Transformation Project Manager (Pasig City)

Transformation Project Manager (Pasig City)

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Job Description


  • University/College degree on engineering, technology, project/process, digital, new media, or information management.
  • Master’s degree is a plus.
  • 3 years of solid EPMO and business transformation leadership experience or any equivalent discipline in a managerial capacity
  • ICT/Telco/Technology/Digital industry managerial experience is a plus


Emerging/New Enterprise Project Rationalization Standardized Framework

  • By working closely with SPT Group Head/Director, initiative teams and innovation/idea/project champions, promotes/collaborates data-driven framework and standard process/policy for project inception & business case (needs/drivers & impacts/benefits analysis) development, chartering & evaluation of requirements, and needed funding/resources in order to ensure that projects are aligned with company business growth goals/objectives, and overall, promote the best practice of having a transparent enterprise-wide projects pipeline & the factors requiring scalability, requirements/resources synergy (if any) in a centralized view, leverage partnership with potential reputable vendors/suppliers, and accordingly generate cost-effective enterprise project results.

Strategic Innovation Ideation/Inception & Business Analysis

  • As part of enterprise business transformation/innovation discovery squad leads/members, proactively orchestrate/participate on determining, evaluating and mobilizing opportunities (from own business analyses, regular cross-functional planning/optimization practices, and probable blue-sky-thinking sessions) to dexterously scale and transform business operations, modernize processes and technologies, ensure proper data management, and align institutionalization structure/resources /capabilities towards an enabling environment that could correspondingly improve overall financial and operational efficiency metrics, customer journey experience, and high rate of return.

Business Case Rationalization & Solution Requirements Definition

  • From teams exploratory/conceptualization workshops and disparate sources during conduct of business, gaps, and needs analyses, collate/synthesize pertinent data & insights, and duly collaborate translation and preparation of concerned business/user requirement storyline cases into suitable solutioning and functional/technical/architecture specifications in order to support exercises for the needed business case and feasibility study (scope, dependencies, benefits/impacts, needed budget/resources ) and standardized RFI/RFQ/RFP and evaluation activities for prospective partners.

Enterprise Strategic Projects/Initiatives Management

  • Overall, leads strategic priority projects/initiatives assigned by management, spanning from internal and external data collation/analysis necessary for project case rationalization up to facilitation of requirements/specifications clarificatory sessions with diverse stakeholders, definitive scope of work (SOW), implementation approach and execution of project plans/tasks, appropriate status reporting, and project governance measures in order to progressively achieve and cascade progress on project roadmap, milestones and timelines; assess project’s scope achievability and emerging risks; manage scope divergence and incorporating emergent/critical top management directives; and ensure definition/readiness of apt contingency plans (if deemed necessary) for maximum economic impact and optimal business outcomes.

Enterprise Strategic Project Scope & Vendor’s Contract Management

  • Prior project implementation kick-off and specifically for initiatives with external success partners, orchestrate/lead essential workshops, clarificatory sessions, and prerequisite data, metrics and configurations collation necessary for the selected vendor to understand key transformational/enrichment requirements and personas and target business benefits from various stakeholders, and therefrom, specify and calibrate the scope of work in order to finalize the vital supporting documents and information (scope-in, scope-out, resources, workplan and timelines, deployment approach/methodology, and project cost breakdown estimates) for overall project contract negotiation, agreements and approval.

Strategic/Cross-functional Project Management – On E2E Implementation

  • As PM, leads/collaborates the use of relevant project management standards that may be inclusive of project initiation & kick-off preparation, business/users/functional and technical requirements blueprint definition with key internal/external stakeholders (i.e. ascertaining the documentation, full clarity and concurrence of BUR/functional & technical specifications), project plan management as per defined scope/timelines/benefits, mutually agreed criteria matrix on implementation delivery completion/milestone/GoOrNo-Go exercises, orchestration for the conduct of key activities like approved plans for training & testing/acceptance/migration, and reporting on project status per agreed communication plan in order to promote apt project best practices, robust project oversight with regular progress updates, and faster leadership/Steerco decision-making towards attainment of target benefits and outcomes in a timely, well validated/ reviewed and high-quality manner.

