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Virtual Assistant in the Philippines Guide

Ever since the workplace trend shifted from physical to remote, companies have begun restructuring their workforce and systems to better suit the demand and need of the situation. This has become a silver lining to people that would want to try out their skills in global companies around the world. Thus, they are investing their time and effort in becoming flexible to different jobs to be more suitable to opportunities outside of their home country, specifically becoming a virtual assistant-whether it’s a full time role or a part time role.

But the main question is: How to hire a virtual assistant? To give more light to the term, it has been popular as of late when it comes to jobs and opportunities. A virtual assistant can be flexible doing work from social media to software development and more so, companies are now looking to hire more due to the benefits they give compared to a full time employee.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person that can support the business in both administrative and non-administrative tasks, doing so in a remote environment. Since they are remote, A virtual assistant can be hired from any country around the globe having their own unique sets of skills, characteristics, and personalities. They also have their preferred type of employment if they want a full time, part time, or contractual relationship with your business. Although the market is quite high and abundant when it comes to VAs, finding the right candidate can be a long and grueling recruitment process.

Tips for Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

Virtual assistant hiring in the Philippines is quite common, so go straight to one of many VA platforms and remote job boards that are focused on doing business there.
The Philippines is home to many virtual assistants, so it’s an excellent place to start your search. There are also several platforms and job boards that focus specifically on hiring Filipino VAs for their abilities in English, languages other than Tagalog, and customer service skills.

Cost of a Virtual Assistant – Philippines

One key reason that businesspeople are drawn toward Filipino virtual assistants is a desire to cut back on costs. On average, the cost of living in the Philippines can be cheaper than what you would pay for if you were working with an American-based PA and salaries tend to be lower too.
However, you’ll save money by not hiring a freelancer and providing them with office space full of expensive equipment. Without the cost for these items, it will be easy to see that your hourly rate is well worth every penny.

VA Platform Costs


If you’re interested in the full-package services mentioned above – where you pay a service rather than an assistant, for instance, Bottleneck will charge between $11.50 and 12.25 per hour as part of their subscription ($1,840 monthly or 490 weekly).


TaskBullet is a company that allows you to outsource your tasks, and at the same time ensures accountability. You can buy “buckets” of hours from TaskBullet with prices ranging from $220 (20 hrs) to £1600 (240 hrs).

Freelance Virtual Assistant Costs

If you’re looking for a Filipino VA directly, then it is up to you to arrange their salary. You will need to take the same factors into consideration as when hiring anyone:
How much work they’ll be doing each month; how skilled or demanding the work is; and how much experience they have. Factor in also their cost of living expenses.
It is very difficult to gauge how much you should pay for a virtual assistant. The average monthly salary in this field ranges from $500–600 USD, but it really depends on many factors including what country they are located in and if they have any experience or not.
The Philippines is a wonderful country with many different locations and cultures. It’s important to be aware of the cost of living before you move because it varies from place to place, as does its corresponding level of healthcare depending on where in the country you live.
It’s also worth noting that when working abroad there are always unique aspects about your new home — whether they’re positive or negative — so don’t forget them either.

Where to Find Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

There are numerous job boards, recruitment agencies, and online services that can help you scout for the best Filipino virtual assistance. The sites we have listed make filling positions like project manager, administrative worker (handles administrative tasks), and data entry specialist easy.
This article is going to talk about some of the best sites for hiring virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistant Companies

You can be a boss without having to leave your couch. OnlineJobs is the place for you if you’re looking to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines but want more control than just browsing their profiles and sending them speculative emails. You have all of these options at your fingertips: browse potential VAs on the site as well as post an ad that will match those with similar needs; contact them through email or by phone (if they provide their number); interview strategically so both parties are clear about expectations; work out payment details and decide when it’s time for this VA-boss relationship to end—all from home.
If you want to keep some control over the hiring process yourself, it’s excellent news that OnlineJobs gives you more options than you’ll find with other platforms. If all those details sound like a hassle and don’t really matter to your company or potential employees, then another platform might be preferable.
You pay OnlineJobs a fee for premium access – including contact details. The company doesn’t take any cut of the virtual assistant’s salary, so they can be sure they won’t drain it completely.

