Training Specialist | Medical Division (Home Based Job w/ HMO)
4 weeks ago
Apply before June 18, 2022

A Training Specialist is a dynamic online facilitator responsible for conceptualizing and organizing training courses for Medical Virtual Assistants to ensure that soft skills and product knowledge are learned prior to being paired with a client. The Training Specialist will lead all training classes and oversee the MedVAs’ learning progress through virtual activities such as virtual tests and class discussions. 


  • Managing report data; class records
  • Running Medical Academy to onboard them with US Healthcare concepts, ensure they pass HIPAA Compliance, and simulate the Medical Virtual Assistant roles
  • Doing mock calls, simulating the 3 common call types for Medical Virtual Assistant tasks while the trainees are being assessed
  • Checking trainee quizzes, assignments, activities, & trainees’ call recordings
  • Updating the readiness checklist for Medical Virtual Assistants to see if they’re able to follow and observe all REVA Requirements
  • Assigning POCs for the day to coordinate shadowing sessions with Medical VA mentors
  • Spearheading Medical Master Class debrief activity. Discussing their highlights and lowlights while shadowing, and any client updates from those with future start dates


  • Excellent English Communication skills: both oral and verbal
  • Excellent skills in Microsoft office
  • Highly Organized
  • Preferred training work experience: 2 years as Healthcare Trainer or better
  • Knows how to create video-based training materials



  •  Computer Processor: Core i3-5th gen / AMD A8 / Ryzen 3 (2015 or later)
  •  Computer Memory/RAM: at least 8.00 GB
  •  Computer Operating System: at least Windows 7
  •  Headset: Any USB type headset with a noise-canceling feature


  • Computer Processor: Core i3 – 3rd gen or later (2013 or later)
  • Computer Memory/RAM: at least 4.00 GB

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