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Production Artist Job Description Template and Guide

A Production Artist is responsible for the creation of various print and digital media pieces. This includes everything from designing graphics to producing final products that are ready to be sold or used in a project. It’s important for every Production Artist to have strong typographic skills, strict attention to detail, and outstanding organizational skills because they will need these skills in order to execute their creative concepts flawlessly.

This job description template will help you attract qualified candidates for your open roles. You can also add in more information about the requirements of this position if needed to match what is required by your company.

Example Production Artist Job Summary

“Have you ever had an idea for a product and then were frustrated when it couldn’t be found on the shelves?

“That is where our Production Artist comes in. As part of their role, they will manage creative projects to ensure that clients’ expectations are met from start to finish–throughout design stages until publication. To do this successfully, combine strong skills with both creativity as well as technical abilities; have a good vision towards detail while also possessing project management experience! Ultimately these individuals will help us meet high standards by ensuring our products reach print or digital outlets quickly.”

Example Production Artist Job Descriptions

The production artist is responsible for collaborating closely with art directors, designers, and developers to prepare final press-ready files based on supplied specifications. The talent must be able to make various formats of artwork production-ready and resolve any issues that arise during the process while providing image retouching or additional manipulation services. Packages are checked before releasing in order to ensure they meet printing standards so customers can have confidence knowing their product will print well without errors.

A production artist is a person who makes sure that all things are going as planned during the process of creating and designing your work. They will be able to ensure you have what you need, on time for when it needs to happen, helping with anything from PDFs for print or client review (press checks), documenting images in order than can go online or mobile applications (cataloging) and making sure deadlines stay up-to-date so tasks get done while they’re supposed too. The production artist’s job could also include troubleshooting problems at any point throughout the project if something goes wrong; this includes both creative team members & printers alike.

Production Artists at the company help to ensure clients are satisfied with the consistency of their print or digital publications. They review graphics and layouts before they reach completion, finalize designs using image editing software like Photoshop, retouch images for quality improvements in both formats (print and digital), suggest changes that will enhance an appearance such as creating gradients or layers; all while managing preparation process for printing files on time. The end result is a publication that meets client needs without delay due to well-planned design reviews done by Production Artist professionals who understand trends in graphic design techniques and the latest software program developments.

Production Artist Skills

To produce the best product, Production Artists are skilled in many areas. No matter the medium, they have to be creative and knowledgeable about both print production as well as digital design. Whether it’s a brochure or an advertisement video for YouTube these artists can take your finished vision from paper sketch all of the ways through finalizing everything with color schemes and fonts on screen so that every detail is perfect! They also understand content creation: how each small element affects other parts of what you’re producing – whether it’s communicating ideas between departments at work or making sure there isn’t any misspelled text hidden somewhere within your beautifully designed layout. A good Production Artist knows when something just doesn’t look right but can figure out why by looking closely.

Production Artists are under constant deadlines and must have the ability to manage tasks while facing stress. Knowledge of web development languages like JavaScript and HTML, as well as expertise with digital interfaces such as apps or websites, will be important factors in a Production Artist’s success.

The best Production Artists catch many typos that others miss; they’re concerned with resolutions, color accuracy, production values – not just artistry-and should know how to tell CMYK from RGB or spot colors from process prints–just for starters!

Production Artist Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree in design or other related position is preferred for the production artist position. However, experience and an outstanding portfolio can often be just as effective when it comes to working with graphics software like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. This job requires a solid knowledge of printing processes- have you got what it takes?

A single person who has completed their postsecondary education may get this opportunity that offers competitive compensation packages including medical benefits, paid time off, 401(k) retirement plan contributions up to 4% of salary per year (based on years worked), company-provided life insurance coverage at no cost until the employee reaches age 65 while also receiving all federal holidays each designated month during the employment period.


Production Artist Employers

Production artists can be found anywhere you find graphic designers and art directors, in design agencies, advertising firms, marketing departments. They are helpful additions to the team because they make sure work actually happens by freeing up time for designers and directors to brainstorm creative paths.

Working in a creative field is exciting and challenging. As the process of creativity can be applied to any industry, production artists are likely to find themselves working with new or interesting clients who need branding done for their company.

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