Virtual Coworker

Virtual Coworker is an offshoring service that provides virtual workers to businesses based in Australia and the USA.
Their assistant services recruitment center is based in the Philippines where you can find Filipino workers who are skilled in general assistance, bookkeeping, web, and graphic design, recruitment assistance with social media management, or tech support expertise dependent on your needs.

Outsourced is a Filipino company that provides remote staff to companies around the world, delivering more than just virtual assistants! Offering services in engineering and real estate as well, it’s no wonder they’re one of today’s most innovative startups with offices all over the Asia Pacific (not including Australia). is not for those who want a more casual setup or only need to work part-time, but it can be worth considering if you have larger projects coming your way. With an online dashboard that lets you keep up with what’s going on at their end of the project and even submit requests from anywhere in the world, has all bases covered when it comes to productivity and customer service needs.


TheTeamsHub has been providing virtual assistants for corporations around the world since 2007. They are a trusted partner who will help you expand and grow your business by multiplying it with their decade-long experience in this field. Professional support is at hand from TheTeamsHub, which offers experienced professionals that can easily be accessed through any device connected to the internet.
Virtual assistants can do anything you need. Whether it’s managing social media, fixing your computer or writing content for a website, they’ve got the answer to all of life’s problems. And best yet? They’re available 24/7 so that no time is wasted on standing around and waiting for someone else to take care of business.
TheTeamsHub is the best web development company that clients can find with their outstanding support services when it comes to managing VAs. They have been ranked first in many contests and summits, winning awards for excellence. The website not only provides customer-facing features such as chat and email but also a remote account manager who will track projects while meeting deadlines on time.
TheTeamsHub is a provider of virtual assistants that are efficient, accurate, and affordable. They understand the needs of small business owners and startups alike so they provide transparent pricing to fit any budget.


TaskBullet saves your time and money. With TaskBullet, you can spend more quality moments with family or friends without worrying about what needs to be done at work as well thanks to our virtual assistants who are assigned a bucket of hours for each task that they do on your behalf.
The TaskBullet website is a great resource for those who need help on an ad-hoc basis while juggling other tasks. In addition to data entry and general admin, you can also rely on your VA’s skills in customer service or accountancy if needed.

Freelancing Platforms


Upwork is a well-known and respected platform that has helped many businesses grow their customer base. The screening process for hiring freelancers weeds out all the bogus candidates, while letting you pick from qualified prospects at your discretion. Upwork isn’t without its flaws; there are inactive profiles as well as slight inconveniences to workaround – but it is still worth using if you want to hire virtual assistants or other freelance talents fast!

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the premier design marketplaces in today’s digital world. As a result, you can rest assured that only the best freelancers will be listed here; and it’ll cost $75 to put up a listing on their site–but if that price tag doesn’t deter you from finding your remote team member, then there are plenty of excellent matches for your business waiting with just as much patience.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

The debate about hiring a Filipino VA for your company is an interesting one. For some, the benefits of having someone in another country to help you with customer service outweigh any disadvantages there may be; while others believe that companies should hire local people instead if they can sense it’s more likely those employees will stay and grow their careers within said company.

Advantages of Hiring VAs in the Philippines

  1. Save on Costs

With VA’s, you can work with a team made up of people across the world. They are not confined to geographical locations and they don’t have salary requirements like in other occupations which makes it much easier to find good talent for cheap because while their wages may be lower than others, that doesn’t mean there isn’t just as many talented individuals worldwide who would love an opportunity.
The Philippines, like many countries with a diverse virtual assistant industry, has lower average salaries. That means that the same amount of work may be available for less money in this country compared to others on an international scale.

  1. More Scalability

One of the many benefits that come with utilizing online platforms for hiring Filipino VA’s is how they can solve any scaling problems you might encounter. Now, instead of going through a full recruitment process, it’s as simple as just expanding your operation to more people and jobs.

