Writing Jobs 101: What Does a Copywriter Do?

Laptop showing a blog page and coffee on a table that a copywriter might use.

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What does a copywriter do?

If you’re someone who has a liking for words and using them creatively to tell stories or convey a message, you might want to consider the possibility of becoming a copywriter.

Copywriters are essentially the people in a company who write the text for promotional materials that allow people to understand the voice and purpose of a company. Copywriters are most known to work at advertising agencies, but any company that has a public platform might need to have some of their own writers who understand how to present themselves to their target audience.

Copywriters in advertising agencies need to know how to write for multiple media platforms, such as commercials, radio, print, and TV. Other companies that choose to have their own writing teams, however, might choose different platforms, like social media or websites.

Copywriting isn’t just simply writing, though. They need to have a sharp inclination toward the following tasks in order for them to do the job well.

Interpret creative direction

Copywriters never work solo. Along with them are several other creative minds who help conceptualize the promotional material that has to be created. Usually, there is a creative director who supervises the whole creative team, and an art director who leads the visual department.

This being heavy on collaboration, copywriters need to be able to translate their ideas seamlessly into the writing that they do. Everyone needs to be on the same page in terms of tone and execution of the project at hand.

Write in the voice of the company

After the concept has been built, the copywriter has to keep in mind the voice of the company when constructing copies. It is essential to keep in mind the branding of a company while writing so that its image can be publicized properly.

The real challenge here, however, is using that voice to appeal to their target audience. The copywriter’s job is to write in such a way that audiences are enticed to utilize the services or buy the products that the company has to offer. If one does well, the words you write could become household phrases, like Nike’s “Just do it” or McDonalds’ “I’m lovin’ it”. Their copy should embody the image of the company, while still being able to use the language of the people.

Leave no grammatical errors

When all the writing is done, it is essential to read it over to find absolutely no grammar or spelling errors! You can’t afford to show your company to the public with a misspelled word or an error in tenses.

Proofreading is key, and this goes especially for longer spiels and captions on social media platforms that might take more time to read. When the copy is clean and grammatically correct, it makes a company look good and professional, as the copywriter took the time to screen and improve it before the release.

Being a copywriter means being able to be a versatile writer for different platforms, while also having a great creative edge and teamwork skills. With the ability to concretize a specific voice or mission through words, you might want to give this job a go.

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