What You Need to Know About Being a Marketing Manager

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What is a marketing manager?

A marketing manager is the person in a company in charge of creating all avenues of communication between the company and its customers. This is done through managing the promotional positioning of a brand and bringing awareness to it to the public. 

For this to be executed, the marketing manager also has to handle the internal public relations teams in crafting promotions that will be published on different types of advertising media. The job also entails being responsible for several kinds of aspects of marketing, such as social media, websites, corporate communications, as well as a hand at copywriting, content management, and data analytics. Because of the number of responsibilities that this job demands, years of industry knowledge and work experience are required when applying. 

What are their common responsibilities?

Once again, marketing managers create promotional content and position the brand, and to do that, they also have to analyze the behavior of their target audience. They are in charge of staying up-to-date with the trends that might affect the traction of their brand to their audience. 

They also need to have knowledge about monetary allocation in order to manage the budgeting of their marketing campaign. This budgeting will allow them to figure out how much money should go into each platform for the campaign. When all the money is in place, they have to find the right connections to execute it. Building relationships with media outlets is another key responsibility the marketing manager has to take on, as this allows them to understand the reach of their campaign. 

Once they understand how much of a reach they have—and how much more they could expand—that’s when they find direction in their marketing strategy. They have to make sure all their team’s collaterals are cohesive and consistent per platform, while also figuring out how to execute it per media.

What skills do they need?

As needed in the marketing or advertising industry, a marketing manager needs to already have skills in writing, communicating, negotiating, budgeting, and executing campaigns. 

Besides those, marketing managers should also have experience in digital marketing, like in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). These are both processes of optimizing online content so that a search engine shows it at the top result when a specific keyword is searched. The latter has the same goal, except that the company pays for their content to appear on the first page. 

For a marketing manager, they also need to have experience with social media since this is where most people interact nowadays. Social media sites also have ways of showing analytics of engagements, which is another aspect that marketing managers should be well-versed in. They should be able to read statistics that arise from these platforms and interpret them accordingly.

With all the experience above that a marketing manager should have, wanting to pursue this job would initially mean needing to get into other preliminary marketing jobs first. Having a taste of every department they handle would definitely help one’s case in getting the manager job given they have the opportunity.

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