  1. Efficient on Time

It is important to hire an assistant. If you have one, they can handle all the extra tasks that are distracting and time-consuming so you don’t need to worry about them anymore.
When it comes to the Philippines, there are so many VAs and VA platforms that you should be able to find one that will allow you to make your time more productive.

  1. Great Education and Skills

Virtual assistants in the Philippines are likely to speak great English and have a college education. And because being a virtual assistant is so well established as a career option there, you may be able to find an experienced VA with exactly what you need.

Disadvantages of Hiring VAs in the Philippines

  1. Distance and Location

When you work in a global environment, it can be hard to stop by your assistant’s office and say hi. If they are based out of the country, then it will obviously take more effort on both parties’ parts for them to catch up with one another. Keep this in mind before hiring someone who is not located near where you’re working.

  1. Slower Team Integration

It can be hard to integrate remote employees into a team. Such challenges are not limited only to staff in the Philippines and VAs, but also with other teams where you have workers who work remotely. Moreover, some individuals find it difficult for them as well because they cannot join certain events or participate when they’re on vacation.
You’ll want to be on the lookout for people in the Philippines with prior experience. It’s possible they already know how to make use of this issue and will come up with a quick solution that you can implement right away, saving time and money.

  1. Poor Weather and Infrastructure

Conditions are often tough for VAs in the Philippines, with its rare tropical storms and unpredictable weather. However, it is possible to find freelancers who have all of their equipment ready and waiting even with bad weather.

  1. More Expensive Compared to Other Countries

For a variety of reasons, it would be unwise to think of hiring a VA in the Philippines as an inexpensive option. Even though they’re still likely cheaper than those found domestically, there are other countries that may offer more attractive rates.

  1. Schedule

Virtual assistants can be an invaluable asset for business owners, but one of the drawbacks is that they might not work hours suitable to your time zone. If you find yourself needing a VA with overlapping office hours, consider hiring someone from a more amenable timezone or search specifically for Filipino VAs who will be available at night as well.

Advantages of Hiring Virtual Assistants from the Philippines

The Philippines has been a popular destination for outsourcing, and the virtual assistant industry is growing rapidly there. However, should you actually hire VAs there?

Highly Educated Workers

The Philippines already has a natural advantage in the outsourcing industry with its 98.22% literacy rate according to UNESCO’s Literacy Rate statistics, but there are so many more reasons why it’s worth investing your money into Filipino workers! For one thing, they’re highly educated and up to date on technology; for other things, their communication skills will ensure that you have all of the information necessary before beginning any project or task.

Great English Fluency

English is widely spoken in the Philippines and thus it’s an integral part of many Filipinos’ education. This means that there are fewer people with subpar communication skills, which can be a problem for some other countries.

Favorable Time Zone

As with outsourcing to other countries in Southeast Asia, the time zone difference can be a huge plus for businesses trying to carry out processes around the clock. For example, 24×7 customer support is available by communicating through social media or chat message boards without additional cost.

Related Previous Experience

This will make your interviews go much easier. Filipinos who are used to working with Westerners, like the ones in Manila and Davao City, have a significant advantage when interviewing for jobs abroad because they know how best to communicate effectively across cultural barriers.

Better Work-Life Balance

We all work hard for our jobs. But it’s not always easy to find time to take care of the other important aspects in life – like spending time with family, or even making sure we have a decent night’s sleep before coming back into the office again tomorrow! The good news is that there are now ways around this: namely hiring an online virtual assistant Philippines from anywhere in order to handle those less urgent tasks so you can focus on what really matters most.

Disadvantages of Hiring Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

You may face particular challenges when working with a Filipino VA, despite the Philippines’ excellence in outsourcing.

Power Interruptions

The Philippines has a long-standing history of power outages. In some areas, the country’s weak infrastructure can result in blackouts that last for hours or even days at a time! If you have multiple virtual assistants from this region who happen to be facing one of these outages, they might not be able to work simultaneously with each other.
The power might be out, but that’s no excuse for your virtual assistant to slack off. With a little bit of preparation and awareness when the next outage is coming up, you can have them tackle offline tasks while they wait for things to get back online.
This will not only help keep their productivity high; it’ll prevent any downtime from becoming wasted time.

