grow with you and help save time and money while boosting productivity to retain talent that might otherwise leave the company when it expands into another state or region of the country. Tandem makes sure all employees are compliant at both federal levels as well as those set by individual states in which they operate so businesses can avoid costly fines from violating labor laws.

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