Virtual Nurse (Home Based Job w/ HMO)
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A medical virtual assistant works closely with medical professionals or health insurance companies to ensure that the best interests of the healthcare provider, patient, and medical establishment are met. 


  • Initiate and develop the patient’s plan of care with established goals based on nursing diagnosis and incorporated therapeutic, preventive, and rehabilitative nursing
  • Provide administrative support which includes (data entry, appointment scheduling, email management, record management, and time-keeping)

  • Navigate and formulate tables, charts, and forms on spreadsheets

  • Establish a professional relationship with medical professionals and patients; acting as a primary liaison between patients and providers

  • Strictly adhere and comply with HIPAA policies


  • Licensed/Registered Nurse 

  • At least 3 years of Clinical Nursing experience

  • Experience with working with geriatric patients is preferred

  • Knowledge on medical terminologies involving different nursing departments

  • Can work remotely and reliably from home

  • Highly knowledgeable with the Microsoft Office Software Programs and G-Suite

  • Having a personal workspace or office with competent computer systems is highly preferred



  •  Computer Processor: Core i3-5th gen / AMD A8 / Ryzen 3 (2015 or later)
  •  Computer Memory/RAM: at least 8.00 GB
  •  Computer Operating System: at least Windows 10
  •  Headset: Any USB type headset with a noise-canceling feature
  • Webcam (at least 720P)


  • Computer Processor: Core i3 – 3rd gen or later (2013 or later)
  • Computer Memory/RAM: at least 4.00 GB

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