Difference in Time Zone

The 12-hour time difference between the Philippines and Eastern Time is a disadvantage to those who don’t perform processes around the clock. However, if you are in Australia or the United States then your experience with that time zone gap will be much different!
While it may seem like an advantage for there to be such large time differences, this isn’t always true for every business. For example, the Philippine Islands have 13 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Savings Time while America has 16 hours more than in Australia — which means they’re on opposite sides of each other’s day cycle.

Slow Internet

The Philippines is one of the countries that has a notoriously terrible internet connection. You may be making an innocent mistake in your hiring process if you’re not asking potential candidates about their Internet speed.
Have you ever hired a virtual assistant, only to find out that they couldn’t complete tasks because of an unreliable Internet connection?
It is important that a candidate has access to reliable, fast Internet at home. You can take the initiative and ask them if they have it or request screenshots of their SpeedTest results.

13th Month Pay

Not really a disadvantage but it is a regulation to keep in mind if you decide to hire from the Philippines.
The 13th month is a custom that mimics the Christmas bonus in the United States. In order to receive this “Christmas bonus,” salaries are paid out one month before December 24th each year.
In the Philippines, all employees are required to receive a “Christmas bonus” of one month’s salary. The wage is paid before December 24th each year so no matter what day it falls on that paycheck will be there for you.

Employees Going AWOL

As we all know, there are times when a virtual assistant will go missing. Whether it’s due to cultural shyness or general misunderstanding and confusion, these occurrences happen more often than not! However, with open communication lines in place such as frequent meetings and an “open-door policy”, employees can feel comfortable asking for advice if they don’t understand something upfront. It is easy to see that mistakes do happen but the key is how one handles them afterwards which leads us back into why cultivating this type of relationship between employer-employee works best so everyone feels connected on both ends.

Natural Disasters

Normally, the Philippines experience ten to twenty storms a year, and even more so. That makes it difficult at certain months and seasons to communicate with them as power outages, infrastructure problems, and connectivity issues will usually transpire during those days.

Advantages of the Outsourcing Industry

I’ll list the benefits of outsourcing here so you know what to expect if you choose this route.
The cost of outsourcing is often lower outside the United States because those workers are specialized in their work. That allows them to do it at a higher quality and more efficiently than someone from North America or Europe would be able to, which can help grow your business as well since you’re taking on less non-core processes.
Hiring people from other countries and regions can be a great way to get access to skills that you may not have in your current office. It also means that customer support doesn’t need to take place only during the workday, which could help make it more convenient for customers as well.

Why Hire Filipino Virtual Assistants?

A single VA can be flexible in terms of work, so that’s why hiring one can be cost efficient. Not only that, they may perform above and beyond what you expect from them, bringing a smooth flow of operations for your company.
This is why It is important to note and remember what qualities your virtual assistant will have. When you connect and establish a good working relationship with your virtual assistant, it dramatically boost on your production flow and minimize distractions and bottlenecks in managing your business operations.
When it comes to those qualities you are looking for in one, VAs from the Philippines can match it. Having innate good skills and qualities in terms of personality, they can easily form a relationship with anyone and deliver their assigned work. A Filipino can have a complex range of attributes and characteristics that would be beneficial for your company. Here are some notable ones to remember them by:

Notable Filipino traits and characteristics

Sincere & Respectful

Filipinos have been to be respectful towards anyone they form relationships with. They are also good in forming those relationships from the get-go and be able to maintain and grow it over time. When it comes to getting work done, it becomes much easier to collaborate and communicate with them during meetings and team projects, delivering it much easier and faster.
A big well know trait that Filipinos have is their respectfulness. It was innately born within them and were further reinforced by their parents and schools. When it comes to the workplace, they respect everyone, regardless of position and job level the person is in.

Calm and Enthusiastic

In times of pressure, Filipinos have greatly shown their tolerance and resistance to stress by exuding a great level of calmness. Even at any given situation, Filipinos are able to manage and control their temper so as to give more focus on the task at hand.
Moreover in the workplace, Filipinos are naturally enthusiastic in their own responsibilities-making them even more passionate and dedicated to their given responsibilities. It takes you less time to manage them as their passion can be a fuel to be more proactive in their work, automatically executing things from start to finish.

