Consulting Engineer Team Leader
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Consulting Engineer Team Leader

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6 days ago
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Job Description

Position: Consulting Engineer Team Lead


Technical Services

Division: Consulting Services

Location: Clark Pampanga

Salary Review: No longer than 6 months from the document signing, then every 12 Months

Reporting To: Technical Services Director

Subordinates: 1 – 15


The role of the CS-TL is to manage the Consulting Services resources within TRT Globally. The role is to allow in a structured approach the availability of TRT’s most expensive resource for a variety of engagements. The key is to prioritise these resources in line with TRT’s corporate goals to the different stakeholders within and outside of TRT.

Key Deliverables

The CS-TL is responsible for the CS Department delivering the following:

1.     Compliance with TRT Policies

2.     Incident and Problem Management Deliverables

·       100% Response time SLA- 1 hour response from CE back to GSD

·       Achieve < .5% of all service calls being escalated to the CS Department.

·       100% of Health Checks to be presented within agreed SLAs.

3.     Recruiting of New and Managing existing Support Partners – KPI of at least 4 meetings per month with TRT support partners. No more that 2 meetings per month per support partner.

·       1 Point for face to face meetings

·       ½ point for phone meetings

These meetings need to be scheduled in Outlook a viewable to TRT CTSO and CEO

4.     Certification and Training – 12 additional points per month in the CE Team

** If you recruit someone and they have certifications they can be added to the list. But if people leave the CE Team and they have certifications they will be taken from the list.

5.     Deliver a 10% gross profit on global CE resources on a quarterly basis.

1.     A particular CE can hold multiple certifications

2.     No one CE can hold more than 20% of the total points for the CE’s

Key Activities

The High Payoff Activities (primary functions) of a CETL are:

  • Allocation of all SOs to SCEs and CEs.
  • Technical Presales Support for TRT’s Sales team
  • Liaising with GSD-TL, BDMs and FE-TLs
  • Liaising with the CTSO for CE Team tactical and operational planning

 The Low Payoff Activities (secondary functions) of a CETL are:

  • Handling Escalations of call requests from the GSD and FE Departments
  • Mentoring and providing guidance to new CEs
  • Project management of large projects

 Required Deliverables

·       Ensure delivery dates and required SLAs are met for all CE assigned jobs

·       Ensure all customer communication is prompt, professional and reliable.

·       Ensure all commitments made to customers are met, or re-scheduled with the customer’s knowledge and approval

·       Comply fully with company policy to protect the interests of TRT at all times.

·       Continuously learn additional technical and non-technical skills.

·       It is expected that a CETL will be contactable at all times unless otherwise arranged with the CTSO.

 Professional Capabilities

  • Industry Certification in the area of expertise
  • Minimum experience of 1 year in the TRT CE Department
  • Have sat at least 1 sales oriented course
  • Have completed the LMR EPP or higher
  • Experience in customer interfacing
  • The ability to provide documentation relevant to different audiences (technical and management)
  • The successful incumbent should ideally have relevant tertiary education qualifications and / or at least  3-5 years relevant work experience

 Key Accountabilities

  • Job Management
  • Check incoming jobs meet CE department requirements
  • Assign pre sales and post sales jobs. 
  • Assign escalations
  • Ensure SCEs and CEs give regular updates to the customer and appropriate TRT staff
  • Check and sign off on documentation being sent to the customer (build, MS docs, incident reports)
  • Produce weekly job status report and attend sales meetings
  • Put finished Jobs through to billing
  •  Presales Support
  • Provide technical documentation to Sales team
  • Attend presales meetings with the sales team
  • Analyse proposals and provide recommendations
  • Directing CEs
  • Provide direction to CEs and SCEs (as required) around TRT processes, customer contact and general non-technical administration.
  • Assist CEs with managed services accounts as required: attending meetings, crisis management and goal and development planning.
  •  CE Team Human Resources management and planning
  • Reporting of CE performance at the end of their probationary period
  • Reporting of other CE performance to TSM
  • Assistance and suggestions in recruiting
  •  Department Procedures

o  Have and maintain a thorough knowledge of CE department procedures.

o  Update procedural documentation when required.

  •  Project management

o  Facilitate communication between customer and TRT staff including meetings

o  Ensure timelines are maintained

o  Create and present project planning documentation

o  Handle resourcing and personnel    

o  Check and sign off on documentation 

 ·       CE Team training and certifications

o  Provide feedback and suggestions of the CE team training requirements

o  Encourage the CE Team members to regularly achieve certifications

 ·       CE Team tactical and operational planning

o  Periodically meet with the other CE Team to discuss and implement new ideas

o  Develop a high level understanding of how the service delivery team works, with the ability to view situations on a non-technical level.

 ·       CE Team Incentive Plan

o  Focal point for CEIP

o  Verify Netsuite time writing report for all CEs

o  Conduct monthly meeting with CEs to review their performance dashboard.

 Enterprise IT Platform Overview

TRT Engineers work on a range of platforms including the following:

  • Servers including Sun SPARC, HP9000, IBM RS6000 / pSeries, IBM iSeries, IBM xSeries
  • Operating Systems including AIX, Solaris, HPUX, Linux (Several flavours), SCO, OS400, Tru64
  • Disk Storage including IBM DSxxxx, HDS, EMC Clariion / Symmetrix, HP, NetApp
  • Tape Storage including StorageTek, IBM, Sun, HP, Quantum
  • Networking Equipment including Cisco, IBM
  • SAN Equipment including IBM, Brocade, EMC
  • Backup Solutions including IBM TSM, Veritas Netbackup, EMC Networker.

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Jobs and Careers at TRT Shared Services, OPC
TRT Shared Services, OPC

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