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How to Write a Job Description

A job description is one of the most important documents that you can have as an employer. It’s what will be used to determine whether a candidate has the qualifications for the job they’re applying for, and it’s a crucial component in your recruiting process. A well-written, accurate job description will attract qualified candidates who are interested in a position with your company. But how do you write one? This post provides helpful tips on writing JDs, including things to include and exclude from the document itself!
We know that first impressions matter, and your job description is the key to connecting with potential candidates. What you say in this document could make or break whether someone will apply for your position so we want a tone of voice that is engaging while still being professional.

What is a Job Description?

A job description is a document that describes the essential responsibilities, activities, qualifications, and skills for a role. It’s used to summarize what someone does on their day-to-day duties at work as well as any potential benefits they may receive from working with your company!
You need to make sure that you’re getting the right person for the job, and an effective job description will provide enough detail so candidates can determine if they’re qualified. Not only does this help them know what it is exactly that they want, but according to a survey, 52% of people say the quality of a job description is very or extremely influential on their decision whether or not to apply for jobs!

Use an Understandable Job Title

Targeted job titles are more effective than generic ones, so be precise by including key phrases that accurately describe the role. For example, a survey found that 36% of job seekers who use job sites will search for jobs with specific words in their titles.
Also, by using standard experience levels like “Senior” rather than the more uncommon terms like the organizational levels like I, II, or III. This way you are ensuring that your job post is understandable and clear for all applicants.
Non-traditional job titles should be avoided when trying to attract the right talent for your company. When you advertise with a clear title like “Call Center Agent,” it will enable you to find qualified applicants and avoid missing out on potential employees who are looking specifically for that role.

Be Direct

Effective job ads are professional and relatable. A carefully crafted description will increase your chances of getting more qualified applicants, but only if it is clear and accurate! Double-check before you publish to make sure that there are no confusing phrases or jargon in the content.

Job Summary

Open with an attention-grabbing summary that provides an overview of your company as well as what you’re looking for in this position.
Something like the following:
With decades of experience in the field, we know what it takes to make a truly successful organization. Turn your thoughts into reality with your dedication and creativity! We welcome you to be part of this exciting opportunity that will see us through another decade or more. Our company is looking for an experienced individual who can take on challenging tasks as well as someone who knows how to handle pressure under tight deadlines while still maintaining focus. If you’re up for the challenge then please send over your resume today so we can get started right away!
Hook your reader with details about what makes your company unique. Your job description is an introduction to your employer brand and the candidate will want a look into who they would be working for. A recent Indeed survey found that 72% of candidates say it’s extremely or very important to see this type of information in their application process, so we’re happy if our applicants get curious now!
Include an exact job location to optimize your search results. Include an exact, geographically relevant job location in order to be found by most candidates when searching for a new position on sites like JobSpring, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

Responsibilities and Duties

Break responsibilities into short, clear job duties. For example, if you’re advertising for a Digital Marketing Manager, instead of using vague descriptions (e.g., “You will be responsible for the digital marketing department”), describe specific tasks:
-Create and execute social media campaigns
-Continue to grow brand awareness through content creation on various channels
-Utilize Google Analytics data in order to increase website traffic
-Manage all digital marketing channels (e.g. website, blogs, emails, and social media) to ensure brand consistency
-Participate in the production of content for websites or other forms of online promotion
-Measure ROI and KPIs on a regular basis
-Monitor your company’s branded social accounts
Be sure that you and your hiring manager are on the same page about what each candidate will be responsible for in order to avoid confusion with candidates later down the road.
Stand out from the rest of your competition by highlighting what makes you unique in a way that will appeal to job seekers. This helps them feel more excited about working for their desired company and could even help with recruiting new talent!
You should highlight day-to-day activities, so candidates can get an idea of how they’ll be spending most days as well as know if it’s right for them or not.

Promote the Job

Impress your prospective employees with the perks that come along with this job. High-end workstations, gadgets, and free food are just a few things you can offer to potential candidates in order for them to choose your company over others. Furthermore, explain how working at our organization is beneficial towards their future career growth as well as ours!
 As we keep growing at an astonishing rate thanks to hardworking individuals like you (no pun intended), it’s important for us to show how much this role contributes towards company growth while providing plenty of benefits in return.
Candidates are always trying new jobs where they will get more exposure and opportunities than what they currently have by applying elsewhere; give them something so good that makes them not even consider other options because yours is just too enticing!

Promote the Company

It’s simple. Your job ad is your chance to offer candidates a glimpse of what it means to work for you, and not just on paper. Consider including links to testimonials from current employees or photos of team activities so that potential new hires can get an honest idea about the office environment before they take their next step in life with you!

Ask for the Right Qualifications and Skills

The job description should attract the right person for your company. It’s not easy to find someone who can do all of these things, but it is worth looking them up and seeing if they are a good fit! A list of hard skills like education, previous experience in jobs similar to this one might be included on any resume as well.
A list of required qualifications could dissuade potential candidates. A survey found that 63% of job seekers said they had chosen not to apply for a position because it felt like the description was too long, and 47% didn’t bother applying at all due to lack of experience listed in the requirements. Keep your hiring process as simple as possible by listing only what is absolutely necessary when you are writing your job descriptions – this will increase both applicant volume and quality!
Employers are starting to see the value in a more diverse set of employees. The 71% who said they were already doing this is great. It’s time for employers to start investing in reaching out and finding those qualified candidates who might have been discouraged from applying because their qualifications did not meet all requirements or expectations listed on the job post that skewed towards one group over another.

Salary and Benefits

Include a salary range to attract the best-fit candidates. You can stand out from other employers by adding your salary band on job descriptions, as nearly 70% of individuals said they never or only occasionally saw this information in their searches.
A company’s benefits and perks have a significant impact on their decision of whether or not to accept a job offer there. Encourage more people to apply by sharing the attractive rewards and benefits you offer your employees, such as Unlimited PTO, flexible hours, medical coverage including dental and vision – you name it! And to sweeten things up even more we’re dog-friendly too so your pup can come to join at work if they want to.

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