Project Manager Job Description Template and Guide

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The Project Manager Job Description Template and Guide is a detailed list of the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, and skills that should be in your Project Manager Job Description. As you read through this guide it is important to consider what type of project manager you would want to hire.

A project manager oversees different initiatives or projects of a business, monitors their progress and completion, and ensures that they meet the expectations of the clients. Although a project manager usually doesn’t need to perform the hands-on tasks involved in a project, he or she must possess some degree of knowledge with regards to the various aspects of a project.

The company seeks an individual with a competitive skill set to be a successful project manager. You will use your knowledge of design and budgeting, along with working directly on each assignment from start to finish in order for clients’ projects to succeed.

The position requires someone who is passionate about communications as well as being proficient at managing timeframes and budgets wisely while ensuring all aspects are compatible. They should also show good judgment when hiring new talent or assigning tasks so they can ensure their client’s needs are met.


Example Project Manager Job Summary



Here is a sample:


“Do you thrive in an environment with a fast-paced, high-energy atmosphere? Do you like working on your feet and making sure things get done right the first time around? We’re looking for someone just like that to join our team as Project Manager. In this role, it’s important to have strong leadership skills. You’ll be tasked with managing projects from start to finish – building timelines or scheduling meetings each step of the way so deadlines can’t sneak up behind us! With all of this responsibility, we’re looking for someone who can lead a team and guide them through the process while making sure that deadlines are met. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be our Project Manager, then send us your résumé today!


Example Project Manager Job Descriptions


As Project Manager, they may be responsible for completing projects in the most efficient and prompt manner possible. Their duties will likely include leading project planning sessions, coordinating staff resources internally or externally as needed, managing progress of various tasks to meet deadlines when necessary; ensuring client relationships are maintained throughout all phases of development work; designing contracts with clients and stakeholders; advising on incoming documentation from other departments like engineering or marketing that affects their department’s workloads so they can keep up-to-date with current developments pertaining to their own operational procedures.

These duties include participating in the tender process, designing risk mitigation plans, conducting project reviews, and creating detailed reports for executive staff. With this position, you may be expected to optimize or improve processes as necessary. Securing growth opportunities is also on the list of tasks one might have to take care of when managing large teams while always taking into account new projects initiated by either the project manager or upper management.

The Project Manager is the person in charge of ensuring that all documentation, training materials and other project deliverables are ready for implementation. The PM will also identify new opportunities with clients to develop their needs into successful projects as well as ensure customer satisfaction throughout the transition process from old processes to new ones. After a project has concluded, it is up to this individual’s responsibility conduct post-project evaluation and identifying which areas were most effective while identifying where changes need be made or adjustments can take place based on feedback from customers.


Project Manager Skills


The Project Manager has a diverse set of skills and abilities. They are proficient at budgeting, supervising staff members, managing projects efficiently both in terms of time management as well as financial costs involved. The PM is also skilled with process improvement engineering to help get the job done more quickly or cheaply than before; this includes planning for contingencies that might arise from changes on-site such as adding another team member or finding out additional materials need to be purchased during production phases among other things. Clear communication through verbal means (both written and spoken) helps keep track of project progress via regular meetings with all parties involved which ensures deadlines will be met without issue while quality remains high due to monitoring by an experienced manager who knows what needs fixing when something goes wrong.


Project Manager Qualifications


The position of project manager requires a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in a related field. The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is also required, and experience as a construction project manager, IT project manager, ERP implementation specialist will be highly preferred for the applicant with strong understanding of formal management methodologies. Demonstrated ability to complete projects on time or ahead of schedule will make you an outstanding candidate for this role which emphasizes budget management skills; proven leadership abilities are essential if the successful candidate wishes to oversee large teams through completion while monitoring company-wide objectives from start to finish.


Project Manager Employers


Project managers can work in both public and private organizations across many different sectors of the economy. They will most likely be employed by larger firms or take on freelance positions for smaller ones. Some employers have graduate entry programs while others offer short-term contracts through outsourcing businesses like professional services consultants that provide project managers to companies when needed.
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