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October 25, 2021
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About Agency
We’re a small scrappy startup building a dating app for an outdated niche with a lot of stigmas attached to it: Sugar Dating.
We believe sugar relationships are some of the purest forms of human connection, but are sorely misunderstood in pop culture today (the terms “sugar baby” and “sugar daddy” don’t always come with the best connotations). We walk through life channeling different versions of ourselves depending on the context: the caring son, the brave CEO, the hard-working mother, but rarely do we get to drop these charades and just be you. At Agency, sugar dating is about being yourself, setting healthy boundaries, and in turn seeing your partner(s) for who they are and where they are in life, not who you want them to be.
Relationships are some of the most important work we do in life. They’re how we learn about the self, how we level up, and how we’re remembered. Through unconventional relationships, our mission is to show the world the power—the agency—every individual has to live life the way they choose.
We’re a small team of ~5 (incl. 2 part-timers). All non-technical except me, Jake (hi!), who you’ll work day-to-day with.
– We don’t do titles since we all do a lot of different things, but I’m effectively “CTO”. Previously worked at Apple in various roles and then did a YC-backed startup that’s now inactive.
– You’ll also work with Christina, the CEO & branding/marketing genius whose TikToks are going viral. She’ll work with you to make sure we’re building something our users actually want.
– Our third co-founder is a more seasoned, repeat founder and investor with deep experience in both startups and sugardating and, while not active day-to-day, provides a wealth of knowledge to draw from.
We all live very unconventional lifestyles here in LA. We occasionally host exclusive and luxurious parties for our community in and around the hills of LA (and soon Miami, NYC, SF). If there’s any non-standard perks to this job, being a part of our community is certainly one.
– First hire
– You’ll be our first real employee, so keep in mind it’s a learning experience for us both 🙂
– You’ll have a great deal of say in company & product direction.
– There’s a lot of ambiguity to the role, so you should be able to take high level problems and break them down into clear, actionable goals and execute on them
– Engineering
– The app is built on [RedwoodJS]( and uses:

Node (Typescript), React, Prisma, Supabase/Postgres, GraphQL, TailwindCSS

– I’m big on staying current with tech & open to new ideas for our stack
– Unique Challenges
– Our members expect the utmost discretion, so finding ways to build community online while keeping high standards for privacy presents interesting technical and social challenges
– Besides dating, our team is also fascinated and heavily involved in crypto. While we don’t see a clear way crypto can benefit our community right now, we are at least accepting payments in it and you’ll be more than welcome to help us explore ways crypto can unlock novel experiences in the dating space (e.g. Identity & wealth verification, economic incentives for good behavior)
– Our members are some of the most respected and accomplished people in their fields, as such they expect the most from the experiences they choose to engage in. Building an app for such a discerning audience requires much more attention to detail and polish than most startups
– We’ll also need to build better algorithms that mirror the matchmaking process we’re currently doing by hand. I have no idea how I’ll tackle this 😀
– Must haves
– Strong experience with modern Node, React, & Typescript
– Ability to understand business objectives & figure out on your own what the steps are to reach the objective, rather than being handed explicit tasks
– Nice to haves
– Experience with GraphQL
– Good TDD/testing & CI/CD skills (cause I sure don’t)
– SQL (especially Postgres)
– Visual & UX design skills
– Bonus
– Experience or interest in sugar dating. Self-explanatory 😉
– Curiosity to explore & experience more in life. If you’re into mindfulness, eastern philosophy, and/or psychedelics you’ll probably get along with us
– Open to using “no-code” tools. Part of being on small team means needing to be scrappy.
– We use Retool, Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier to build internal flows quickly. Familiarity or willingness to learn these is important.
– $80-$100k base
– Unlimited PTO. Just get the work done with us and I couldn’t care less where you do it from, whether that be a cubicle or Cabo.
– No shares, but potential for revenue share w/ the founders if certain goals are reached (TBD, but we’ll make sure it’s obtainable and clear before you start).
– Being in the space we’re in, we don’t envision any buy-out or IPO any time soon, so issuing shares would be meaningless and disadvantageous for our employees.
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Salary and compensation: $80,000 — $100,000/year

Location: 🌏 Worldwide

How do you apply?

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