UX/UI Designer l Creator Economy

UX/UI Designer l Creator Economy

August 12, 2021
UX/UI Designer l Creator Economy

UX/UI Designer l Creator Economy

August 12, 2021

Our purpose is to build the Creator Economy.
We believe a radical disruption of the current institutions first economy is inevitable. The economy of the future will be global, meritocratic, inclusive, social, empathic, accessible and ultimately put individuals first in order to increase human well-being and decrease human suffering.

As humanity slowly starts to solve it’s basic needs problems, the need for a higher purpose and creative self-expression emerges as humanity’s next big problem. Enabling humanity’s creativity at scale will lead to a never before seen level of global education, empathy across borders, religions, languages, cultures and start a new era of truth surfacing, explosive innovation and foster economic, cultural and technological growth.

We believe humanity’s potential is limitless and our purpose is to accelerate human progress through the Creator Economy.

Before you apply there are 2 important things you must know:
  1. We take building our team and hiring incredibly serious. This means applying to creable will take some time and effort from your side. If you don’t want that, we recommend to not apply, as we don’t want to waste your time!
  2. Please read creable is hiring before you apply. You will learn if creable is the right company for you and if you meet our hiring criteria.

In this role you will
  • Design user flows, wireframes, prototypes and user interfaces in Figma.
  • Design for all platforms and screen sizes.
  • Be involved in key decisions about our brand, design, culture and processes.
  • Research existing solutions and think about how we can improve them or innovate.
  • Talk to Creators, managers and fans to better understand our users and their problems.
You have
  • 3+ years of UX/UI experience designing digital products.
  • A strong and convincing portfolio.
  • Very good Figma skills.
  • our creable DNA.
  • Very good communication skills (English, written and orally).
  • Read the entire job posting. We will ask you for a code word in the application form. The answer is “Creator”.

How do you apply?

To learn more and apply, visit us at: creable.recruitee.com/o/product-designer or click the Apply Now Button below.
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