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The Best Questions to Ask a Recruiter or Interviewer in 2021

The interview process can be nerve-wracking enough, but what if you don’t know what questions to ask the recruiter? The best way to prepare for an interview is by asking the right questions. This blog post will give you some of the best questions to ask a recruiter before your next job interview in 2021!
Asking the right questions before an interview is a must to know what you are getting yourself into. Recruiters can be helpful when preparing for your next big step but they don’t always give all of their tips away unless you ask and it’s crucial!
The best thing that we could do in order to prepare ourselves would be by asking recruiters about common mistakes, how many rounds there will be on interviews, or even where the recruiter wants us most so as not to waste time with pointless actions.

What to Ask an Interviewer


1. What happens during the interview process?

Before you interview for a company, it’s important to know their hiring process. One interview? Two interviews? Maybe even three! Knowing the interviewing process will help ensure that your schedule is open in case of multiple rounds.

2. How long have you been (to the interviewer) with the company?

To ensure you are the correct fit for a company, it’s important to learn all you can about them. The more time they’ve spent working together, the better understanding they’ll have of their management style and how that company approaches its employees as well as its culture. If a recruiter’s delivered top talent to them for many years ago, there’s also a good chance that he or she will be trusted enough by his or her opinion on which candidate should get hired out of all those available in front him/her; this can sometimes make it easy when looking for the best person who would fit into your business needs.

3. How long has the job position been open?

Have you been thinking about expanding your workforce? Do you have any growth opportunities coming up that require an extra set of hands to keep things running smoothly? If not, why is there a need for someone new on staff right now and what are they expected to do in the role going forward. For example: has another team member recently left or even been fired from their position, which would necessitate hiring a replacement as soon as possible so both departments can be fully staffed again. By asking these questions during the interview process it will make sure everyone’s needs are being met at work while also learning more about potential employment opportunities before anyone else does!

4. Why did the last person on the role leave?

Did you know that recruiters can usually tell if a person is coming into a new role or taking over from someone who has left? So, are you going to be a new hire? Or did your predecessor get promoted? Did someone lose their job and have to leave the company entirely? This question will give them the opportunity to ask questions about whether they would be hiring for an open position.

5. Describe the company culture.

In an interview, it’s always a good idea to ask the recruiter about company culture. They should have gotten this information from the hiring team when they started working on your position and can easily provide you with details that will help ensure that you find an environment where you feel comfortable. Ask them what type of people work there- is it collaborative or more competitive? How does management handle disagreements between employees? Are changes welcomed in order for progress to be made or are they constantly resisted so things stay as stagnant as possible?

6. How fast does this job need to be filled?

Having an understanding of the timeline for both you and your recruiter can help manage any expectations. It is important to know when it will take them a while before they contact you again, or what promotion date the company is looking for so that there are no surprises later on down the road.

7. Why haven’t you accepted other candidates?

Finding out why previous candidates were not selected will help you better understand which qualities and qualifications are most important to the hiring manager so that you can make sure your own skills match those highlighted by the company during your interview.

8. What’s the turnover rate for this company?

Some companies are more desirable to work at because of the average turnover rate. It is a good idea for potential employees to inquire about these rates before interviews so they can make an informed decision as to whether it’s right for them or not.

9. Is this a newly created or old position?

It is important to know if a position was previously held by somebody else or created within the organization. This might be one of the best questions you can ask an individual who works as a recruiter, so they would have all of their bases covered with this question and others like it about whether there are any available positions for people that want to work at your company. If not, then what happened? Maybe he/she moved up in rank because someone else left; maybe he/she just transferred over into another department!

10. What skills should I have as an employee?

What are the most important qualities that an employer is looking for? Do they need a strong personality to take charge and inspire others, or someone who can go with the flow and get along with everyone else? Any insider information you might be able to glean from recruiters will help give you an edge over your competition. If this is all new territory for you then I recommend checking out our article about common questions people ask about recruiters.

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