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Video Interview Tips: How to Prepare for a Video Interview

The way we work, and the way we compete for work, is radically changing. So is the hiring process for an ever-growing number of employees. COVID-19 has changed everything: in a time when social distancing is needed to keep the outbreak from spreading even faster than it already has, video job interviews are more important than ever before. But how do you prepare? What should you know about preparing for a video interview so that your next one goes well?

I’m sure you have seen some job interviews that are done via video chat. They can take many different forms, but one thing is for certain: it helps to be prepared! In this article, we will walk through the types of interview videos and offer helpful suggestions on what clothes to wear (hint: black never goes out of style), how your body language should look, and where not to put your hands in a meeting with someone from HR or another company representative.

Types of Video Interviews

Your interview may be a live video chat with either a hiring manager or recruiter, or you might be invited to participate in an on-demand interview. With the latter option, for example, your responses will consist of recording answers to questions that are sent by email later so that they can review them at their leisure.

Video interviews in-office

If you’re interviewing with someone at a company based in another location, be sure to follow all of the best practices for an in-person interview. Prepare beforehand and dress appropriately; arrive on time and greet everyone politely when you enter their office.

When arriving at the office, you’ll be led to a room with all the equipment needed for your video interview. Ask that person who brought you there to help set up and make sure everything is working before they leave. You may also want to ask them how can find them if something happens where either audio or video connection stops functioning properly during an interview.

Live and recorded video interviews

Some interviews will be live, meaning that you might join a video conference from a link the employer shares with you or receive calls via Skype. Once connected, it is possible to see and speak with an interviewer on the other end.

An important thing to remember if using your personal account for this interview process is to make sure of two things: firstly whether or not your username appears professional enough (in case there are any doubts about its professionalism) secondly what settings are in place regarding privacy – especially when considering how much information they share during each conversation; all conversations should remain confidential!

There are times when an employer may use pre-recorded video interviews. In this format, the employer will give you instructions on how to join the interview through a website or another type of application that is used for recording videos.  

The interviewee sits and waits while a camera records them, but there’s no interviewer to be found anywhere around! In these pre-recorded video interviews, employers will give you instructions on how to join an interview by connecting with their system through your webcam (or another type of device). Instead of being connected with someone else for face time like usual, you’ll simply answer questions that appear before you either written out or as they’re spoken aloud from the employer’s recording. You can record yourself answering each question until it prompts if everything is okay – then just hit “no” and go back at it again when ready.

Video interviews can be a great way to show your personality and give the hiring manager an inside look at who you are. However, it is important not to forget that this interview will also count as one of many interactions with potential employers. Make sure that before you begin speaking on camera, close all other apps or windows which may disrupt communication between yourself and the interviewer by slowing down internet connection speeds. Setting alarms for calls in advance helps ensure success during your video call too!

Ultimately, the better prepared you are for a video interview beforehand, the more likely your success will be. Follow these quick and easy video interview tips to get in front of that camera with confidence!

How To Prepare for Successful Video Job Interviews

The key to a successful video interview is preparation. Make sure that you know the technology and have practiced beforehand so there are no technical problems during the interview. A remote or virtual job can be as important as an in-person one, which means it’s worth your time to prepare well for this type of interview too.

Wear what you would wear in an in-person interview

The dress code for a video interview should be formal. This means dressing the same as you would in person, but with softer colors and patterns to avoid being too loud or flashy on camera.

Research the company culture before your interview so that you know what’s appropriate and away from bright colors and patterns. If wearing a tie make sure to wear one with solid color rather than patterned ones or if needed adjust lighting of the room where light does not reflect off glasses lenses.

Position the camera so that you are looking up slightly and centered on the screen. This way, your interviewer will be able to see everything from top-to-bottom! While it’s likely that they’ll only see your upper half, wearing professional pants or a skirt is always best in case there’s any reason for you to stand up during filming time.

Test your video call application and tools

A few days before the interview, do a technical trial run to make sure your equipment is working correctly. Download any apps or plugins you’ll need. Whether you’re using Skype for Business or another video platform, make sure that your username and handle are professional just as they would be with your email address and social media name. Check all of its parts like camera mic connection making adjustments if necessary

Prepare for a distraction-free video interview

To make it more creative and engaging, you should choose a location that’s free from the distractions of children, family, or roommates. Hang up signs on your door asking people not to ring the bell so as to keep yourself focused during interviews. Make sure there is no clutter in sight while preparing for an interview; this includes laundry piles with embarrassing items like underwear peeking out at them! If natural light is available outside, turn off artificial lighting which can be harsh when used poorly indoors. Turn off any notifications such as email alerts (both mobile app and computer), text messages, social media updates, etc., since these could distract you throughout the entire duration of your video conversation by popping up periodically.

Give them the right video interview body language

Eye contact is very important during an in-person interview, and you want to convey that same level of connection during a video interview. Here’s how: Avoid the instinct to look directly at your interviewer on the screen while you answer their question. Instead, when you speak, direct your gaze towards the webcam which will make it seem like there’s true eye contact between yourself and whoever may be interviewing from behind another computer monitor! When listening ask them for clarification before answering if necessary by saying “Pardon me?” or something similar – this way they’ll know what questions are being asked without having to read off notes all day long as well as giving them insight into your personality too!

Don’t forget to be upbeat and optimistic throughout the interview. One way you can achieve this is by having good posture, sitting with your back straight and shoulders open. Avoid fidgeting or letting your gaze drift away from the device while listening closely for cues that will help build rapport such as nodding in agre
ement or smiling when appropriate- it communicates engagement on both sides of a conversation!

End the interview by thanking your interviewer

A well-written post-interview thank you note can make a lasting impression on the hiring team and help to seal the deal. It is important that your tone be formal, thanking them for their time before briefly reiterating why they should hire you. Try adding something from what was discussed during your interview in order to personalize it more and show interest in being there long term instead of just looking for another job opportunity ASAP!

Just as with any other professional meeting or conversation, take care when ending an interview by thanking people who were involved in the process giving them all 24 hours (or at least 12) before sending out a thoughtful post-interview thank-you note reinforcing how interested you are in this position while also mentioning some aspect of yourself

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