Virtual Office Assistant-Fixed Weekends Off
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Virtual Office Assistant-Fixed Weekends Off

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6th Floor JDN Square Residential Suites and IT Center, P. RemediosMandaue6014CebuPhilippines

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TORCH Solutions


Talent Outsourcing Channel (TORCH) Solutions is committed to strategically match the right talent to the client’s specialized staffing needs and build rewarding careers for the professionals we place through our holistic HR solutions. We supply employers with high quality and efficient workforce in time and contribute to the client’s success through people

Job Description

Respond to e-mails and manage phone calls
Prepare and organize database, systems, and reports
Handle confidential employer and client information
Present excellent customer-service skills to customers and clients
Handle additional tasks depending on clients’ needs

Job Qualifications

-A college background of at least 2 years
-Must have relevant work experience with the following, but not limited to: BPO / VA / Accounting and Bookkeeping / 2020 Software Design / IT, Computer Science or Networking
-Tech-savvy and can quickly adapt to new learnings
-Must have strong written and verbal communication skills
-Keen to detail with high level of accuracy
-Must be able to work on-site and on a night shift



Compensation Range

20000 – 30000

Highest Education Attainment:

College Graduate

Contact Info

Contact Phone : 09162616*** Contact Email :


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