Cheerful and Hardworking

Filipinos are, by far, one of the happiest people in the world. One of their known best qualities is always seeing the other side of the fence. This trait came from re-occurring natural disasters that strikes the Philippines. It molded their mindset and cheerfulness to always move forward and think of the good that might come out of this. They can easily self-maintain their mental strength and stability in the workplace, even when pressure and stress are vastly approaching, making your life easier as a business owner in managing them.
Another trait that Filipinos are well known is their industrious work ethic. More often than not, they are hard working people and they apply the trait in their respective jobs, regardless of its category.

Good Listeners and Diligent

Filipinos are naturally born good listeners-a very important trait that helps increase productivity as it helps minimize misunderstandings. It helps them be accurate, attentive, and detailed oriented in their work, bringing it to the highest quality without any major mistakes.

What makes Filipino virtual assistants the best at what they do?

The Philippines is a top outsourcing country

The country has been consistently ranked as one of the top outsourcing destinations. It’s areas such as Davao, Manila, & Cebu have been included in the Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations in the World, even in the top 10. This enforces the idea that Filipino virtual assistants excel at what they do.
Moreover, due to the popularity and reputation of Filipinos being hired often in other countries and regions, they already have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience in dealing with a multitude of tasks to help your company. Hiring Filipino virtual assistants will surely benefit your business in terms of results and productivity.

Low Labor Costs

Probably one major factor that business owners and companies look into is their budget. Being able to save costs on hiring with a high return value is the fantasy. That is why foreign companies and business men hire Filipino virtual assistants: they have low labor costs. Combine that with getting a higher quality of work makes hiring a Filipino VA cost efficient and generally better. Additionally, when you hire a Filipino VA, you are able to remove costs on taxes, office equipment, and documents.

Cultural Compatibility

The Philippines was predominantly Western-inspired culture way back in the past. This takes back to history as the Philippines once was colonized by America, from 1898 to 1946. This has caused the Philippines to integrate multiple aspects of the American economical culture. Therefore, communicating and having an understanding with your Filipino virtual assistant won’t be a challenge anymore.  Moreover, since Filipinos are trained to adapt to any situation and task given, you will save time in managing their tasks and directing them.

How to Evaluate Virtual Assistant Candidates

Employing a virtual assistant doesn’t have to be difficult. A hiring process will help you decide which parameters to evaluate them on and how best they can compare candidates in the same way so that your decision is an easy one.

Essential Interview Questions in Hiring

After reviewing your top picks for a virtual assistant from the Philippines, you need to learn more about them before hiring one. You can divide interview questions into three categories: general information; skills-related questions and professional experience; personal preferences.

  1. Ask About their Background

The selection process is designed to assess essential criteria for determining your potential as a candidate. For example, if you want to know how focused the candidate would be at their work, ask them “Do you already have another job? If so where are you working and how many hours do they spend on that job?”
“What’s your favorite way to communicate?”
“What are the latest communication tools you’re most excited about using, and why?”
“How do you feel when people use these new technologies like Skype instead of phone calls or face-to-face meetings with their colleagues?”
This will help you determine how comfortable they would be communicating in English, and how much time is spent on the latest technologies.
“How are you going to work?”
“Will your virtual assistant be working from home or an internet café?”
Although a virtual assistant could work from anywhere in the world, it’s worth finding out where they are based to assess their availability. You know this through this question.

  1. Skills Questions

You’re looking for a candidate who’s skilled, detail-oriented, and can work well under pressure. Make sure they have the experience to back it up – ask them about their past customer service experiences.
“What are you most proud of?”
“Where can I find more information on your work experience for this position, and what were some key projects that stood out to me in the interview supplement packet?”
“What are your core skills and services? Which ones do you feel outside of the scope?”
Use this to gauge their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. You can expand on what they’re qualified for if it seems like an area that would be a good fit.
“Please rate your skills on a scale of one to ten.”
They are the experts on how good or bad of a job they do. You want to know if there is anything you should be worried about when it comes to these specific tasks and duties for this position.
“Can I see three examples of your best work?”
You need a way to gauge whether or not they have the skillset for this position. Their portfolio will show me who they are as an applicant and what kind of work would be expected from them while working with you.

