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Online Recruiting Strategies and Methods: Online Tools for HR

Finding the right person to fill a position in your company is never easy. It’s important to take your time, research candidates thoroughly, and find someone who will be a good fit for your organization. But what if you could cut down on all of that hassle? What if there were some tools or systems out there that could help make the process much easier and more efficient? Well guess what: There are. In this post, we’ll share online recruiting strategies and methods for sourcing talent.

As the world becomes more digital, you need to think about how your organization can stay at the forefront of technology. One way would be by shifting gears and implementing online recruiting strategies–not only out of necessity but in anticipation for what’s next.

Here’s what you need to know about successful hiring and online recruitment today:

Online Recruitment Strategies and Methods

Optimize Your Job Posting for Mobile

Your company’s reputation is on the line with every applicant, so it may seem like a no-brainer to invest in mobile. But designing for this medium isn’t easy and takes more than just an app or website redesign. It can be time-consuming, but if you want your candidates’ attention then investing even 10% of that energy into mobilizing your career site will pay off big when they’re ready to submit their application from wherever they are!

According to Pew data: 54% of applicants applied for jobs using only their phone; growing numbers show we need to focus on that as well.

If your career website is not yet designed with efficiency or convenience at its heart — which means being responsive and easy to navigate across all different types of devices (mobile friendly) including tablets – then make sure this becomes one of the top priorities while doing any projects together during downtime when you’re looking for something else productive.

Add Optimized Keywords in Job Descriptions

You know that job seekers are browsing careers online; therefore, it’s vital you find ways to ensure your openings show up in front of them during their search results. The most effective method to do this is by making sure you’re writing descriptions using the most common keywords and phrases a potential candidate would use when they type into DuckDuckGo or Google Search for those specific positions. You can also add “Find out more” at the end of each description with links back to other pages on our site where there’s additional information about how we work and what makes us different from everyone else who might be hiring too.

In order to attract the right talent, it’s important to make your job posting stand out. Start off with a paragraph on what makes your company different and followed by another about why you are successful as an employer – this way candidates know they can come work for a winning team if they choose to apply! Next, give some more details on what would be expected of them in their new role; how will it impact the business? Finally, share some tidbits about cultures such as free breakfast or lunch each day where all employees have input into menus.

Develop a Strong Online Presence

Gen Z and millennials prefer social media sites when looking for a job. Almost 60% of them say they use social media platforms while on the hunt for work. This is why your recruiting strategy should include using professional-sounding content from different channels like Twitter, an engaging video testimonial about what it’s really like at your company or workplace found with YouTube videos (e.g., interviews) as well as photos of you in action taken by staff members.

The way you market yourself online can make or break your business. If job seekers only find out about the company through digital marketing, they will not be able to experience what it’s like in person and may never arrive at that crossroads where trust is established. By investing a little extra time into perfecting your website, social media presence, and targeted job boards for specific positions on behalf of prospective employees as well as existing staff members who are looking to change jobs internally—you’ll impress everyone from potential hires all the way up to CEO with how progressive yet professional your organization has become.

Use Different Sources for Your Candidates

There are many benefits to recruiting from a variety of sources. Not only will you have more candidates and be less likely to experience any problems with one source, but your company’s culture may also benefit as well.

A diverse range of candidate sources can help improve the speed at which recruitment is completed for an organization while simultaneously providing it with new ideas that might not come out through its usual channels due to their limited scope or bias towards certain populations.

Improve Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand may be the most important factor in hiring. It’s not possible to understand your company or what it offers without understanding its way of operating day-to-day, and that starts with branding and marketing yourself as a great place for employees. It doesn’t matter how good you are at finding potential candidates if they don’t believe they’ll enjoy working for you.

Determine Passive Candidates

Use passive candidates to your advantage! Passive professionals are people who want a job at your company, but they’re just not aware of it yet. They might have already found something that suits them and doesn’t see the need for change. The first step towards attracting passive professionals would be creating an employer brand with strong messaging on what it means to work at this organization.

Add Interesting Visual Design in Your Job Advertisements

Your company’s Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts are great platforms for visually engaging ads. Working with the best minds in design, marketing, and recruiting will yield more candidate interest through better-looking visuals that go hand-in-hand with any announcements of job openings you have to make. The sooner this happens after posting your opening online or issuing a press release about it, the less money you’ll spend on hiring new talent—which is always cheaper.

Use Video in Online Recruitment

Recruiters are seeing the value of video in their job search and hiring process, with over 80% saying they’d like to see more use. The youngest job seekers that recruiters interact with fully expect and look forward to this form of communication from them — some examples include:

Video job interviews

Video job descriptions

Video applicant submission

Video job advertisement

The easiest way to start using video in your job search/hiring process is by creating a short, engaging explainer-type “Promo” Video for the open position. This gives potential applicants an idea of what they can expect if someone gets hired and it’s really insightful into how you will work with them.

Use Online Skill Tests

Skill testing tools like eSkill and Interview Mocha help to vet the hard skills of candidates before they come in for interviews, giving them a chance to complete technical skill tests on their own time. Also, psychometric testing tools can reveal what traits are crucial for success in the position you’re hiring to ensure high performance.

By doing this, you save time on hiring managers’ schedules in order not to have them interview unqualified candidates or spend more of their resources interviewing qualified ones who are simply a bad fit.

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