Senior IC Layout Engineer
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Senior IC Layout Engineer

Xinyx Semiconductor Design Services Inc.
1 month ago
Jobs and Careers at Xinyx Semiconductor Design Services Inc.
Xinyx Semiconductor Design Services Inc. is hiring a
Posted 1 month ago
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Job Description

Position Title: Senior IC Layout Engineer

At Xinyx, we develop innovative and pragmatic IC technology solutions. We are a group of talented and passionate engineers and technologists who deliver high-quality, well-planned and executed circuit and physical designs for our clients. We have a deeply technical culture, one where continuous learning and knowledge sharing is valued as we realize the full potential of the Filipino engineer.

When you work at Xinyx, you will work with a team that:

  • Puts the fab in fabless, aiming for flawless execution
  • Loves sharing experiences and learning from each other
  • Encourages further learning opportunities  
  • Challenges you – and encourages you to excel
  • Engineers the possibilities

Xinyx is the place for Senior Engineers who have at least 5 years of experience with modern IC layout technologies, an understanding of what is involved in creating quality outcomes, a strong knowledge of architectures, how they are delivered and run in production.

Ready for your new era of growth and productivity? Select your career path:

Are you a Technical Contributor or a People Leader?

Career Path: Senior Layout People Leader

Every project is focused at the forefront of various technologies. Your responsibilities will grow as the project phase progresses, and as newer projects appear. As a People Leader, you are dedicated to the productivity and career development of your engineering team while delivering flawless results. Your main responsibilities will include:

  • Providing matchless quality and personalized solutions for lifelong strategic partnerships with our clients
  • Implementing layout activities from standard/basic cells to top block/macro or Full Chip level
  • Creating opportunities for the sharing of deep knowledge of the core technologies of your team
  • Leading and overseeing others in complex problem solving tasks
  • Driving and implementing improvements and efficiency within the project team for correct and timely deliveries
  • Dynamic cross-collaboration to allow for modification of layout in relation to schematic changes. Conversely, recommending modifications to schematics in relation to data-driven layout changes.
  • Providing improvements on layout work of team members by checking their quality and compliance with schedules as agreed with clients
  • Consolidating and resolving issues within the engineering team to meet peerless custom client functionality
  • Driving mentorship activities, including performance evaluations, to realize the full potential of peers.

Career Growth Opportunities:

  • Progression with the latest technodes, tools and verification methodologies
  • Management and Leadership training
  • Collaborative and Communication skill development
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Public speaking opportunities

People Leader Qualifications:

  • Experienced in handling projects from start to finish and communicating effectively with clients
  • Organized and methodical in identifying the problem, gathering information, formulating and testing solutions, drawing conclusions or generalizations, and providing recommendations
  • Great communication and interpersonal skills, able to address team welfare without compromising commitments to our clients

Career Path: Senior Layout Technical Contributor

As a Senior Technical Contributor, you will be responsible for working as the technical lead of an engineering team in layout development of IPs. Specific responsibilities will depend on project phase and availability. This differs from the managerial people leader as you will have little to no administrative supervisory tasks. You will be focusing on providing solutions to the following challenges:

  • Ensure utmost quality and personalized solutions for lifelong strategic partnership with our clients
  • Lead and work with the engineering team to understand deeply the requirements, design and architecture to develop and realize client IPs
  • Perform and implement layout activities from standard/basic cells to top block/macro or Full Chip level
  • Create and maintain harmonious working relationships among the team members and with the client counterparts
  • Provide improvements on the layout work of team members by checking quality and compliance with schedules
  • Demonstrate and share deep knowledge in your core technologies
  • Provide firm and logically sound judgment for projects based on experience, and scrupulous and meticulous analysis of well-gathered data
  • Fix basic project environment and set-up issues on your own
  • Mentor peers and junior counterparts

Career Growth Opportunities:

  • Project rotation/Cross-functional work when opportunities arise
  • Work on designs utilizing advanced technology nodes and up-to-date tools and methodologies in the industry
  • Graduate Degree Scholarship
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship
  • Public speaking opportunities

Senior IC Layout Engineering: Technologies you will grow within

We strive to pursue excellence at the forefront of technology. We provide experienced engineers the opportunity to strengthen their masteries with the following tools, verification methodologies and technodes:

EDA tools: Cadence, Synopsys

Technodes: Planar, FinFet

Verification: DRC, LVS, ERC, PERC, EMIR

Design Automation: Skill, Perl, Shell, Python, C++

Management: Documentation, Mentoring and Team Leading (a must for people leaders); Quality Assurance, Customer Service


If you’re looking to work for leaders in technology solutions who put people first, you’ve found a match. Employee First is a core value at Xinyx. We recognize that our engineers are the fulcrum of our business.

At Xinyx, we are creating a family-oriented culture and professional working environment that respects and nurtures technologists. To put Filipino engineering on the global map, we aim for our employee engagement, average tenure to be significantly higher than industry averages and for staff turnover to be lower.

How will we do it? By putting you first.

  • 100% Filipino-owned and managed
  • Competitive compensation
  • Health insurance upon hire
  • Mid-year & end-year bonuses
  • Performance bonuses
  • Flexi-time
  • Work-life balance programs
  • Company-sponsored events and outings
  • ….and more!

Senior Layout Engineer Qualifications:

  • Bachelor or above degree in Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering
  • At least 5 years experience in Full Custom IC Layout activities including but not limited to Analog Design and Custom layout; Standard cell to top-level routing and Block level to Top level floorplanning
  • Experienced in Analog RF, Custom analog mixed-signal, Digital Design Techniques and complex logic
  • Experienced in cell to block level placement, top level floorplanning, cell to top level routing and verifications
  • Experience in full chip floorplanning, routing, power management, integration, verifications and release flow
  • Experienced in working on projects from start to finish and communicating directly with clients
  • Ability to work in a dynamic cross-functional and cross-site global team
  • Strong analytical and decision making skills
  • Decent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Programming skills a plus

For more information about Xinyx Design, please visit our website.


How do you apply?

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