A remote worker uses website blocking tools for their productivity.

Top 10 Website Blocking Tools to Keep You Productive

Can’t focus on your schoolwork or job? It’s not just you, it has become the norm. This is why we’ve designed a website blocker that will help keep you focused and productive when studying – no matter what type of distractions are around!
Social media is a constant barrage of noise, but this could be what you need. Do you know these people who post something new every few minutes? The ones that bombard your feeds with stories shared across Snapchat and Twitter accounts tweeting constantly about their lives, watching the world go by through each other’s eyes from behind an iPhone lens. These are some interesting creatures!
Don’t you think they have more important things to do with their time? Probably so. But this constant state of distraction and playing around online when we should be busy – not something most people can control. In fact, one study showed that even the smallest distractions, like being interrupted by a quick message on our phone or chat app periodically throughout the day caused twice as many errors in focus-based tasks.
A long day of work can be overwhelming and exhausting as the technologies buzz around us. With each new notification, our minds are pulled inwards towards that screen with a mix of curiosity or fear about what we’ll find. Yet even worse than this is when most students overestimate their ability to continue performing while these distractions go on—instead, it costs them performance across every realm whether at school or at home.
In reality, digital distraction and addiction don’t stop just by saying any: It takes more effort for many people who feel they have some control over how much time they spend online but there are still always those nagging notifications pulling your attention away from whatever else you’re doing.

Top Web Blockers You Can Try


1. Self-Control

The app, Self-Control is your personal distraction blocker. It allows you to add certain websites that are distracting for you onto the blacklist and set a timer of how long they should be blocked before being able to access them again. Once these sites have been blacklisted they cannot be accessed until the countdown has ended even if one restarts their computer or deletes this application from their account.

2. Freedom

In order to eliminate distractions, Freedom is a distraction blocker that can be used on all devices simultaneously. You no longer have to worry about blocking Instagram only for it still being accessible from your phone. This app also has the option of locking down settings so you don’t accidentally edit them while using it—this comes in handy if you’re prone to working around your own good intentions!
With the sound of birds chirping and coffee brewing in the background, you can focus on your work without any disruptions.
A bad side, however, is that there’s no long-term free version, only a limited trial that lets you run six distraction-free sessions. That should be enough time to figure out if it will work for you, though!

3. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is a Google Chrome extension that makes it easy to install with just a few quick steps. It doesn’t take up much extra space on your computer and works in an entirely different way than most internet blockers. Instead of blacklisting certain sites, you set limits for how long you can use those websites before the StayFocusd software cuts off access–whether 30 minutes or 2 hours after the time limit expires.

4. Limit

Limit is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to limit your time spent on distracting websites.
The best way to use Limit is by selecting the website or social media account you find most distracting and setting an allotted amount of daily time for it, for example, Facebook can be limited to ten minutes per day while Duolingo could only get half an hour per day.
You’ll know when your session has ended because there will be a notification stating “Your session has been terminated.”

5. LeechBlock

LeechBlock is a website blocking tool for Mozilla Firefox users that can be set up to block time-wasting websites. The difference between this extension and Google Chrome’s StayFocusd extension, another popular site blocker, is the ability to specify 6 sets of sites with different intervals.
You can block your favorite sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., but only want Buzzfeed or the other news site blocked for 1-5 pm? You no longer have to put them on different sets because you can do it all one place at one time with this new feature!

6. FocusMe

The world is full of distractions and interruptions, but a productivity powerhouse can help you get your work done. FocusMe was developed by an owner who had tried every other option with no success, so he set out to build one that would suit his needs. The result? A tool designed specifically for getting things done in the modern age when information constantly hits us from all sides like waves crashing on shorelines—distractions come at all hours without warning smashing against our psyches until it’s too hard to focus or even do anything productive.
FocusMe is a procrastination tool that you can turn off when you want, and it made zero sense. So he created FocusMe with its deadly “force” modes- The website blocker isn’t just for your computer either; the package includes an easy to use time tracker with convenient multi-colored graphs to reveal where your time goes – there are also timers for Pomodoro Technique (as discussed before), allowing schedules of blocking and other items weeks in advance! In short, this bundle has all of the features from tools like Freedom which makes it better than any site blocker out on today’s market.

7. WasteNoTime

WasteNoTime is a browser extension that gives you more control over your time online. You can easily set up which sites to block, or create individual quotas for specific websites and then automatically receive notifications when it’s time to stop browsing.
It’s not hard for determined users to get around this website blocker. The extension doesn’t run in Chrome’s Incognito mode by default, so the user can simply visit distracting sites without being monitored by Freedom. Removing the extension entirely is also an option if you’re looking for alternatives that don’t require as much work on your part.

8. Serene

Serene is the productivity system that helps you focus on your work. We believe in deep concentration and blocking out distractions, so when it’s time to get down to business we block websites like Facebook or Twitter from distracting us again.
This app seems like it would be perfect for the person who is looking to stay focused and accomplish more with their day. Set your timer, select how long you have on each task, then click “Go Serene” just before work time starts so that all of your distractions are blocked out. You’ll also get a countdown every time you try opening an undesired site which will help remind yourself what’s important right now!

9. Pause

Pause is a simple extension that will gently interrupt your browsing session by displaying an aesthetically pleasing green screen. After five seconds, the user can choose to continue on their journey or pause for another moment of reflection before continuing with distractions like social media and news sites.
The Pause extension is a simple tool that can help you get your digital life in better balance. It comes pre-seeded with 50 top distracting sites and offers the ability to add or remove any site from your list of no-go zones. You also have the option to configure how long time should pass before you are automatically prompted for an unblocking when browsing on these sites–with some preset options as well as custom ones if needed! All of this functionality only takes up about two lines per screen without compromising function at all – it’s like magic!

10. Cold Turkey Blocker

Cold Turkey Blocker is a custom-made website blocker that you can configure so it blocks any websites or apps of your choosing during certain hours. For instance, if social media and video sites give you too much distraction at work but are okay for the weekend, then block them from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays with this app! You could also turn off blocking manually when needed–like in Frozen Mode which prevents access entirely until an outage has ended.
It’s possible to change browsers, but there are other settings that prevent future versions of yourself from trying.
You can’t get around it by changing your browser because the tool is system-wide rather than just for a single browser. It goes further than that: even if you set up different profiles on Chrome or Firefox, certain settings might stop them from working with “future” versions of themselves.

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