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Salesforce administrators are the point of contact for any Salesforce users inside a company. They possess a level of expertise that rivals those employed by Salesforce and act as an intermediary between Salesforce and internal employees. A Salesforce administrator is responsible for installing, configuring, and troubleshooting all aspects of the SalesForce software suite.

The Salesforce administrator is a systems expert who knows how to do everything from simple customer service to complex analytics, and as such deals with clients on an almost daily basis. They accumulate knowledge through years of experience in the field that helps them handle any situation they might come across – be it technical or personal.

The world’s most popular CRM software requires specialized expertise for full use–and those experts are called salesforce administrators!

In this position, Salesforce administrators are in charge of making sure data is collected and analyzed properly. They typically work for large corporations where they can teach employees how to use their products best while also keeping track of all the latest updates on these products. The role requires an admin with excellent organizational skills as well as a knack for teaching people new tricks!


Example Salesforce Administrator Job Summary


Here is a sample Salesforce administrator job brief:


“Are you the person for us, that can use your Salesforce administration skills to propel our company forward? We’re looking for a highly capable administrator who will be able to help ensure we capitalize on all of the benefits offered by this system. You’ll need experience creating user accounts and maintaining sales databases in addition to training staff about the effective usage of these products!

“As the Salesforce Administrator, you will be responsible for ensuring that your extensive knowledge of system administration and ability to work in a fast-paced environment translates into optimized sales department operations. You must also have expert level skills with Salesforce systems so that they can support their colleagues’ needs as well.”


Example Salesforce Administrator Job Descriptions


The responsibilities of Salesforce administrators are broad and reach every aspect of a company. The following list, while not exhaustive, details some common duties: Creating new user profiles to monitor access levels; ensuring that those who leave the organization have their credentials removed from the record; monitoring reporting accuracy by inputting reports on dashboards for senior management’s review.

Salesforce administrators oversee the importation of new leads and contacts on a daily basis. In large corporations, they develop standard operating procedures for this process that are followed by entry-level market researchers and data analysts. After importing new records into Salesforce CRM, these underlings run deduplication tools like DemandTools or Ring Lead to scrub duplicate data from their database at least once weekly.

A good Salesforce administrator is responsible for installing any updates from the company. This allows them to test in controlled conditions and see how it affects their system configurations. They are in charge of running quarterly database maintenance reports, checking for errors, and correcting them when necessary. They also have to keep an archive of any changes made to field history tables at least 12 months old that date back 18 months or more depending on the company needs. They will be the one who solves any problems users are having with Salesforce. They’ll also educate employees on new updates and onboard new hires whose role involves access to Salesforce.


Salesforce Administrator Skills



An administrator of Salesforce, a company that offers cloud-based CRM solutions and services for businesses both large and small, must be an expert in the platform. To get good at their job as quickly as possible they rely on training provided by the employer to teach them about specific features within Salesforce.
It’s important to know all there is about how each feature operates so you can troubleshoot any issues with your clients if needed; knowing what sorts of users will need various kinds makes things even more complicated (e.g., salespeople vs managers).

Email marketing expertise is one of the most common uses for CRMs, and Salesforce administrators are experts in streamlining email campaigns. From segmenting lists to conducting A/B tests- these pros have all your bases covered! They also use their data analysis skills and knowledge of company products or services to make sure that conversions stay high – just like you want them to. Lastly, we need not forget about how important it can be to keep data organized so users can access information quickly when they need it the most; with a deep understanding of Data Management principles, this team has got you covered from head-to-toe!


Salesforce Administrator Qualifications


Salesforce Administrators need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field along with 2-3 years of experience as an Administrator for other platforms. Other skills required include extensive knowledge about how all aspects of the software work so that they can troubleshoot any problem areas throughout their system and databases; feel confident handling upgrades without experiencing downtime while integrating them successfully into other systems; possess exceptional abilities when it comes to creating new objects such as organizations, territories, and leads; able to create reports for management using data from multiple sources within various formats (CSV files).


Salesforce Administrator Employers


The variety of roles, and different types of companies you can apply to as a Salesforce administrator is huge. There are so many possible careers in this field – some people work within the IT industry but they also might find themselves in various other industries too..

The average base pay for Salesforce administrators is $62,504. Those at the low end of the scale make $45,000 while those at the high end earn up to 89 thousand dollars a year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects demand for database administrators – which includes Salesforce administrator jobs-to rise 11% through 2026

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