Talent Sourcer or Recruiter (Candidate focused, part-time)

Talent Sourcer or Recruiter (Candidate focused, part-time)

Maven Teams LLC
October 6, 2021
Talent Sourcer or Recruiter (Candidate focused, part-time)

Talent Sourcer or Recruiter (Candidate focused, part-time)

Maven Teams LLC

 Due to a very busy schedule, we currently need a brilliant problem-solver to provide freelance support to us – someone who really understands intelligent sourcing, open-minded interviewing and compelling candidate engagement.
This is a fully remote role – we have always been fully remote, so we know how to do this.
Typical challenges include: 
  • Sourcing software engineers, marketers and sales teams using a combination of strategies to attract active and passive candidates, engage and assess their match for the team, and manage them through the process. 
  • Interview active and passive candidates in discussion-focused conversation, enabling you to elicit the required information from them without performing a stilted, question + answer style interview. 
  • Communicate with online community groups and networks to increase awareness of specific hires.   
This is an incredibly varied role with different challenges every week. It will suit someone who enjoys a genuinely blank slate for each role to create strategies that achieve brilliant results.  This isn’t a role for a ‘quick ‘’n’ dirty’, sling-across-3-CVs recruiter – we’re the polar opposite to this.
What you’ll need: 
  • Empathy – Understands each founder’s vision + specific challenges, and help solve 
  • their talent challenges in a collaborative, iterative way.
  • Scrappy – Can you quickly shift from concept to execution? Are you equally comfortable discussing high-level business goals one minute, and then building rapport with junior software engineers the next?
  • Agile – Can prioritize and manage many disparate relationships and projects simultaneously? Do you have the ability to think both analytically and creatively to solve problems?
  • Strong opinions, loosely held – We look for people that understand the value of best practices and lessons learned from having been there/done that, but who have also developed an independent POV on how talent should evolve in quick-changing, particularly within ambiguous environments. A balance of being open minded and assertive.
  • Adaptable – Strong ambassador for our team and be able to adapt to many different styles and personalities 
  • Experience  – This isn’t a role for a junior. You need several years experience of working in-house or with a consulting team, demonstrating your ability to work in the way we’ve described. 
  • Humour! Most importantly.. You need a sense of humour. We take our work very seriously but not ourselves. We’re not stuffy, or uptight, or rigid. 
We offer flexible working hours (work whenever suits you), and an adult environment – no micro-managing here. All we believe in is adding value and achieving outcomes.

This is a freelance role and you tell us your availability. and choose your hours. We need a minimum of 10 hours per week (this can be around your full-time role) but could easily give you more, if you have the scope. Full-time work or a permanent job is available for the right person.

We would prefer someone who has worked in a comparable role in the Australian market (whether you’re based here or not) because this is where you’ll be focused. However, if you’ve demonstrated success in other markets (US, EU, UK etc),  and you can cover at least a few hours of Australian business hours, we’re open to this.

To open the conversation with us, please apply now (via the link provided) + include a short note introducing yourself to Laura. 

How do you apply?

To learn more and apply, visit us at: adr.to/yqj2c or click the Apply Now Button below.
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