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IT Support is a crucial part of every company. They are responsible for maintaining the computer networks that keep their organization running smoothly. In addition to simply keeping everything up and running, they also install hardware and software, monitor technical issues as they come up, and solve problems when necessary. The IT Support may have to work shift hours in order to cover all the bases at any given time of day or night. With this in mind, it’s important that you know what skills an IT support needs before hiring someone new.

Computers are increasingly becoming the backbone of operations and decision-making processes in organizations. It is crucial to ensure that IT systems work correctly and remain well maintained for maximum performance.

Take a look at our IT Support job description template and guide today!


Example IT Support Job Summary



Here is a sample job summary you can use when looking for IT Support candidates on job boards, like JobSpring:


“Do you like to solve problems and talk on the phone? We have a Technical Support Officer position open. Candidates for this role must be tech-savvy with excellent interpersonal skills, as well as strong written communication abilities. This job involves troubleshooting technical issues, providing timely customer feedback, and supporting new application rollouts – so it’s important that candidates are capable of talking directly with customers over the phone or in-person!”


Example IT Support Job Descriptions


IT support is responsible for the smooth running of computer systems and ensuring that users get maximum benefits from them. Individual tasks vary depending on the size and structure of your organization, but you might need to:

install new hardware

maintain existing software programs

talk to staff or clients through a series of actions over phone lines in order to help set up systems or resolve issues

IT support is also in charge of the following:

replacing parts as needed, providing support to troubleshoot problems and follow diagrams for repairs or setups; creating new profiles for users when necessary. They also have an obligation to respond within agreed time limits to call-outs and work continuously until a task has been completed (or referred out if appropriate).

IT support needs to be able to prioritize and manage many open cases at one time, rapidly establish good working relationships with customers and other professionals such as software developers, test and evaluate new technology of computer equipment for electrical safety.


IT Support Skills


IT support needs to show the ability to think logically, a good memory for how software and operating systems work (especially those you’re not familiar with), excellent listening skills combined with confident interaction on behalf of clients. IT professionals must also be able to work well in a team, demonstrate problem-solving skills as needed, maintain strong customer focus while prioritizing workloads and paying attention to detail.


IT Support Requirements


A formal degree isn’t always necessary in an IT Support role, but it can be helpful for any candidate to have a range of qualifications. These include Computer Science; Computing Engineering; and many others. In addition, there are several qualities that will help you succeed as an IT support applicant too – such as the ability to prioritize tasks while sticking strictly to deadlines with great attention paid towards detailed work all at once. Certification in Microsoft, Linux, or Cisco is advantageous. In-depth knowledge of Windows 10, Polycom, Cisco WebEx, and Mac OS are a plus but not required. If you have the skills to support web browsers like Chrome/Safari then that’s even more admirable! The ability to speak Mandarin would be very useful as well!.


IT Support Employers


IT technical support officers work in a variety of different fields, not only are they responsible for installing and configuring computer networks but also assisting users on their computers. They can be found doing desktop maintenance which entails direct user assistance or working with suppliers to maintain contracts as well as managing hosting providers who provide IT services.

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