Executive Assistant for CEO of HelpFlow (2022) – Full Remote
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Apply before July 15, 2022

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We are a customer service BPO with 150+ team members working from home in the Philippines. We’ve been in business for 7 years, we have an amazing team culture, and there are lots of growth opportunities with our company. You will work mainly with our US based CEO, but will interact with the rest of our Philippine based management team regularly.

As Executive Assistant to the CEO, you will enable the CEO to focus on the most impactful parts of his role by supporting him independently with administrative & coordination of his business and personal life. While you will do tasks to support the CEO, you will also work on behalf of the CEO in much of your work (i.e. you’ll represent the CEO in work with others)

To know more about the job, check out the CEO video here

Full link of the job post if you found this ad on other sites (aside from workable): https://apply.workable.com/helpflow/j/52A63F6987/

Tasks include:

  • Common administrative tasks (email inbox, calendar, travel planning, shopping, etc.)
  • Strategic support projects (market research, pilot testing new tools and processes, etc.)
  • Project management (coordinating deliverables from team, coordinating with vendors, etc.)
  • Creating & updating systems
  • And other similar work for business.
  • Similar to the CEO’s business tasks above, you will coordinate the personal life of the CEO also (travel, house / family project coordination with vendors, hobbies, etc.)

Below is the experience you should have for this role:

  1. (required) Experience as assistant to business executive of 10+ person team, including business and personal life assistance
  2. (required) Experience with email and phone communication on behalf of business executive to US based business contacts
  3. (preferred) Experience managing sensitive financial & personal information on behalf of executive (credit card purchases, etc.)

Below are the competencies you must have. If you read this and think “hey, that’s me!!!” then you’re a fit:

  1. *Organized Project Manager – Able to intake and manage multiple tasks and projects throughout the week by leveraging project management best practices to ensure all are on track and deadlines are met.
  2. *Attention to Detail – Notices relevant details in tasks assigned directly (in task assigned) or indirectly (remembers where to find details when needed). You don’t need your hand held and you don’t miss the details of tasks. As a test of this, make sure you answer “did you read the job post” with ‘yes yes, i read the entire job description’ – otherwise, you don’t have attention to detail ; )
  3. *Resourceful Independent Problem Solver– You use the understanding of the intent of a task to work independently and achieve success. When you encounter roadblocks, you look beyond the obvious, determine how to best move forward, and ultimately achieve the intent of the task. You know when to seek support, but you do so without giving up or deferring accountability to others. In short, you can achieve success without someone guiding every specific step.
  4. *Clear Communicator – Others are able to understand what you are asking of them because you’re explicit and clear in your requests, both in writing, phone, and in ad hoc meetings. You don’t create confusion in your communication.
  5. *Composed & Tenacious Under Pressure – You have proven experience to be cool under pressure, not get derailed by the unexpected, and adapt to inevitable hiccups to achieve the goal while shielding the CEO from distractions. You do this by leaning in on your organization and resourcefulness to remain effective in challenging situations.

If you’re a fit, you have other job opportunities in the market. Below are the reasons you should work at our company (yes, we’re selling you now on the role):

  1. We’re “Philippines first” as a team. The CEO is based in the US, but our entire team is Ph based and the success we’ve built is because of our entire team. They’re not “VAs” or “our outsourced team”. They’re “THE team”. Other companies don’t view their team with that respect.
  2. We’re a successful business that knows how to win in the face of challenges. We’ve been around 7 years, have 150 people, millions in revenue, and have overcome many challenges thru the years (covid, etc.). You will have a secure job and a future that excites you.
  3. We pay well & provide benefits. You’ll get paid enough to support your family, you’ll get a health insurance allowance so you can feel safe and secure, and you’ll be eligible for a raise as part of annual reviews. Other companies that “outsource” focus on saving $1/hr by nickle and diming you on the rate. We’d rather pay you the additional $1/hr and get added value from you in the form of hard work at a high standard of performance. We set our rates accordingly.
  4. By working with the CEO, you’ll get experience on how to run a team effectively, how to set and drive business goals, and will generally “level up” your own life experience as part of your role.

** The role starts part time (20h/week), US PST hours (schedule TBD), and will move to full time (40h/week) if you’ve proven your capabilities (via regular performance appraisals) after 90 days.



  • You must have at least TWO stable internet connections. One acts as your main internet, and backup is the other. (DSL, Broadband, or Fiber connection).*Backup can be prepaid broadband.
  • Minimum Computer Requirements: Laptop or Desktop with Quad-Core CPU >2.5Ghz, RAM: 8GB, HDD/SSD: 1TB + OS installed in an SSD 128GB (Preferably but not required)
  • External Keyboard and Mouse (if using a laptop)
  • Monitor with Native resolution of at least 1920p x 1080p
  • Headset with Mic: For team meetings, 1:1 calls, and Voice call tasks
  • Webcam: Mainly for team meetings & 1:1 calls.Typing Speed of at least 50 WPM


  • Stable high-speed internet connection (mobile internet not recommended)
  • Laptop or PC that can handle multiple work tools at a given time
  • Headset with mic and webcam for client and team meeting
  • Quiet and distraction-free workplace
  • RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED: Knowledge and experience with e-Commerce. You understand how an e-Commerce business works and how they use website live chat to become more successful.


  1. Happy and Successful on a Virtual Team – You have experience working on a virtual team. You prefer working virtually, you’re happy in this environment, and you use best practices for virtual teams to be successful. You communicate effectively in real-time chat and asynchronous project management systems.
  2. Independently Effective – Once you understand the end goal, you are able to work independently day by day to achieve that goal. You know when to seek out help if needed, but are effective and managing the “details” to achieve the goal.
  3. Fast Learner – You don’t know everything, but can learn anything with a little direction from your Manager and the initiative you have to find self-guided / online resources.
  4. Computer Savvy and Efficient – You have moderate to advanced computer experience, such as navigating quickly, using multiple apps at once, etc.
  5. Leveling Up – You see and pursue opportunities to improve yourself, and the company.
  6. Process Oriented – You respect creating and using processes, and take the time to document processes so that other team members can support you and scale your success.
  7. Pumped, Positive, and Progressing – Shows passion and excitement over work, including when the stakes are high and the workload might overwhelm others. With a positive “can do” attitude, able to continue progress through thesetimes.
  8. Measured – Maintains consistent performance when under heavy pressure or stress, and can continue to think clearly.
  9. Efficient – Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort, at the individual and the team level.


  • Full virtual work. Only travel we do is for vacations and team buildings. 😉
  • Pay is weekly
  • HMO on full time status

How do you apply?

To learn more and apply, visit us at: https://ph.jora.com/job/Executive-Assistant-5dc3859281da294b679bf984ba2e79e1?from_url=https%3A%2F%2Fph.jora.com%2Fj%3Fa%3D7d%26l%3D%26q%3Dvirtual%2Bassistant%26sp%3Dfacet_listed_date%26st%3Ddate&sl=&sol_srt=c65609ce-3929-4936-8486-c1f672842ebb&sp=serp&sponsored=false&sq=virtual+assistant&sr=10&tk=MWA4VPbxFg5x_rReXcZc-yv2zN2g1c6qPfT_uDg7_ or click the Apply Now Button below.

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