Internship for Students: Reformed Job-Seeking from the Online Setting

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In college, everyone has had the key moment that they reminisce the most especially if it were a whirlwind of roller-coaster emotions. It could be the anticipation of a profound community by the freshmen, the planning of what is to be next in the following years for the sophomore, or most especially job seeking and planning for the penultimate and graduating students. The word internship can be said to be the household name, the “it” thing, the expected and trendy topic in the campus setting, most especially. With the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase for both applicants and job seekers through social media job groups, LinkedIn searches, or as simple as a search of the word, “Internships.” in the web. Internships have been indeed the rite of passage for the past few years. There has indeed been a boom of numbers that have been seen due to its popularity spread by students and importance placed by institutions, or to put it in numbers, 3 out of 4 students participate in internship programs before their graduation. The advantages of participating in internships go from being transitioned and bridged well from the academic setting to the job workforce, getting a slot in advance for potential job positions, and reinforcing technical competencies. Lest, the exposure collected here is valued high, to say the least. 

With this, here are the two main prompts with a tips and tricks side note from the author to help you kickstart your internship journey and set you off on the right hook! 


1. Find your niche in the internships.  

It is an easy search and at your fingertips to find internship opportunities and job openings especially if it’s during the peak season where businesses, companies, or enterprises venture out with their offerings. Yet, as easy and tempting as it is to file out and send the requirements to all offerings, it is best to narrow down the niche or the category that you seek in the field of internship offerings. Start off by filtering out the scope and field of work being offered whether it be the field of marketing, management, data science, statistics, or design. The list may not be endless but the categories are broad and open enough for everyone to find their field. The LinkedIn platform is indeed an international data source to start with, but websites such as Job Spring caters well to their market reach as it is able to focus well on their scope of country, hence as for the aforementioned website, it focuses well on the job scope of the Philippines. 

2. Build a well-structured resume. 

 It is the minimum requirement for most, if not all job applications to submit a resume for the company to get to know about you in the quickest, and most efficient way possible. The details needed the most to be seen in resumes are some details and basic information such as:

  • name 
  • contact numbers
  • social media contact information,education background 
  • and a picture. 

These are the staples and the top building blocks to your resume. Following, the details about your personality and background further would be your personality made up from skills and interests, such as being a critical analyst. Not being shortlisted after would be a turning point and critical component in the resume: the experiences. This raises the most concern from resume crafting from valid concerns indeed such as, “What if I don’t have experience in doing things beyond my academics?” or “My resume basically screams, “Freshman!”.  Going back to the point before, we still have the details about your skills and interests which you can certainly vamp on through talking about how you utilize the said skills, whether it’s in your academics or how you apply it as a hobby or in your day to day life. 


    A friend-to-friend note from me to you!  

⭐️ Don’t let rejections bring you down. 

Author Lauren Berger wrote in her book, “All Work, No Pay: Finding an Internship, Building Your Resume, Making Connections, and Gaining Job Experience.”, and told how she got rejected on her very first internship application and interview immediately after the first question asked to her. Rejections are a part of the process but it is with these turndowns that help us reflect over our approach and as the author placed it, rejections built up our “thick skin” as it ignites something within us to challenge, strive, push, gear up, and work to get that sweet, Yes, you are accepted! line.  

⭐️ Practice and Prepare. 

Genuinity never disappoints anyone. At the beginning of your journey, especially when you’re coming in as fresh as ever with raw skills, it is best that you show and offer your availability and prepare to adapt to the employer. After preparing for your appearance whether it may be online or through a face-to-face interview, hence take the intentional time to set off and hunt for a sleek suit, and it will certainly affect your confidence from the very first step that you’ll take into the interviewee role. Workshops and posters online about resume building and interview preparations have been circulating well around the social media platforms, hence it is never too much to maximize the open and free workshops or save the posters about the resume building points. 


Beyond the training, developments, and enhancements of ourselves, internships also act as our intangible path pavers – fret not if you don’t know what career or if the question, “What do I do now after graduation?”, constantly haunts you. Try out for an internship for it may unlock the door that has been meant for you! 

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