  1. Teamwork and Collaboration Questions

The candidate’s experience in working with others and interacting may be one of the most important qualities to consider. Ask them about how they work with others.
“What collaborations have you worked on in the past? Provide an example of a project that best shows how they communicate well with teammates.”
What you’re looking for is someone who has the skills and experience to work independently while also being able to collaborate with others. Through this question, you learn how they work with teams.
“Do you have any experience in proactively addressing a client’s need?”
A positive response ensures that you will have a hardworking virtual assistant to help with your business even when things get tough.
“How well do you work with your colleagues and team members?”
You need to know whether your virtual assistants would be able to collaborate with ease, and that’s something you should think about before hiring one.
You might want a team of people who can work together well if they are all individuals in the same office space or have access to each other remotely on various devices.
“Do you have any previous experience with working for foreign employers?”
If their answer is yes, your virtual assistant from the Philippines will be glad to adjust for a more appropriate time zone.

How to Manage Virtual Assistants

Managing a virtual office can be tricky, but there are solutions to help you out. Hiring someone who lives in another country might seem like the perfect solution for your business needs, but make sure that they have all of their paperwork sorted out first. You also need to do thorough research on any employee before hiring them- just because this person is not physically present does not mean he or she won’t cause some harm if given access to sensitive company information.
Fortunately though, managing an online staff doesn’t always come with such challenges when you follow this advice.

Enable Solid Communication

Managing a virtual assistant can be hard, especially if you’re not communicating in person. Emails and voice messages only go so far! Fortunately, there are tools to help bridge the gap between us such as Slack or Fleep. These apps make it easier to talk with VAs quickly.
With messaging and project management tools such as Slack, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Communicating and collaborating with people over projects can be made easier to find a solution for problems or complete projects.
  • Send files and reports on current projects and objectives.
  • Collaborate via audio/video conferencing along with screen sharing for better communication.

You’ll have all you need to feel like your team is in the same room even if it were a virtual office.
Another tool to consider is Chanty. With it, you can handle all of your VA communication in one place and much more. It provides chat, audio, and video calls services as well as screen-sharing. It also has a project management feature that transforms messages into tasks.

Build and Foster Trust

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know what a remote worker is actually doing. It could be anything! But there are some simple ways around this problem- you can set up regular meetings with your VA or give them the freedom and flexibility for their work without micromanaging their every move.

Use Project Management Tools in Allocating and Monitoring Progress

Using a free project management tool like ClickUp is the best way to stay on top of all tasks of your virtual assistants in the Philippines.
This project management tool will help you to get a clear picture of all your projects. It’ll also allow for collaboration with team members and VAs so that deadlines are met, tasks are allocated correctly, and co-workers can be on the same page at any given time.
You can establish clear deadlines for your team to work by, and plan out every task with descriptions and files. If you’re working across a number of projects at once, track the status in the list or Kanban-style views that will help everyone stay on top of where they need to be next. Share information between employees and VAs so everything gets done as quickly as possible without anyone getting lost along the way.
Using WPForms and Form Locker Addon, you can create advanced forms in no time. The drag-and-drop builder feature makes it easy for your VA to build an advanced form too! Pre-made contact form templates also give you an easy way to create forms.

Track When and How They Work

VAs are always a cost-effective option when you need help with office tasks. The problem is, they could inflate the time it took them to get paid more money! Thankfully there’s an easy way of making sure that this doesn’t happen. With tracking tools like Time Doctor, there’s a solution! All your virtual staff needs to do then click when starting their task with this app running and it’ll start measuring whatever amount of work has been done within those few clicks.
The timer will keep track of how long they work on their task. It can then be switched off when the task is complete, and an accurate record of time worked will be saved for your reference.

