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November 25, 2021
70,000 -
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We’re a small firm that developed and distributes an interesting software solution for colleges. We’ll be working on a complementary new product soon. We’re proud of what we’ve created, how we market it, and how we support it. Clients know our staff by name and like us enough to renew their annual subscriptions.  We don’t believe we’ll take over the world, disrupt anything, or break things. We’re working with people we enjoy and respect.

We are a very flat organization, from a management standpoint, so we look for self-directed people who can work well with others. Since none of us is a true specialist (though each of us excels at some things, which we’re in charge of), we prefer to hire generalists in their respective areas. Ideally, you’re a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to programming but may focus your talents on certain subjects.

We’re looking beyond resumes and credentials, which might lead to hiring individuals who aren’t typical. We encourage anybody from a varied background or identity to apply for the position since you’ll be able to find a place that welcomes and values your unique viewpoint.

Here are a few of the qualities we’re looking for in potential partners:

You have a genuine interest in technology. We’re a small software development company, so we must learn about and master new concepts on a regular basis. We’re looking for individuals that have a genuine desire to learn and improve, not people who simply “love” programming. We care more about your inquisitiveness, eagerness to learn, and ability to communicate on the job than we do about your “passion” for coding. Side projects, GitHub portfolios, and so on are not required.

You have professional experience in creating web apps and understand HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and a web application framework. We have a diverse team of web developers, with experience in several programming languages and platforms. We work on a wide range of projects including e-commerce sites, online learning platforms, responsive websites, and more. Our applications are largely based on Ruby on Rails, but the MVC principles are very translatable. 

We pay as much as we can and try to keep our costs down; for the time being, it appears to be reasonable. Your salary can be around PHP70000 to PHP90000 per month depending on experience. We also provide a platinum health care plan and pick up 100% of the premiums for you and your family. We also match your income to your retirement plan contribution, provide paid parental leave, and demand that you take a lot of vacation (it’s an unlimited policy, which means people don’t take enough because of social pressure but we’ll make sure you do).

We value equilibrium. Taking time for appointments or other commitments outside of the office is encouraged. We’re opposed to forced face time and useless meetings; our emphasis is on how effectively you contribute to the team. It’s wonderful to work from home, especially if you’ve done it successfully before.

If you’re interested, the most important thing to submit is a decent letter or note. We think that writing is a good indicator of your cognitive abilities. As a result, your initial letter to us is just as essential as your resume (please include it as well). We’ll evaluate each application that includes a non-templated letter.

We’re all looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about you!

How do you apply?

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