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Senior Software Engineer in SpotOn Connections

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September 8, 2021
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Senior Software Engineer in SpotOn Connections

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Application DeadlineSalary RangeJob Type
November 30th, 2021 From 7,000 US$ – 10,000 US$ per monthFull Time
Location AvailabilitySkillsYears of Experience
Anywhere Java 4+

As a member of one of clients´ cross-functional teams, our Senior Software Engineer collaborates closely with stakeholders across the company to design, develop and maintain our payments platform and the applications that reside on it. Our Senior Software Engineer draws on their expertise and experience to assist in engineering high-quality solutions to complex problems in the domain, helping to shape the future of our platform and constantly raise the bar. Our Senior Software Engineer delivers their own work while also guiding other engineers on their team. They are accountable for the quality of the work that their team produces and need to have strong interpersonal skills to give constructive feedback and motivate their team to continuously improve. Our Senior Software Engineer drives improvements in engineering techniques, standards, practices and processes across the entire department, always encouraging a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration. They are an effective communicator who can share ideas and solutions with both technical and non-technical colleagues. Based in Malta, our Senior Software Engineer drives the growth of our client´ team of highly talented Software Engineers, who work together to create innovative technologies that are revolutionising the global payments industry. They have a strong team spirit, embrace Agile values, and provide technical leadership on high-profile projects.Responsibilities

  • Troubleshoot day-to-day issues with application systems and integrated parties and provide Acquire and maintain an in-depth understanding of the business logic embodied in our software and its development infrastructure and project delivery process
  • Lead the design and planning phases of product and technical initiatives, making effective engineering decisions
  • Work in a cross-functional team to deliver high-quality software
  • Be accountable for the team’s code quality
  • Be a technical expert, lead by example, and champion best engineering practices, keeping up to date with technological trends in the industry
  • Actively participate in guilds and community of practice teams and initiatives, shaping the technology roadmap
  • Help others grow by providing technical guidance and mentoring, while serving as a project lead
  • Identify and propose strategies for technical problem solving
  • Communicate standards and acquire buy-in on solutions
  • Encourage a culture of knowledge sharing within team, support positive team dynamics, identify gaps and propose potential solutions
  • Participate in recruitment and provide input on staff competencies


  • 5+ years of experience engineering software in an agile environment
  • Well-rounded knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and engineering practices and processes, up to date with latest developments
  • Extensive knowledge of Java based server-side/backend technologies, such as Spring, Hibernate, JOOQ
  • Comfortable with using frontend technologies like Angular and React
  • Preference for test-driven development emphasising well-written unit and integration tests using tools such as JUnit and Mockito; experience with UI test tools such as Selenium is considered an asset
  • Knowledge of relational (MySql) and NoSql (Mongo) databases
  • Experience implementing and consuming APIs and their documentation in specifications such as RAML and OpenAPI
  • Familiar with microservices and associated tools, such as Kafka, Zookeeper, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Proficient in using version control, build configuration and automation tools
  • Delivery mindset and sets high-standards
  • Pragmatic and able to prioritise and balance the various constraints involved in delivering software to produce satisfactory results on deadline
  • Determined to be an active practitioner of test-driven development using JUnit, Mockito (or similar), and Jest or Mocha

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