How to Assess your Filipino Virtual Assistant

Now that you have an overview on both pros & cons of hiring a Filipino virtual assistant, it’s time to hire one. But before you engage in the hiring process, you must first know your candidates. Since there are a lot of parameters that should be considered. having a thorough run through on their background and personality can be a guaranteed assurance from “fake” applicants.

Ability to follow instructions

Innately, your VA should have the ability to follow simple instructions. Following instructions may be a simple step but it’s one of the major concerns when it comes to remote work as you will not be able to physically tell your VA to do this. Following direct and specific instructions not only saves you time, but it also saves you from stress coming from miscommunication and repeating instructions.
You can assess this in your candidate by making small details on instructions in your job opening. For example, you put up a sentence saying “Start your application by typing your favorite game”. In that way, you can easily filter out obedient candidates from the non-obedient candidates.


Your Filipino virtual assistants should be able to complete tasks on a daily basis and do so continuously in a consistent manner .It can be time consuming to instruct your virtual assistant every now and then. Your virtual assistant should take action immediately after completing a set of tasks, without your supervision and instructions.
A simple way to test initiative is during the application process, say that you have a test for the candidate to be given out at this specific date. Once the date arrives, don’t send it, but instead, let the virtual assistant follow up on the test. If he does, it’s a good sign of the candidate having initiative.

Meeting Deadlines

Your virtual assistant can take up huge amounts of tasks-both administrative and core operations- and because of this, meeting deadlines can be a challenging task for him Due to the amount of administrative tasks a virtual assistant can take, meeting deadlines could pose a challenge to the virtual assistant. Not meeting deadlines can cause delay and stack up of responsibilities over time, making it more difficult for you and your virtual assistant.
One way to test out this trait is to provide a sample test of, let’s say, A 500 word article in 2 hours. Once the candidate has accomplished within the time frame, then your business will have more room for important tasks.

Dedicated Learner

Your virtual assistant should be grow with your business. With this in mind, Virtual assistants can be flexible and maximized all throughout their contract. You can help them by giving them tasks that are out of their comfort zone. That increases their value as your employee, thus, contributing and adding more value to your business growth.
In order to test this trait, just ask a simple question during the interview stage such as “What was the last book you read?” or “What do you do in your spare time?”/. Getting an answer of informative books, learning through online courses, attending webinars, are already good signs of a dedicated learner.

How to Send Payment or Salaries to Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

To pay your VA, you can use one of the intermediary platforms which will insist on a particular payment method. You may not even have to make an international transfer.
For those who are paying their virtual assistants in the Philippines, it is imperative to make sure they’re doing this cost-effectively. This generally means avoiding a transfer via your bank.
There are lots of ways to transfer money internationally, and PayPal is a common one. But it’s always worth investigating what exchange rate they offer. If that’s not the mid-market conversion rate, then there’s likely an additional fee built-in for themselves.

Payment Methods for Filipino VAs


You can now send money to your assistant’s debit card through Payoneer. You can also get a $50 bonus if they receive more than $100.

Wise, formerly Transferwise

This service is the perfect solution for sending money to your loved ones in the Philippines, with low transaction fees and easy local bank transfers.  They charge just 0.5% to 2% on transactions.


PayPal is one of the oldest and most popular payment processing companies in today’s market. They offer a variety of services, including international transactions.
Paypal is the ultimate, global money transfer service. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are or what currency you prefer to use – Paypal will get your funds there swiftly and without any fuss. You don’t need an account to start using it either, as long as all of your transactions stay below a certain value.

Wire Transfers

Also known as bank or credit transfers, it may be more expensive as bank transfer fees between different countries may be higher compared to the services above.


With more talented Filipino workers looking for online work, searching for a VA has become easy. Online assistant services and job boards allow you to hire a Filipino virtual assistant in a week.
Moreover, Filipino workers are educated, efficient, and proactive – traits that are highly valuable in a virtual assistant.
What’s more? You can hire virtual assistants at a price lower than what you would have to spend for a full-time employee. Where else can you hire virtual assistants for a price lower than the market rate?
Whether you are in real estate, manufacturing, or graphic design, let your virtual assistant (VA) from the Philippines handle the repetitive yet essential jobs for you, so you can focus on building a successful business.

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