Operations Engineer

October 20, 2021
Apply before December 20, 2021

About the job

We are hiring Operations Engineers in the following timezones:
  • Americas UTC-2 ➔ UTC-6 timezone
  • Asia UTC+6 ➔ UTC+10 timezone
Operations Engineers at Discourse are computing system generalists. This role will see you debugging across all layers of our tech stack, with a particular focus on the foundational network, storage, and systems management layers that support production Discourse application deployments. Our Operations Engineers are responsible for ongoing capacity planning, platform reliability and security improvements, backups, and compliance; advances are often achieved through the design and implementation of new software tools and services.
Discourse uses a wide array of technologies and tools to manage infrastructure, including: Docker, Puppet, Terraform, Prometheus, and ELK. We have a large amount of infrastructure tooling maintained primarily in Ruby.
Discourse is hosted on a Linux, HAProxy, NGINX, Ruby, Postgres, and Redis stack. Most deployments are served from our own bare metal, alongside others served from AWS. We serve production from three continents, and internal services from a fourth.
Discourse is primarily a hosting company. Creating robust hosting infrastructure is a core competency for us.
Discourse is open source. We rely on open source, and habitually contribute back to open source projects. You are free to share your work with the world.

About you

You work well independently and remotely with minimal amounts of day-to-day micromanagement. The ability to communicate well in writing is paramount, as most of your interaction with team members will be in writing. We have no central physical office: we are 100% remote, and our people come from all over the world. Chat is not our primary mode of communication. Most our internal communication is done via asynchronous paragraphs.
You have a well-rounded understanding of how applications interface with the operating system, and how the operating system interfaces with the network. You can read C, and feel at home in Unix. You can apply fundamental computing theory to solve problems in sustainable space and time. You have expertise in at least one high-level programming language. When reasoning about infrastructure improvements, you draw upon these combined skills to choose or build the right tool for the job.
You are highly capable of learning about new tools and technologies, you are open to new ideas, you can be counted on to diagnose issues you have never seen before.
You should be kind to your co-workers. We believe in a welcoming workplace where people from different backgrounds and cultures work together to create something great.

About us

There are many benefits to working at Discourse including a flexible work schedule, 5 weeks of holiday per year, funding for a co-working space, and more! Learn more.


To apply, please contact us via email.

How do you apply?

To learn more and apply, visit us at: discourse.org/jobs or click the Apply Now Button below.

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Operations Engineer

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