Content Strategist + Conversion Copywriter [Remote Position]

Content Strategist + Conversion Copywriter [Remote Position]

Anansi Content
July 28, 2021
Content Strategist + Conversion Copywriter [Remote Position]

Content Strategist + Conversion Copywriter [Remote Position]

Anansi Content

At Anansi Content, what gets us up in the morning is using the power of marketing to build a world led by compassionate leaders. 

We are a woman- and BIPOC-owned inclusive company.
We empower compassionate leaders to grow mighty through clear communication and strong connection with those they can truly help—and thus grow mighty leaders in turn. 
We do this by using our unbelievable team of Content Strategists to free digital agencies from poorly organized, low-impact contractors. Instead, our strategists come in with a clear process and use their leadership, authority, and expertise to guide clients through the creation of a solid copy reference guide, a strong web presence, and continuous progress towards their goals.

But our existing team of copywriting experts is reaching capacity, so we’re looking to bring a new Content Strategist onboard.Could this be you?
We have a proven and polished content process, and we need you to be the confident leader who guides clients through it beginning to end.
You’ll primarily be doing “white label”, or anonymous subcontracting, for digital agencies in the US & Canada. This means you’ll deliver content strategy, copywriting, and marketing consultation to them and their clients. 
As the designated project leader for content strategies, web copy, and marketing consulting, you’ll be responsible for setting expectations, project management, and production alike. 
This includes:
  • Continually realigning client expectations and experience to ensure project success
  • Booking, managing, and leading all meetings virtually via Zoom
  • Coordinating with and representing the agency partner to the client
  • Prepping and leading interviews to dig deep into audience, positioning, and brand voice
  • Using (your) notes and (our) templates to create, present, and workshop strategies live
  • Outlining, laying out, and writing conversion and descriptive copy for the web
  • Prepping & leading live feedback sessions with clients and making revisions on the spot
  • Turning goals into plans and KPIs, forecasting results, tracking data, and using data to reorient your plan of action
  • Setting clear boundaries, saying “no,” and enforcing consequences when appropriate
More than just a kickass writer, we need you to be an incredible verbal and written communicator, a proven leader who’s comfortable directing both one-off website content and long-term growth marketing.
For compensation, you’re looking at:
Training (4-6 weeks)
  • Training stipend
  • $20-$30/hr CAD training wage to start, depending on your experience. 
  • Resources, training, clear direction, templates, and admin support to help you succeed.
This covers your time learning our process, shadowing other strategists, and attending team meetings.
Once you’re trained:
  • Monthly stipend to cover internal meetings & blog writing 
  • Fixed commission ($30-$75 CAD/hr) on each project you accept (opportunities after 4-6 weeks)
  • Our current strategists make an average of $30-50 CAD per hour after 6 months on projects, and an average of $50-$75 CAD per hour after 1 year
  • Health benefits including mental health and paramedical
You’ll know you’re the right person for this role if you have:

  • Proven experience in digital marketing, especially conversion website, email, and funnel building, ideally freelancing experience. 
  • Excellent samples of strategy and conversion copy you’ve produced, such as website, landing pages, customer personas, email campaigns, funnels, paid ads, e-commerce, etc.
  • Confidence, authority, and the natural tendency to take charge—including the ability to laugh at your mistakes and the tendency to think quickly on your feet
  • Strong authority on video. This usually includes active listening, a tendency to ask deep penetrating questions, a facility with nuance, and great negotiation skills.
  • Natural tendency to problem-solve and plan ahead, and a persistent desire to improve results and efficiency by improving the systems supporting you
  • A data-driven approach where you actively review and engage with the numbers to understand how to continuously improve ROI
  • Awareness and confidence to speak up when needed, including bringing up issues before they get big, standing your ground when it matters, and navigating conflict compassionately.
  • Excellent self-motivation and time-management skills, which make juggling people, priorities, projects, and partners look like a piece of cake
  • A private space, high-quality gear, and great internet speed to make, and receive video calls
Sound like you?

Your next step is to click the link below and read the full job description! 
It’s long on purpose. We’re picky about who we hire. If you’re still interested after reading, you’ll need to complete our 4 step online application process to qualify. 
No resume or cover letter required, but you’ll definitely be expected to share about your experience, link us to some samples, and use data to brag about your successes.
Click here to read the full job description and apply:
Any applications not submitted through the link above will be discarded.

How do you apply?

To learn more and apply, email at: or click the Apply Now Button below.
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