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Woman with a graet morning routine for working.
Succeeding at Work

Ultimate Morning Routine for Success of Highly Successful People

You may think that behind the success of highly successful people are times filled with stress and other sacrifices that …

Three people performing the core functions of human resources.
Human Resources

10 Core Functions of Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is the process of managing people in a business or organization. A manager’s primary responsibility is to …

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) used by an HR manager.
Applicant Tracking Systems

What is An Applicant Tracking System (ATS): How Employers Use ATS

Have you ever wondered how large companies handle the hundreds to thousands of job applications? It’s not a team of …

People on a laptop applying to free job posting sites.
Finding a Job

Find Your Next Great Hire Through These Best Free Job Posting Sites

“It’s a tough market out there, and finding the right talent is getting tougher by the day. You’ve been looking …

Closeup of hands typing on a keyboard to create an ATS resume.
Finding a Job

How to Create an ATS-Friendly Resume That Recruiters Will Notice

“Send your resume through this machine and we will get back to you!” Machine? Indeed, times are certainly changing. From …

Two people shaking hands after answering "What are your weaknesses?".
Finding a Job

Job Interview 101: “What Are Your Weaknesses?”

What are your weaknesses? This question may come as a surprise to some first-time job interviewees. Realistically, you may wonder …

A marketing manager working on her laptop and checking her phone.
Career Info

What You Need to Know About Being a Marketing Manager

What is a marketing manager? A marketing manager is the person in a company in charge of creating all avenues …

Example of a stress-free work environment with a clock and pencils in a desk.
Succeeding at Work

Serenity: Getting Things Done is the Key to Stress-Free Productivity

Productivity is often tied to the idea of stress and time pressure. Usually, you would deem yourself “productive” for the …

Finding a Job

A Guide to the Top Online Part-time Jobs in the Philippines

If you ask a random stranger on the street whether they have a side hustle or not, chances are, the …

Laptop showing a blog page and coffee on a table that a copywriter might use.
Career Info

Writing Jobs 101: What Does a Copywriter Do?

What does a copywriter do? If you’re someone who has a liking for words and using them creatively to tell …

Woman wonders what to write in her resume.
Finding a Job

10 Best Prompts for How to Write Your Resumé

As people start to apply for new jobs, some may find themselves dwelling over the stress of the very first …

A man with a communication degree working on his job.
Finding a Job

21 Great Jobs for Communication Majors

If you studied communication or media, you might be wondering what jobs you can pursue with a communication degree. Over …

Applicant taking a career test online during a job interview.
Hiring Best Practices

Best Career Tests You Can Take Online

What is the best career test to take? There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming. …

Pomodoro technique being used by a woman in a victory pose.
Succeeding at Work

How to Utilize the Pomodoro Technique: Tips and Benefits

What’s better than a method that can help you increase your productivity? A method that also gives you the opportunity …

Employees increasing employee engagement through activities and team building.

How to Engage Employees: Increase Employee Engagement in the Workplace

A highly engaged workforce will boost your organization’s profitability, productivity, and retention. What does it take to have an engaged …

A leader talks to his employees after knowing the difference between leadership and management.
Leadership 101

Understanding the Difference Between Leadership and Management

The two most important tasks of a manager are to make sure that the company is operating efficiently and effectively, …

Finding a Job

How to Answer, ‘Tell Me About Yourself,’ in an Interview

Do’s and Don’ts to “Tell Me About Yourself” In a Job Interview By Giulia Martinez When you’re applying for a …

HR manager writing job descriptions on his laptop.
Hiring Best Practices

How to Write a Job Description: HR Manager, Hiring Manager’s Guide

A job description is one of the most important documents that you can have as an employer. It’s what will …

Job interview of a man and woman using common interview questions.
Hiring Best Practices

Common Interview Questions for Job Interviews

The interview is a crucial part of the hiring process. It’s important to be prepared for any question that may …

Human resources manager applying online recruitment strategies in the office.
Hiring Best Practices

Online Recruiting Strategies and Methods: Online Tools for HR

Finding the right person to fill a position in your company is never easy. It’s important to take your time, …