Strategic/Cross-functional Project Management – On Risk & Quality

  • Ensures that the overall project implementation plan is also accompanied by the readiness of approved plans in relation to managing the project quality, emerging risks & issues, resulting system defects, deployment of corresponding system defect patches/releases; and moreover for any arising modifications on said plans, spearheads the fundamental actions that said changes are properly documented, collaborated, concurred, and accomplished by concerned internal/external stakeholders in order to consistently bolster robust project governance on different circumstances & conditions that may affect the project scope, timelines, and needed resources; enable comprehensive and faster decision-making per RASCI stakeholders matrix; and also promote proper recording of project’s learning (or knowledge management).

Strategic/Cross-functional Project Management – On Documentation

  • Collaborates/Guarantees that all necessary project documentation are complete, clear and concurred as part of any project stage acceptance and launch Go or No-Go Criteria Matrix that may suitably be consisting of the project SOW (Scope of Work), various project plans as stated above (i.e. 4-7 areas of responsibility), status reports, system users & technical manuals, scenario and action logs/registers, all training materials, and equally important, the process and policy manuals vital for efficient system task performance for both front-end and back-end domains in order to ensure not only adequate project implementation governance and project knowledge management but also for managing live system adoption and readiness assurance by all stakeholders for a more measurable, engaging and traceable transformation/transition program activities.

Strategic/Cross-functional Project Management – On Managing Change Request

  • For any identified crucial change request (CR) on system requirement and/or project scope, facilitates/collaborates the necessary change control procedure such as the CR template/ documentation, clarificatory sessions of the CR requirement details with concerned internal/ external stakeholders, CR rationalization and project timelines/resource/cost/benefit impact assessment, CR signed approval process, and if CR is to be implemented, have corresponding project updates & assimilation in order to constantly sustain project governance, knowledge management, faster decision-making by the approval committee, and also effectively manage the most pragmatic approach to handle CRs with accepted and concurred revisions too (if any) as to concerned overall original project lifecycle matters.

Holistic Transformation – People, Process, Technology and Knowledge

  • Working closely with SPT Group Head, CSO Heads and key leadership/synergy teams plus possible transformation external partners, collaborates to align & enable the necessary mobilization and synthesis of the overall business transformation program goals/plans that should be transcending not only of technology deployment and corresponding process/policy adaptation & enrichment but also for the potential definition of capability maturity development program to ensure that the right resources/structure, support/enablement, and knowledge management are in place in order to scale and align the whole organization to executing medium/long-term pervasive growth aspirations amidst fierce market competition.

Enterprise Business Architecture (Process & Metrics) Management

  • Facilitates continuing documentation/updates given naturally advancing enterprise business architecture process blueprint as guidance to the most rational enterprise system/solution architecture framework and engagement with concerned teams/stakeholders inclusive of work configuration and system metrics/KPIs definition, and likewise, collaborates with solution architects from the concerned operating/technical teams if the enterprise-wide solutions to be developed/ procured/implemented adhere to the enterprise business architecture (e.g. TMF eTOM framework) principles in order to ensure strategic alignment among architecture stakeholders across business/technology units, ascertains the fitting solutions supporting company growth initiatives landscape, and maximize expected salient benefits from total-cost-ownership (TCO) investment.

Business Case Benefits Realization Assessment & Reporting

  • For project post-implementation stage governance, create/institute a system for key data collection/generation and target benefit metrics monitoring and reporting mechanism to track, measure, and present that the supposed project scoped-in functionalities and capabilities (technology, process, data, and people) are efficiently manifested and established in a live environment towards determination if the target business and operational qualitative/quantitative benefits and return on investments (ROIs) are progressively exhibited/achieved, and for practical solution optimization imperatives.
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